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How to give A Great 10 Minute Business Introduction Presentation

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The topic for this presentation is how to create and deliver an unforgettable 10 minute Introduction Presentation for your business .

In a nutshell:
“Prepare > Rehearse > Time > Tune > Repeat …"

A lot of people have been asking me whether they can use these presentations.
My answer is YES!
By all means please use this presentation as you see fit, that's why I've set the licensing for it to "CC Attribution".

My only request is that you give the due credit and link back to my http://Vimi.co

: )

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How to give A Great 10 Minute Business Introduction Presentation

  1. 1. How to give a GREAT10 Minute Presentation
  2. 2. Agenda» What is a 10 Minute Presentation ?» Whats its Goal?» How do I evaluate mine?
  3. 3. ct, accolade, adjudication, appearance, arrangement, ward, bestowal, coming out, conferral, debut,delivering, delivery, demonstration, display, dog andpony show, donation, exhibition, exposition, giving,ntroduction, investiture, knockdown, launch, launchingoffering, overture, pitch, present, production, proposal,proposition, rendition, representation, sales pitch, show taging, submission, actualization, advent, appearing, rrival, presentation , screen, semblance, shape, stamp, What is a 10 Minute Presentation ?
  4. 4. What’s ourpresentationsgoal?Teaching chaptermembers about ouroffering & motivatingthem to deliver thereferrals we need
  5. 5. How do you evaluate your presentation?
  6. 6. Are you leaving peopleinterested and excitedabout your offering?
  7. 7. Can you do it faster?
  8. 8. Remember:Presenting succinctly establishes professionalismand shows you appreciate your fellow chaptermember’s time
  9. 9. Creating an effective presentation
  10. 10. Creating an effective presentation» Whats your goal?» Whats your chapter’s goal?» Whats your story?» Is it interesting?
  11. 11. What’s your presentation’s goal?
  12. 12. » Tout your products and services» Make a good impression
  13. 13. Expand their knowledge Evaluate you & your offering Etc…Kill 10 minutes
  14. 14. Remember:The best way your presentation can fulfill yourgoal is by ensuring your audience’sexpectations are met:» Shows you’re considerate» Demonstrates your forethought
  15. 15. What’s your story?
  16. 16. Remember:People rarely remember facts, figures andfeatures, but a good story will remain withthem for a long time
  17. 17. What is thisad selling?It’s not sellingcigarettes. It’s sellingsex appeal:“Our cigarettes makeyou irresistible towomen”
  18. 18. What is thisad selling?Instead of sellingvacuum cleanersit’s telling a storyabout “A happierChristmas”
  19. 19. What’s my story?
  20. 20. My goal is to sellmy website andonline marketingservicesYour goal is tolearn how tocreate betterpresentationsThis presentationIS my story – itbrings us together
  21. 21. How to keep your10 minute presentation interesting
  22. 22. 1 ideaper slide
  23. 23. Communicate visually
  24. 24. Less is More
  25. 25. Big isBeautiful
  26. 26. Include media
  27. 27. Any more ideas?
  28. 28. Ask questions
  29. 29. Plan activities
  30. 30. Delivering an effective presentation
  31. 31. Delivering an effective presentation» Preparation» Setup» Delivery
  32. 32. Preparation
  33. 33. Practice makes Perfect
  34. 34. Master yourtiming
  35. 35. Get feedback
  36. 36. Setup
  37. 37. Anxious?
  38. 38. Coming early, setting up,testing the equipment, and doing a final run, always help me…
  39. 39. Stay Cool
  40. 40. Delivery
  41. 41. Maintaineye contact
  42. 42. Gesture
  43. 43. Use a remote control
  44. 44. Ask questions,and leave time for questions from your audience
  45. 45. Remember:Your presentation is your backdrop:» Its objective is not to repeat what you’re saying, but rather to emphasize, clarify, and expand on it» The more you engage with your audience, the more they’ll engage with you
  46. 46. Conclusion
  47. 47. ConclusionIntroduction:» Presentation goals and evaluationCreating presentations:» Understanding how goals relate to storytelling and maintaining interestDelivering presentations:» Practicing realistically timed scenarios is critical for developing presentation confidence
  48. 48. What next?
  49. 49. Time to practiceUse what you learned here to make a 10 MinutePresentation pitching your best service/product.When you’re done pitch it to a team mate orcolleague, and get their honest feedback» Keep it under 20 slides» Use no more than one font and color for texts and labels» Target your presentation for your ideal customer
  50. 50. Thanks! …I’m at mi@vimi.co Mike