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TEAM 5: Agriculture Innovation Hub for Africa

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at the Nairobi INSPIRE Hackathon 2019

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TEAM 5: Agriculture Innovation Hub for Africa

  1. 1. Social Space for Smart Farming SMART AFRIHUB Karel Charvat, Tuula Löytty, Jiri Kvapil, Petr Uhrir, Ahmad Mahdavi, Marek Šplíchal, Akaninyene Patrick Obot, Oludare Akanni Adeogun, Alexander Mwangi Gachihi , Stephen Kalyesubula, Iddrisu Bukar, Antoine KANTIZA, John Mutua, Prudence Ayebare, Patrice Lekeraho Mirindi, Reagan Otukene, PAUL KIPRONO, Awet Estifanos Gebre, Thiburce BOKOSSA, Tomas Mildorf, Paul Kasoma, Job Osuru
  2. 2. Contributors  124 interested  24 CVs  21 Actively contributing 2
  3. 3. About project 3 The goal is to design and developed prototype of Agriculture Innovative Hub - AFRIHUB, which will integrate on one side principles of social media like Blog, Forum, design Science Shop, which will be able to connect users with developers and researchers and also integrate different types of demo application, where farmers developers, researchers will have chance to cooperate, test different API for new solution and also provide common experiment. Solution will be based on utilization of Liferay Portal and as backend will use SQL and non SQL database and will integrate tools like SensLog, HSlayers NG etc.  Knowledge and information basement  Farms, agro and technological companies presentation place  Become a community portal
  4. 4. Initial analysis DOC: https://bit.ly/2Ha5eWU  Define goals  Target groups  Functionality  Classification 4
  5. 5. Our goals  Knowledge and information basement  Farms, agro and technological companies presentation place  Become a community portal  Provide services for continuous development  Problem identification & analysis (already at the hub)  Planning and design + set up targets (already at the hub)  Tests, experiments ( already at the hub)  Assessment of the development process  Scale up the results  Monitoring and evaluation 5
  6. 6. Target groups  developers  farmers  forestry specialists  scientists  students  Agriculture extension and advisory services workers  food production value chain operators - industry, retailers, logistics etc.  conditions: climate, economy, political conditions, etc. 6
  7. 7. Basic functionality  Interested content – blog miniseries  news  technology / processes  problem solving  how to, etc.  localization of the hub  Webinars – particular use cases, possibilities in technology, processes and goals setup  Catalogues  Playground  Wiki and Forum  Virtual Science Shop – master thesis, dissertation  Funding opportunities 7
  8. 8. Technology and systems 8
  9. 9. Classification of topics  GOVERNANCE / FORESIGHT - Politics (trade policies) / law / regulation frameworks, Property rights, Decision making, Subsidy / Grants, Events, Infrastructure  TECHNOLOGY - Machinery and technology (Agritech), Precision Agriculture (automation, sensor, data collection, algorithms), Data Driven Agriculture for big and small holder farmers (Looking at the food value chain), GeoSpatial Information, Productivity and production, Agribusiness (Managing farming as a business), Waste, Postharvest Losses, waste at the production value chain (long distance, no cool chain, temperature control is bad)  RESEARCH, DEVELOPMENT AND INNOVATION - Information sharing, Innovation ideas, External funding, Conceptual framework  SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT - Climate Smart Agriculture (To help define what/when/how when to plant and harvest), Agro- Ecology (Looks at the use of nature’s goods and services while not damaging these resources.” It applies ecology to the design of farming systems; uses a whole-systems approach to farming and food systems; and links ecology, culture, economics and society to create healthy environments, food production and communities), Production diversity (Nutrition sensitive, biofortification). Circular Economy (collecting the used agriculture plastics and process them to granules, biogas, biochar, mixed farming)  FOOD SYSTEM - FROM THE FARM TO THE TABLE - Value chain management, Food and Crop waste, Postharvest Losses, waste at the production value chain (long distance, no cool chain, temperature control is bad), Commodity characteristics, Food and nutrition security, Organic production ( it may be in a wrong place, but let it be now here)  CAPACITY BUILDING - Training of farmers and stakeholders, Skills, Advisory systém, DIY  MARKETPLACE  GENERAL 9
  10. 10. Layout  Based on wireframe - UX  Responsive template - Bootstrap  User friendly navigation  Semantic code for SEO  CTA  www.smartafrihub.com (raw template) 10
  11. 11. Examples 11
  12. 12. Forum 12
  13. 13. Thank you for your attention Karel Charvat charvat@lesprojekt.cz www.smartafrihub.com www.wirelessinfo.com www.plan4all.com 13