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Sharepoint 2013 My Site Governance

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This presentation explains what is share point my site governance and what is the design principle

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Sharepoint 2013 My Site Governance

  2. 2. MY SITES – GOAL AND VISION What My Site will do Vision What My Site will not do Goal Define clear vision for my sites ◥ The My Site provides an environment where, employees will be able to collaborate and share documents, tasks, people information, calendars and other information. Define clear Goals ◥ My Site Primary Goal ◥ Improve Communication ◥ Connect employees ◥ More engagement ◥ My Site Secondary Goal Have a list of features what my site has ◥ News feed ◥ About me ◥ Tasks Have a list of features what my site will not have ◥ Digital Asset library ◥ Public Sharing ◥ Calendar My Sites ☸ ☞ X
  3. 3. MY SITES – GOVERNANCE MODEL Public View content must contain only work-related material Public View content should not have any confidential or private data Content pertaining to human resources or legal is typically not listed in my Sites No personal health information information should ever be present Personally identifiable financial information should ever be present Before my site launch define enterprise social policy and rollout All discussions or blogging contain sensitive company material or defamatory comments about any person are not allowed All discussions or blogging done within a My Site must follow company policies Private site must not contain personal audio files, inappropriate pictures, or other materials not allowed within the organization. Public and already released financial data must be reviewed prior to Post Collaboration Features  My Sites  Blogs  Discussion form  Community Portal Governance Model
  4. 4. BEST PRACTICES Design Level Configuration Level ◢ Pilot My Sites within 1 or 2 departments and test these strategies. ◢ Plan Policies and Privacy ◢ Plan Users and Permissions ◢ Plan integration of Service Applications (Search, Metadata Management Service, etc) ◢ Plan Jobs and Schedules ◢ Plan Multilingual ◢ Plan Capacity Planning (Storage Level) ◢ Isolate My Sites in a dedicated Web application ◢ Use dedicated content databases for My Sites ◢ Configure storage quotas for My Sites (100 MB) ◢ Provisioning of individual site collections
  5. 5. MY SITES CREATION PROCESS User Action Click on OneDrive PopUp “Site being created” Is displayed. SP Queue User request is Queued SP Process Item picked from queue Standard SP site created Mail is send to user User Action User accesses the site fist time Customizations are getting applied Apply My Site Template Customized My Site created My Sites creation process ◢ Add hooks to the standard process ◢ My Site will be created when accessed for the first time ◢ My Site will be created, user notified by mail when done ◢ Once user accesses it again further customizations are applied
  6. 6. MY SITES FEATURES News Feed My Documents My Tasks About Me One Drive Blogs Newsfeed is the user’s social hub where he or she can see updates from the people, documents, sites, and tags that the user is following. In depth industry know-how to develop hi-tech solutions Displays tasks assigned to the user. This is only visible to the owner of the My Site page. The About me is the default page that displays when a user accesses another user’s My Site. This page displays the user’s profile page to other people in the organization. The OneDrive tab links to the user’s OneDrive for Business. OneDrive for Business is the user’s personal file storage and synchronization service for business use. Blog is a Web Part page that the My Site owner can use to publish a blog. ☸     
  7. 7. CONFIGURATION, ADMINISTRATION AND MAINTENANCE Configuration Administratio n Maintenance Configuration of My Sites ◥ My Site Configuration ◥ Profile Configuration ◥ Search Integration ◥ Metadata Integration ◥ Configure Jobs My Site Administration ◥ Managing My Sites ◥ Deletion of My Sites ◥ Monitor Content DB ◥ Monitor orphan sites ◥ Monitor Timer Jobs ◥ Regularly auditing your SharePoint environment My Site management ◥ Site Quota ◥ Manage Users ◥ Manage Content DB ◥ Identifying and reporting governance violations ◥ Analyzing and reporting upon My Site usage and activity ◥ Moving/copying My sites
  8. 8. QUESTIONS? Please reach out to pponvannan@gmail.com