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Hamstring strain treatment in Delhi by PhyWorld

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PHYWorld Clinics provid the best hamstring strain treatment in Delhi, PhyWorld suggests a number of exercises at home to take care of your hamstring.

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Hamstring strain treatment in Delhi by PhyWorld

  1. 1. Home remedy tips for pulled Hamstring Having a pulled or strained hamstring is very common. It is not very long lasting but it does create problem in walking or any movement because it causes a lot of discomfort and pain. Hamstring can be pulled while walking or playing or even sleeping but there is no need to rush to a doctor for such a small problem. Along with providing the best hamstring strain treatment in Delhi, PhyWorld suggests a number of exercises at home to take care of your hamstring. Being the experts at this they even suggest resting. Here a few remedies to cure a pulled hamstring in just no time. 1. Refrain from any activity- A pulled hamstring is a strained muscle and it usually occurs while being engaged in some activity or even sports. It is important to stop whatever you are doing and try to lie down if possible. Taking a pain killer in such a condition could be beneficial.PhyWorld also offers facility of physiotherapy at home in Delhi. 2. Provide support to the leg- The hamstring muscles support major parts of the body and a lot of pressure is applied on them. In the condition of a pulled hamstring, the extra pressure can lead to more tearing or separation of the muscles therefore supporting the leg with crutches can be of great help.
  2. 2. 3. Use ice- In case of such an injury doctors recommend that ice packs or chilled gel packs should be the first aid. A 20-minute ice therapy twice or thrice a day for at least two to three days is highly recommended. The ice therapy will provide relief to the injured hamstring and will prevent it from swelling of any kind. 4. Elevation is important- Try to keep your leg up high while resting as it will result in quick healing and provide comfort to you. 5. Apply heat- After using the ice packs for a few you will be soon able to see and feel that the hamstring muscles are recovering and so to accelerate the healing use of heat pads is highly recommended. You can even take warm showers to provide heat to the injured hamstring as it will reduce the tension in the muscle. After a few days you will be able to resume your daily jobs like walks or other day-to-day activities. PhyWorld recommends that resting is the main key and fewer painkillers should be used because the above remedies can help you get better without painkillers. Reference : https://phytotherapistdelhi.wordpress.com/2016/03/05/home-remedy-tips-for-pulled-hamstring/