polayya chintada used for engineering students useful for engineering students core and core prints and types of cores by polayya casting defects by polayya chintada elementsand types of gating system by polayya chin characteristics gating system steps and applications by polayya chintada investment casting processes steps involved in shell casting and apllications shell casting extrusion extrusion types and applications by pola wire drawing &tube drawing and its applications drawing rolling processes &rolling applications rolling mills rolling pattern materials in casting class: by polayya chi pattern allowances in casting class: by polayya ch tepes of patterns in casting class: by polayya chi introduction to production technology class: by po milling machine ppt6: milling cutter nomenclature milling machine ppt 5: indeing and indeing methods milling machine ppt 5: milling cutters by polayya milling machine ppt3: milling operations milling machine ppt 2: parts and classification of milling methods and specifications of milling mach milling machine ppt working principle milling machine ppt 1 lathe accessories ppt by polayya chintada lathe operations ppt polayya chintada capstan and turret lathes by polayya chintada useful for engineering students.... lathe machine notes by polayya chintada lathe: lathe parts and specifications of lathe mac metal cutting and machine tools notes by polayya c working principle of lathe by polayya chintada classification of lathe machines lathe used for enginneering students and polytechnic stu laser beam machining ppt by polayya chintada used electric discharge machining (edm) ppt by polayya only for students automatic lathes boring machine class by polayya useful for final mechanical engineering students useful for 3rd year mechanical engineering student turning moment diagrams are use ful for 3rd year e useful for 4th year students of mechanical enginee automatic lathes for 3 d year mecahincal engg stud
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