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The invisible man lesson 2

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the invisible man by H G WELLS LESSON 2

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The invisible man lesson 2

  1. 1. Herbert George Wells (1866- 1946) Herbert George Wells was born in 1866 in Bromley, England into a family where there was little money to spare; his father ran a small shop and played cricket professionally and his mother worked as a housekeeper. The family’s financial situation meant that Wells had to work from the age of fourteen to support himself through education. His success at school won him a free place to study at a college of science in London, after which he became a science teacher. His poor health made life difficult, though, and he struggled to keep his full-time job while trying to write in his spare time.
  2. 2. The stranger who wrapped up from head to foot came early one winter’s day in February. He lived in the inn without giving a name. Although the room was warn, the stranger didn’t want to put off his hat and coat. He always held the napkin over the lower part of his face. The top of his head above his blue glasses was covered by a white bandage, and that another covered his ears, leaving nothing of his face to be seen except his pink, pointed nose. Sometimes the innkeeper’s wife, Mrs. Hall, tried to talk to him, but it seemed that the stranger didn’t enjoy the company of others. He usually locked himself in the room and watched out the window. One thing he only cared was his boxes which he put at the station. After some days, his boxes arrived. The stranger came down the steps and picked up the smaller case. Suddenly the carrier’s dog growled and bit him. He got hurt, but he didn’t want anybody to see his wound. Chapters 1 recall
  3. 3.  CHARACTRS:  1.The stranger: Griffin  2.Mrs. Hall : Landlady  3.Mr. Teddy Winfrey: clock repairman  4.Mr. Hall : landlord
  4. 4.  Mrs. Hall was mustering courage to enter the room of the stranger and ask him if he needed some tea.  Just then Teddy Henfrey came there she asks him to repair the clock in the stranger’s room.  Stranger asked her about his luggage. She assured him that he will get his boxes soon.  Mrs. Hall was shocked to find out that the stranger had vast and incredible mouth that swallowed the whole of the lower portion of his face.
  5. 5.  She requested him to allow clock repairman to repair the clock  Seeing the bandaged person, Teddy Henfrey was shocked  He was allowed to do his job but the stranger remarked that he liked to be alone and undisturbed  Mr. Teddy deliberately delayed his departure as he wanted to talk to stranger  But he was asked to leave as soon as he repairs the clock
  6. 6.  Teddy apprehended that the stranger was of suspicious nature and the police might have been after him to arrest him  His suspicion originated from the fact that the stranger had wrapped himself only to conceal his identity  On his way back he met Mr. Hall and told him about the stranger  Mr. Hall asked his wife to be cautious and keep a watch over her guest
  7. 7.  He had said so because Teddy had succeeded in putting some suspicion in his mind about the stranger  The stranger had earlier told Mrs. Hall that he needed his luggage badly  He informed that he was an experimental investigator and his luggage contain apparatus and appliances  He also told her that he liked the place because it gave him much sought after solitude
  8. 8.  Drooping: bending downwards  Scanty: hardly enough  vestiges: smaller hints  Dazzled: blinded temporarily  Taken aback: surprised  Excruciating: too much unbearable  Snubbed: ignored  Uncanny: strange  Humbugging: deceiving  Grotesque: mishappen  Sluggish: inactive
  9. 9.  Swindled: cheated  Portmanteaux: a large heavy suitcase  Contemptuously: with hatred
  10. 10.  Teddy formed the negative views about the stranger. Was he right?  when a person does not allow another person to come closer, misunderstandings surface. Do you agree?
  11. 11. After reading the story, I think it is very queer and amazing. At the beginning, the author doesn’t make the entire story clear, which make readers have a lot of questions. Just like how the invisible man became invisible and what he wanted to do? All these questions will make you continue to read it and yearn for knowing the result. In this story, the invisible man wanted to control the world. In order to realize his dream, he did it by hook or by crook. Finally he became lonely and no one wanted to help him since he was dangerous and ambitious. The story tells us no one can live against the world. And you can’t live without any friends. So how to get along with others and develop a good personality which make others like you is important. By the way, don’t dream to be an invisible man. It isn’t fun at all. After thought