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How to Use Social Media Automation to Improve Your Marketing



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Post Planner CMO Rebekah Radice and Tailwind Marketing Manager Melissa Megginson tell you everything you know to use social media automation the RIGHT way.

View the webinar replay here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6AZMnhyt-Oo


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How to Use Social Media Automation to Improve Your Marketing

  1. YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE IF YOU... 1. Struggle to manage an overwhelming amount of tasks 2. Need a process that allows you to make a bigger impact 3. Want a way to increase productivity, efficiency and profits
  2. “64% of all marketers are spending 6 hours or more per week on social media.” Source: Social Media Examiner Why Use Social Media Automation in Your Business?
  3. Source: Marketo “91% of the Most Successful Users Agree That Marketing Automation is “Very Important” to the Overall Success of Their Marketing Strategies.”
  4. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Instagram Social Networks We’re Focused on Today:
  5. GOOD Automation BAD Automation Provide content that you believe your audience will love Never post content that you haven’t already read Reposting the same content over and over and over again = SPAM Automating comments, replies, @mentions, etc. = SPAM Beware of tools that ask for your username and password - probably breaking ToS! Leverage evergreen content to help drive traffic to your site Save time (and take a break!) by adding automation to your strategy Use tools that allow you to login through your accounts - Like Tailwind and Post Planner!
  6. Use Automation to Post at the Ideal Times Know When Your Audience is Spending Time Online
  7. ● Google Analytics ● Facebook Insights ● Twitter Analytics ● Tailwind Suggested Times Dive Into the Data True Social Metrics
  8. 9 STOP waking up at all hours of the night just to get your post seen! Automate And Solve Your Time-Zone Problems
  9. Automate a mix of content types and evenly space them out. Spice it up! Automate a mix of content types
  10. 11 Post Planner and Tailwind are fantastic tools for this. Use the Right Tools to Share Your Content
  11. Stop dragging and dropping. Let the tool do the heavy lifting for you. Create the Perfect Mix of Content Add in Content That’s Perfectly Spaced Out (never post the same thing again back to back)
  12. 3 Keys to a Perfect Social Media Post
  13. Be Engaging “Emoticons receive 33% more comments, are shared 33% more often, and are liked 57% more than Facebook posts without emoticons!” Source: Panorama
  14. Get Visual A recent study by Simply Measured found that, “60% of brand posts include photos, which make up 80% of their page’s total engagement.”
  15. Make it Findable Use Hashtags! “Tweets with hashtags average 20% more engagement than those without.” Source: Simply Measured
  16. “Evergreen content” never gets outdated and provides value to your audience - no matter when you post it. Automate Your Evergreen Content
  17. Don’t let your great content go to waste or get stale. Keep it in front of a whole new audience! Evergreen Content Should be Shared Frequently and OFTEN!
  18. Your audience never has sick days or goes on vacation, neither should your content. Schedule Your Posts Before You Go on Vacation (or an event)
  19. Set up automation between an action and a social network . You can do this through IFTTT (If This Then That). Here are a few IFTTT recipes... Set up Automation Between the Different Social Media Networks IFTTT
  20. ARCHIE Choose Instagram as the trigger channel and “any new photo” as the trigger. 01 02 03 Share Your Instagram Photos on the Other Networks The next step is to choose the social network you want the photo to publish to. Make sure to specify whether you want to upload a photo from a URL or create a photo post. IFTTT
  21. ARCHIE The IFTTT Instagram to Twitter Recipe IFTTT
  22. ARCHIE Use an IFTTT recipe to save your favorite links to a Google Spreadsheet for future use. Curate Content in Spreadsheets IFTTT
  23. ARCHIE Set Twitter as the trigger channel and “New Tweet From Search” as the trigger. 01 02 03 Receive Notifications About Tweets That Mention Your Business Configure your search by typing in your brand or product name (or whatever you want to track) in quotation marks and “-“ your Twitter handle. Choose the action that will occur when the recipe is triggered. IFTTT
  24. ARCHIE Create the list on Twitter.01 02 03 Add People to Twitter Lists Next, choose “Twitter” as the trigger channel and “New Tweet From Search” as the trigger. For the action channel, choose “Twitter”, and choose “Add user to list” as the action. IFTTT
  25. ARCHIE If you’re a blogger, you know that promoting your blog post on social media is a crucial step. Share New Blog Post on Social Networks IFTTT
