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Data Driven Decisions

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Presentation from 2011

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Data Driven Decisions

  1. 1. Data Driven Decisions OR Edu-Superheroes Porter Palmer porter_palmer@discovery.com
  2. 2. Superhero
  3. 3. Superheroes • Have a mission • Use amazing vehicles • Utilize great tools • Wear terrific costumes
  4. 4. Have A Mission • Goals – State Goals/Standards – Proficiency Requirements – Grade-Level Expectations • Plan – Curriculum Guides – Text books – Lesson Plans
  5. 5. Use Amazing Vehicles
  6. 6. Utilize Great Tools Is DE Assessment a laser firing GPS belt buckle? Not exactly. It will help you find out what they know. So you can teach what they need.
  7. 7. Discovery Education Assessment
  8. 8. Discovery Education Assessment • Aligns to state standards • Predicts performance on state-wide tests • Informs instruction • Supports differentiation of instruction • Assists with RTI • Connects to DE Streaming and other instructional resources
  9. 9. Formative Assessment “Formative assessment is not a test. Rather, it is an ongoing process in which teachers use test-elicited evidence to adjust their instruction or students use it to adjust their learning tactics.” Jim Popham
  10. 10. Class Summary Report
  11. 11. Super Power: Differentiating Instruction • Teaching strategies • Diverse students – Interest – Learning style/profile (MI) – Readiness/need • Multiple options
  12. 12. Student Report
  13. 13. Subskill Report
  14. 14. Interactive Objective Report
  15. 15. Wear A Terrific Costume This Edu-Superhero disguises himself as an elementary school principal.
  16. 16. Superhero “…character of unprecedented powers dedicated to acts of derring- do in the public interest.” Michael Chabon
  17. 17. Superhero Your Face HERE