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Den lc insider sept 2011

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Den lc insider sept 2011

  1. 1. DEN LC Insider Sept. 19, 2011
  2. 2. Welcome!
  3. 3. Roles and Responsibilities » Connect » Collaborate » Communicate » Grow » Learn » Have fun!http://denlc.wikispaces.com/Roles+and+Responsibilities
  4. 4. LC Chair» Serve as liaison between DEN LC and DEN Team – Share meeting notes, concerns, questions, ideas» Maintain consistent communication with LC and state-level STAR DE community – Create and send email updates to state-level STAR DE community» Organize and arrange LC team meetings – Meetings held a minimum of five times per year (monthly if possible)» Support LC members to ensure activity – Maintain activity report of LC members (meeting attendance, event support, etc.)
  5. 5. Events Team TX LC - Apple Store EventMI LC - Tech or Treat WI LC - Spring Virt Con 2011MD LC - Spring Virt Con 2011
  6. 6. Events Team» Work with Events Coordinator to schedule events in plenty of time to promote» Build around DEN Global events - Virt Con, SCIcon, Geocaching Day» Integrate DE» Obtain approval via the LC Event Request form before scheduling/promotion Some Guidelines: Look for free venues $10 for food per educator
  7. 7. Blog Team» Regular posts from each LC» No need to repost global initiatives» Keep it local
  8. 8. Social Media Team» TechTreats for Oct.» #denchat» Book Clubs» Propose ideas! – DEN March Madness http://tinyurl.com/LCsocial
  9. 9. The Global DEN Team Porter PalmerSteve Dembo Lance Rougeux
  10. 10. Welcome back, Jannita!
  11. 11. ExploretheBlue.comThe Take Me Fishing™ campaign and Discovery Educationlaunched Explore the Blue, a comprehensive resourceempowering K-5 teachers and parents to engage students ina dialogue about the importance of outdoor recreationalactivities, such as boating and fishing, and the value of cleanand healthy natural resources.
  12. 12. Resources & Activities Cross-curricular & standards-aligned lessonplans with extensions and educational videos U.S. Habitat Map with 90+ regional environmental factoids
  13. 13. Resources & Activities Family activities to drive on-the-water engagement Thrill of the Catch – an interactive fishing game designed to be educational for K-5 studentshttp://discoverylake.discoveryeducation.com
  14. 14. Fall Webinar Series http://tinyurl.com/exploretheblueJoin us for a unique webinar series featuring tips and tricks utilizing media and on-line resources that will help re-activate your students’ bodies and minds. Join us as we EXPLORE more!Tuesday, September 27 at 7pm EST – Teacher EditionJumping in the Digital Stream-Back to School has arrived and things are heating up. Don’t just dip your toe in.... Jump in and cool downwith tools that can help transform your classroom this year. We’ll introduce you to lesson plans and some ofour favorite Web 2.0 sites that you can put to use in your class tomorrow.Tuesday, October 11 at 7pm EST – Teacher EditionClean Up Your Act-Are you beginning to lose sight of your desk top as the papers now stack up? Learn new and creative waysto go reduce the paper and increase the communication and collaboration in your class with Google Tools.We’ll show you a project based learning opportunity to clean up your students’ habitat and your class.Tuesday, October 25 at 1pm EST – Teacher EditionMay I Have Your Attention Please... The Following is THEIR Safety AnnouncementLights... Camera.... Students! Learn how to help your students inspire their peers and community throughcreating public safety announcements utilizing a variety of Web 2.0 Tools on water safety. Explore how tocreate your own rubrics to help students realize if their ideas will sink or float.Tuesday, November 1 at 1pm EST – Student EditionThe One that Got Away... Telling Your Fish Story- Student EditionEveryone has a story, what’s yours?!? Hear from a Ben Parker, a fishing expert, who fell ‘hook, line, andsinker’ to follow his dream and landed a bass. His story is made for the movies and so is yours. Help uscreate a movie together and learn how to create one your very own using PhotoStory.
