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That's A Keeper

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Presentation from That's A Keeper

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That's A Keeper

  1. 1. That’s a Keeper! Reeling in Top Resources Porter W. Palmerhttp://linkyy.com/thatsakeeper
  2. 2. A Little About Mev Director, DEN Global Communityv porter_palmer@discovery.comv Twitter: @DENprincessv porterpalmer.com
  3. 3. DENBlogs.com twitter.com/discoveryed facebook.com/discoveryed gplus.to/discoveryed edmodo.com/publisher/Discovery" pinterest.com/discoveryedhttp://www.flickr.com/photos/79666107@N00/234084520/
  4. 4. http://www.discoveryeducation.com/featured-programs/http://linkyy.com/thatsakeeper
  5. 5. http://exploretheblue.com/http://linkyy.com/thatsakeeper
  6. 6. Connecting educators to their most valuable resource…each other! http://virtconlive.com
  7. 7. Become a STAR!The DEN is a globalcommunity of educatorspassionate aboutteaching with digitalmedia, sharing resources,collaborating andnetworking. Learn more: WhatIsTheDen.com
  8. 8. http://linkyy.com/thatsakeeper
  9. 9. DEN ConnectsConnecting studentsand educators to DEResources and eachother!Monthly themes3 levels of participationTo join, visit:http://denconnects.com
  10. 10. LIVE  broadcasts  from  the  Tundra  October  24,  25,  31  and  November  1  
  11. 11. Tech AND Treat!Email a photo of your costume to: was60nice@photos.flickr.comInclude your name, email address and a brief description.
  12. 12. •  Create  a  bulle*n  board,  either  a  real  one  or  a  virtual   one,  sharing  the  DEN  or  Discovery  Educa*on  •  Use  resources  from  the  DEN  Site,  the  DEN  blogs,  and   the  What  is  the  DEN?  Wiki.  •  Submit  your  entry  by  November  1st.  •  Winner  of  each  category  wins  a  new  Nexus  7  tablet.  •  For  more  informa*on  –  DENblogs.com  
  13. 13. Archives and Certificate of Attendancehttp://bit.ly/VirtConLiveCert This session’s archive will be available here immediately after. The entire conference will be available on 10/26 at http://virtconlive.com
  14. 14. http://exploretheblue.com/http://linkyy.com/thatsakeeper