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Sriyog.Com Pitch Deck - 2019

Sriyog.Com has come up as a boon for both job seekers and job givers. Here one with any profession can list their name, phone number, address, and skill type. Well utilization of spare time can make money and that money can solve many problems. Since Sriyog.Com can solve the burning problem of unemployment, it is a great initiation of social service.

The site initiated by youth of Biratnagar, Mr. Prakash Upreti has been successful to help many people to become employed. Now it has 11 team members actively working to connect employees and employers. The founder of Sriyog.com Prakash Upreti says” This site is not limited to just youth, any skilled person can register here.” It means that there is no age limit to being employed and all that matters is skill one has in them.

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Sriyog.Com Pitch Deck - 2019

  1. 1. Digitalizing Skilled Manpower of 5ooK professionals across 50 major cities of Nepal. #DigitalNepal
  2. 2. Birds always want to explore the world. They need FREEDOM.
  3. 3. People drive UBER to make extra income on their FREE TIME.
  4. 4. Doctor Engineer Plumber & Electrician : Who earns more ?
  5. 5. Unused rooms are rented to make extra income by hosting guest in homes.
  6. 6. A person with primary level education can be a good Plumber after taking training. A 11 Class student can be a tutor for 5 class student and earn money on his free time. A women who can’t work as full timer can be a babysitter and earn Nrs 12 Thousand* easily. A person having a jeep can get bookings frequently from Sriyog.Com Why Sriyog.Com Easy to find any professional nearby with geolocation based booking system.
  7. 7. Call Search Instruct Take Rest How it works?
  8. 8. Sanju Didi (name imagined) is a widow. She recently lost her husband in a road accident. She has a daughter who goes to school. She is unable to earn enough to pay school fee for her child. No Formal Education No Technical Skills Unable to engage in 10-5 Job Kamal & Ranjana both are employed in Bank. Due to their busy work life , they are in search of someone in Bhaktapur (a city name ) who can properly care their child in their absence. Opportunity Problem Reasons
  9. 9. Her friend Shova (name imagined) fills her details in Sriyog.Com in Bhaktapur as a “Babysitter”. Sanju Didi knows how to care child, it’s her “by birth skills”. Shova
  10. 10. They search in Sriyog.Com and find Sanju Didi in Babysitter category.
  11. 11. Sanju Didi now finishes her daily works and goes to Kamal’s house then cares their beloved baby. Now, she is earning good money. She is certified Babysitter of Sriyog.Com
  12. 12. Uber like geolocation based manpower finding system Numbers will be submitted from mobile apps, website, from phone, affiliated center etc. Its a freemium , we don’t charge for listing. We charge for verification.* On 3rd year we will start charging Nrs 100 for verification, banner advertising on all categories and city wise.* 1%-3% will be our fee on every job done & transaction.* * Sustainability plan
  13. 13. 18 categories and 150+ sub-categories; multiple ways to make money freely. USE ANY SKILL, Make money.
  14. 14. Traction 18+ Categories, 150+ Sub Categories & 50 +Cities Including Texas & Sydney 18,000+ Working Professionals Launched in 12 September 2016 2013
  15. 15. Geolocation Based Pro Finding System Nearby Pro Web Application Web Based Mobile Application Apps based Toll Free Numbers 24X7 Call Centre The Solution Providing best filtered manpower & skilled professionals
  16. 16. Revenue Generation Featured Submission Banner Ads User Verification SMS Verification Referral Comission Payment Comission * Sustainability plan
  17. 17. Market Size Top municipalities & major cities of Nepal. SAARC Countries & other countries. 50 Major Cities of Nepal SAARC & other countries