  15. 15. CuriosityintheClassroom.com CuriosityintheClassroom.com is a NEW interactive science-based website, designed to spark an interest in STEM among students Site features: Free standards-aligned lesson plans and videos for 6th – 12th grade students Inspiring career videos and stimulating quizzes to grow interest in STEM Webinar series exploring some of life’s most captivating questions Curiosity discussion guides for families to make the most of teachable moments at home
  16. 16. Teacher Resources LESSON PLANS VIDEO/INTERACTIVES WEBINARS MS and HS Curriculum Correlate w/ lesson topics 3-part Curiosity seriesBring classroom concepts to Engage students in the Join us live to examine freelife in areas such as Artificial fascinating questions of resources to help spark Intelligence, live with exciting videos curiosity in your class. What Communications, and interactives that unanswered questions Computers, correlate with lesson plan might you be able to solveNanotechnology & Robotics topics this year?
  17. 17. Thinkers of Tomorrow Webinar Series CHANCE TO WIN A FREE FLIP-CAM!!!!!!Three real-time webinars for teachers and students#1: Have You Ever Wondered?! Sparking Your Student’s Curiosity (for teachers) SEPT 22 If life had a K-W-L* chart, then “Curiosity” would be your curriculum. Join us for a peak at what the new program Curiosity in the Classroom offers you and your students.#2: Will Robots Take Over: Out-think, Out-wit, Out-perform (for students and teachers) OCT 13 The challenge has been set, but which team will your students be on: human or robot? Join our team for a lesson in robotics with you and your students!#3: Guest Speaker – Pioneer in the field of Robotics (for students and teachers) NOV 3 Hear from one famous U.S. innovator in the field of robotics who will discuss their own process of discovery and the critical role of curiosity in innovation! Links.discoveryeducation.com/curiosity
  18. 18. Family Sweepstakes One lucky winner will PICK their prize from the following adventures:  Space Camp  Yellowstone  Grand Canyon  Washington, D.C.ENTER DAILY @ CuriosityintheClassroom.com
  19. 19. Yahoo!http://www.discoveryeducation.com/Yahoo/
  20. 20. links.discoveryeducation.com/yahoo
  21. 21. The DEN Account ManagementTeam Matt Monjan
  22. 22. DEN Teams» Global DEN Team » DEN Account – Leadership Management Team Councils – Special Events • Blogs – Days of Discovery • Events • Social Media Who should you contact?
  23. 23. For all things related to the LC
  24. 24. Customer Support 1.800.323.9084» Questions about: – Products – Usernames – Problems with service – Accounts
  25. 25. Region 1» DE» MD» NJ» OH» PA» VA» WV Max Brooks
  26. 26. Region 2» CT  IL» IA» MA  IN» ME» MN  MI» NH» NY» RI» VT» WI Whitney Mihoulides
  27. 27. Region 3  AL  FL» AR  GA» KS  KY» LA  MO» NE  MS» OK  NC» TX  SC Joe Diaz» HI Kyle Schutt  TN
  28. 28. Region 4» AK » Canada » AZ» CA » CO» MT » ID » NM» OR » NV» WA » SD » WY Lindsay Hopkins » ND » UT
  29. 29. Regional Webinars » Region 1 (6pm ET) » Region 3 (6pm ET) » Region 2 (7pm ET) » Region 4 (7pm ET) – Sept. 28 – Sept. 29 – Nov. 2 – Nov. 3 – Jan. 17 – Jan. 18 – Mar. 14 – Mar. 15 – May 16 – May 17Register for these at http://tinyurl.com/LCregional
  30. 30. Leveraging Learning» http://institute2011.auburnschl.edu
  31. 31. October 22, 2011
  32. 32. DEN Account Management Field Activity
  33. 33. DEN LC Wiki» Save this, check it often, learn to love it – http://denlc.wikispaces.com
  34. 34. Access to STARs Lists
  35. 35. http://denlc.wikispaces.com/LC+Calendar
  36. 36. Back to School Membership Drive Earn points to win a great prize! Entries must be submitted by October 1, 2011http://links.discoveryeducation.com/DENbts2011
  37. 37. September 21, 20111pm ET Blast off into the new year! Live broadcast featuring hands-on experiments demonstrating chemical reactions and Newton’s Third Law of Motion. Register at: http://tinyurl.com/SeptSCIStream
  38. 38. Next Meeting: October 17 6pm ET LC Wikidenlc.wikispaces.com