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SmartTool introduction

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SmartTool is an open source project that delivers NFC, WiFi, BT connectivity in a very compact form factor that enables it to be fitted in 2 modules wall sockets.

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SmartTool introduction

  1. 1. NFC SmartTool Dario Pennisi
  2. 2. NFC SmartTool Completely open system Schematics (OrCad) Layout (PADS) Gerber Embedded software sources Android software sources Modular and compact design 40x40x24mm Three separate boards • Keyboard+Antenna • Main board • Breadboard + MosFET+ WiFi/BT June 12, 2014 2
  3. 3. SmartTool - Applications Wall mount socket compatible form factor Demo Software Access Control (Card/NFC) Micropayment (Card) Smartphone Communication Android Smartphone Software NFC card read Data exchange (access control) June 12, 2014 3
  4. 4. SmartTool - Hardware LPC11U37 128KB Flash/12KB RAM/4KB EEPROM USB, USART, 2x SSP, ADC PN532 ISO/IEC 14443A/MIFARE FeliCa, ISO/IEC 18092 ECMA 340 Peer-to-Peer G64128x16 (LCD) 128x64 Monochrome graphical display RN42 (Optional) Class 2 Bluetooth module (UART) SPWF01S11 (optional) Serial to Wifi module June 12, 2014 4
  5. 5. HMI 12/06/2014 NFC Antenna Touch Keys Antenna Matching network
  6. 6. Main Board 12/06/2014 LCD PN532 HMI and Calibration JTAG USB LPC11 Expansion Connectors DC-DC Antenna Calibration Temperature Sensor
  7. 7. Daughterboard 12/06/2014 30V 47A MOSFET Breadboarding Area WiFi Module provision Expansion Connectors Expansion Connectors Bluetooth Module provision
  8. 8. Development environment LPCXpresso (IDE) Completely free Maintained by NXP Eclipse based LPCLink/LPCLink2 eval board + JTAG Low cost 12/06/2014
  9. 9. Software - Architecture Open source based FreeRTOS LibNFC LibFreeFare Open source benefits Non viral licenses (LGPL) Completely free Community supported 12/06/2014 Drivers FreeRTOS LibNFC LibFreeFare Applications
  10. 10. Software - LibNFC+LibFreeFare Hardware abstraction layer (HAL) Easy transceiver interchangeability Multistandard ISO14443A/B, FeliCa, Jewel/Topaz DESFire, Mifare Classic, Mifare UL Cross platform windows/linux/osx/android/embedded LPC11x porting Greatly reduced memory requirements to fit smaller microcontrollers 12/06/2014
  11. 11. Software - applications Embedded applications Authentication Vending NDEF IO Antenna Calibration Android Application Type 4 tag read/write June 12, 2014 11
  12. 12. SmartTool – Antenna Calibration Antenna design and calibration is a challenge Kit includes extensive documentation to support antenna design Included antenna calibration software • Shows resonance antenna frequency • Helps to quickly determine matching network components • Can be used to calibrate antennas on customer boards June 12, 2014 12
  13. 13. Documentation Extensive bundled documentation About 90 pages reference manual Description of open source library customizations Application description and source code walkthrough Hardware Schematics and PCB source files Gerbers BOM (Arrow Design in kit) 12/06/2014
  14. 14. Thank you