  26. Set “Twitter” as the trigger channel and “New tweet from search” as the trigger. 01 02 03 Direct People to Your Main Twitter Account Configure the tweet to show tweets that mention your other accounts and don’t mention your main one. For the action channel, choose Twitter and for the action – “Post a Tweet”. IFTTT
  27. Create a Twitter list of people who are talking about a specific topic and using a specific hashtag. Build a Twitter List From a Specific Hashtag IFTTT
  28. Search through the archive01 02 03 Save Tweets To Google Spreadsheets Make sure you don’t tweet the same thing twice Save any memorable tweets IFTTT
  29. Any photo you like on Instagram will automatically download to the folder you specify in Dropbox. Save the Instagrams you like in a Dropbox folder IFTTT
  30. Schedule Posts Within Google Calendar For this you will need a separate Google calendar. 01 02 As soon as you have it set up, add “#fbpages” to the title of the event and write the copy you want posted to Facebook in the event description. IFTTT
  31. Share Your Pinterest Pins on Other Networks Select “Pinterest” and either “New Pin On Your Board” or “You like a pin” as the trigger. 01 02 Choose whether you want to post to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. It can even go to your WordPress blog. IFTTT
  32. Sign up for: Automate Your Social Media Monitoring • Mention • Cyfe • Rival IQ and let them do the scouring work for you!
  33. Respond and Engage in Real-Time Listen to What’s Said About Your Business
  34. Use analytics to guide your strategy Keep an eye on what’s working - and what’s not.
  35. Stay up to date on popular or trending hashtags and incorporate them into timely posts. Keep an Eye On Trending Hashtags
  36. ● Monitor Trending (HOT!) Hashtags ● Leverage Hashtags to Find Your Audience ● Join Conversations in Your Niche and Industry for Additional Exposure Hop into Conversations
  37. Find and plan trending content in Post Planner! Automate Your Content Search Process
  38. Search, Plan and Post Find Proven Content for Your Industry or Niche
  39. You can also find relevant content for Pinterest through the Tailwind Content Discovery feature. New cool tool called Tribes! ● EXCLUSIVE: Get your Tribes and Content Discovery invite today! melissa@tailwindapp.com Automate Your Content Search Process
  40. ● NextScripts (SNAP) ● IFTTT ● OnlyWire ● Social Media Auto Publish Tools to Publish Blog to Social Media
  41. The key to successful automation – interact, engage and be YOU! Automate But Maintain a Live Presence to Respond
  42. Read the articles you’re sharing and make sure they are relevant to your brand. Always Read the Messages You Schedule
  43. Add context around the content. Add a Personal Touch to Scheduled Messages
  44. Whether you’re a small/local company or big brand - be personable and accessible. Be Human
  45. Know what is being said about you and respond in real-time. Set Up Notifications to Monitor and Manage Company and Employee Mentions
  46. Use Google’s “Me on the Web” tool. Stay Up to-Date With Important Alerts
  47. You can automate posts, comments, replies, and even direct messages. Don’t do it! Don't Automate Everything
  48. Although it may seem that automatic direct messages or automated tweets in conversations can save a lot of time, they hurt more than they help. Never Automate Direct Messages or Tweets in Conversations on Twitter
  49. Scheduling too far in advance makes it very easy to forget what you’re sharing. By the time your content is shared, it may be out of date. Don’t Schedule Too Far in Advance
  50. On the opposite end, be ready to jump in and turn off your automation if there is a tragedy in the news. While Automating, Stay Away From Current Events
  51. Each social network is different and deserves a different approach. Don't Automate the Same Content to Each Social Network
  52. We love the platforms for their differences - pay attention to what works for each! Optimize each post for the different platforms 612 x 612 1200 x 627 600 x 900 440 x 220
  53. If your customer is experiencing problems with your product, the last thing they want is to receive an automatic response from a robot. Never Automate Troubleshooting
  54. Listen and respond to your users when they have problems. ● TwitLonger when you need more than 140 characters ● Jump on a screen share using Join.me ● Use Facebook Live to address concerns quickly and to a broad audience Don’t be a robot. Have empathy!
  55. Automation can significantly boost engagement and efficiency, but use it wisely. Remember to Use Automation WISELY!
  56. Simply Measured Case Study of Post Planner Growth How to Use Automation to Grow Your Facebook Page by 193% http://bitly.com/fbgrowthplan
  57. Schedule Pins, Discover Content, Analyze Results Get a Free Month of Tailwind, a Pinterest Marketing Developer Partner bit.ly/FreeMonthOfTailwind For Tribes & Content Discovery - melissa@tailwindapp.com