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Treating Male Infertility

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About 35-40% of the issues among couples are caused by infertile conditions in male nowadays.There are a number of treatment options available for male infertility.

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Treating Male Infertility

  1. 1. Treating Male Infertility
  2. 2. Men even suffer from infertility issues just like women. It has been found out that about 35-40% of the issues among couples are caused by infertile conditions in male and not women.
  3. 3. What Causes Male Infertility?
  4. 4. l*Tumors l*Infection l*Varicocele l*Celiac disease l*Ejaculation issues l*Sperm duct defects *Hormone imbalance *Chromosome defects l*Undescended testicles l*Lifestyle & many more l*Chemotherapy for cancer
  5. 5. Tests Done To Diagnose Male Infertility
  6. 6. Genetic testing
  7. 7. Testicular biopsy
  8. 8. Hormone evaluation
  9. 9. Physical examination
  10. 10. Sperm and semen analysis
  11. 11. Treatment Options For Male Infertility Treatments include
  12. 12. Medication, which can treat some issues that affect male fertility, including hormone imbalances & erectile dysfunction.
  13. 13. Surgery, which can be effective for repairing blockages in the tubes that transport sperm. Surgery can also be used for repair of varicocele.
  14. 14. Assistive reproductive technologies, such as in vitro fertilization, can be effective if other treatments do not restore fertility.
  15. 15. Acupuncture for improving the quality and quantity of sperm.
  16. 16. Preventing Male Infertility
  17. 17. To prevent male infertility from occurring, it is important for males to avoid
  18. 18. Heat stress
  19. 19. Anabolic steroids
  20. 20. Cigarette smoking
  21. 21. Tight fit underwear
  22. 22. sexually transmitted Infections
  23. 23. Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine clinic Kellyville, NSW, Australia
  24. 24. Thank You