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DEN Community Calendar August 2014

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DEN Community Calendar August 2014

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DEN Community Calendar August 2014

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  2. 2. ! DE Summer School takes place all month. Explore this great opportunities to explore everything Discovery Education and the DEN have to offer. ! • Each Monday, a new Spotlight on Strategies will be shared and you’ll hear from community members on how they are using these in their schools and classrooms. ! • On Tuesdays, you'll find a new tip and/or tool to use with Discovery Education content. These tips and tools will come from our wonderful Support Team. ! • Every Wednesday, or DENsday, you’ll learn about a great program that is run by community members. These programs offer great ways to connect with the community. ! • Throwback Thursdays will feature a great webinar or presentation archive from a past Discovery Education event. Expand your learning by viewing these presentations. ! • On Fridays this month, you’ll find a new Digital Challenge Board of the Week. Explore these boards, created with Discovery Education Board Builder, to learn more about getting the most out of your school’s partnership with Discovery Education. ! ! http://dlc.com/desummerschool