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GrabTaxi Strategy
GrabTaxi Strategy
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Grab Taxi

  1. 1. Group 1 : English MBA  5520212002 : Nabduan D.  5520212004 : Phornphat R.  5520212005 : Omar N.  5520212006 : Neeranuch NG. Term Paper Presentation : MIS Case Study
  2. 2. Introduction Objective of the study  The case study focus on the development of Grab Taxi Company along with the management inside the organization and information and technology management.  The study also find the answer of application technology and effects on stakeholders including driver and passenger.  The case study about Grab Taxi Company we expected to gain new information and concept in business management with the development of stakeholders’ wellness with the power of information and technology to return the happiness to the society  Finally, the scope of the study also cover the trend of the competition in taxi booking application in the future
  3. 3. Introduction Traditional Taxi Taxi Radio Taxi Booking App Development of Thai Taxi
  4. 4. Introduction Issue Surrounding According to the survey from NIDA Poll about “The opinion about Taxi service and the way to solve the problems in passengers’ point of view” The main issues in Taxi service 1st Reject the passengers and server only foreigner 2nd Drive improperly and violate the driving law 3rd Talk and act impolitely 4th Lack of trustworthy 5th Bad condition of vehicle In the case of VIP Taxi with extra fee 1st Passengers willing to pay more : 78.44% 2nd Passengers unwilling to pay more : 20.21% 3rd Passenger not sure but willing to try : 1.35%
  5. 5. Finding History Anthony Tan as the CEO He graduated from Harvard Business School with the 2nd runner up award in business plan competition. He start his business in his hometown Malaysia. Idea Source His friends arrived to Malaysia to pay him a visit after graduation but they got the problems with the Taxi services in his hometown. With the root of his family (his grandfather) work as Taxi driver before then he doesn’t want anyone to look down and aim to develop the ability and standard of living for Taxi Drivers. He wanted to build the Grab Taxi with the win-win situation for both drivers and passengers.
  6. 6. Finding History  GrabTaxi firstly established in Malaysia under the name “My Teksi”.  MyTeksi aims to develop an automated smartphone booking and dispatch platform in 3 distinct phases. Phase 1 will focus on dispatch issues, helping fleet operators manage their allocations more effectively and efficiently. Phase 2 will focus on passenger safety and booking issues. Phase 3 will focus on allowing passengers to book a taxi on-demand in multiple cities from a single app.
  7. 7. Finding History In 2013, Grab Taxi Thailand firstly provide the service in Bangkok with Taxi booking service with many features including  auto detects customers’ current location  tells the estimated metered fare  locating Drivers in real-time  assigned driver for customers within 3 minutes  track the driver until reach customers location  share the ride to third person for safety concern  Grab Taxi is a hit in Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines, with over 250,000 users a month.  Being downloaded onto more than one million mobile devices to date  books a taxi every two seconds across the region.
  8. 8. Finding User flow Step 1 : Download application. And open application Step 2 : Booking process
  9. 9. Finding User flow Step 4 : booking process Step 3 : Register
  10. 10. Step 5 : Scanning for driver Finding User flow
  11. 11. Step 7 : Share my ride feature Step 6 : Confirmation process Finding User flow
  12. 12. Step 8 : Feedback process Finding User flow
  13. 13. Step 1 : Download application Finding Driver flow Step 1 : Download application
  14. 14. Finding Driver flow Step 2 : Driver information Step 3 : Receive job
  15. 15. Finding Operation Management - Workflow
  16. 16. Finding Organization Management – Marketing Management Promotional Strategy Discount Code  Grab Taxi provide discount for passengers on the vacation to encourage passenger using the application  The discount will be offered to passengers and pay back to drivers within 2 weeks.  “WELOVEDAD” is the example of discount code for 40 baht per ride on father day of Thailand.
  17. 17. Finding Organization Management – Marketing Management Promotional Strategy DriverPassenger  Customer will access to the code easily on the notification on the screen , the taxi driver will provide it to them.  The code will discount on the normal fare only so the calling fee need to be paid as the same. Discount promotion code driver will get more than they give discount to customers.
  18. 18. Finding How Application Work Cloud computing
  19. 19. Finding How Application Work Integrated with Google map
  20. 20. Finding Theory Involve Technology acceptance model
  21. 21. Finding Theory Involve Network Effect model
  22. 22. Finding Theory Involve Cloud Computing
  23. 23. Finding Theory Involve Business Impact  2 types of impact Disintermediation and Reintermediation.  Reintermediation is suit for this case because GrabTaxi became an intermediary between passenger and taxi driver by use of IT they can reach many potential users.
  24. 24. Contribution The Effects on Stakeholders Passengers Drivers 1. Speed : Passengers can have their ride with the speed from finding taxi in nearest location within 2 minutes with 2 tabs 2. Safety : - Transparency about the driver’s detail and taxi fares meter, - Share their trip via the function “share your ride” through social media in real-time. 3. Certainty : Booking confirmation to make sure that they already found their drivers via email and system screen 1. Increasing in jobs from the application : Driver can reach more passengers in less time consuming 2. Increasing in income : Driver can gain more income from incentive in promotion code extra from meters rate fare 3. Better standard of living : Having annual checkup and scholarship for their children that normally not available for freelancer like Taxi driver 4. Ability to learn new skills : Driver can learn about technology
  25. 25. Discussion Competitors
  26. 26. Easy Taxi Strength 1. worldwide operation 2. easy to use app 3. stringent driver acceptance process 4. Free Taxi Day and Biblota’xi campaign Weakness 1. small network in SE Asia compared to GrabTaxi Threat 1. intense competition Opportunities 1. strong market potential 2. high smartphone usage  Founded in 2011 - Rio De Janeiro  No. 1 taxi app in the world  Works with existing network  Cheapest price of all three competitors
  27. 27. Uber Taxi Strength 1. worldwide operations 2. first mover in sector 3. massive financial power 4. lower cost to operate 5. customer perception of luxury Weakness 1. much controversy with individual country laws 2. illegal to operate in Thailand 3. regular taxis are more abundant than private vehicles 4. price of service high compared to rivals Threat 1. intense competiton Opportunites 1. strong market potential 2. high smartphone usage  Founded in 2009 - San Francisco  Available in 53 countries - 200 countries  No 1 in America  Most luxurious of all brands  A lot of controversies
  28. 28.  Founded in 2012 - Kuala Lumpur  South East Asia preference at the moment  10,000 taxis in Bangkok GrabTaxi Strength 1. number one in SE Asia 2. biggest taxi network in Thailand 3. huge financial investors Weakness 1. only regional operations as opposed to global competition 2. operations in Thailand still in its infancy 3. no option to rate experience in app Threat 1. intense competition from firms far more experienced Opportunities 1. strong market potential 2. go global 3. high smartphone usage
  29. 29. ComparisonTable
  30. 30. Ending Question New Competitors LINE TAXI AppGovernment Official App
  31. 31.  Taxi booking application industry in its infancy stage in Thailand  lots of market growth potential  three major players  all financially strong  Grab Taxi operation still new in Thailand but with interesting growth with the fierce competition to come Conclusion