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Current trends and issues in nursing administration

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Current trends and issues in nursing administration

  2. 2. ADMINISTRATION:- Administration is the activities of group co-operating to accomplish common goal. In other words, it is the organization of use man and materials to accomplish the purpose and administration is an essential factor is an development of any service.  TRENDS:- It denote general direction and tendencies specially of events of opinion.
  3. 3. Continue…  NURSING TRENDS:- Refers to direction towards which the different nursing event have moved or are moving as well as the opinion in and around nursing that are found in and about nursing profession.  ISSUES:- A point or matter of discussion, debate or dispute or a matter of public concern
  4. 4. THERE ARE DIFFERENT CHANGES IN PROFESSION Social Change:- a) Nursing profession severs to meet the need to the society particularly the need related to health and well being. b) The changes in society will influence to bring about changes in nursing profession. I)At present , efforts are made by govt. of india to deliver the health care to the community especially in rural area.
  5. 5. CONTINUE…. II) Overall improvement in the education of people with ever growing awareness about health and health need. c)Now women are more educated and take up jobs out of home to sever and earn. d)Advancement of technology- eg:- Automatization, Industrialization, Urbanization. e)After independence, government began to make serious efforts to meet health need of nation by implementing recommendation of Bhore committee.
  6. 6. Changes in other profession :- a) Medical profession is fastly changing profession and the era of specialization and super specialization has come. b) Morden health care facility like ICU, ICCU, Renal unit , organ transplant unit etc. c) Biomedical science have for advanced resulting in newer diagnostic equipment such as scanner, new drugs, monitoring system in field of health care all over the world.  CHANGES IN NURSING PROFESSION IT SELF IN THE COUNTRY:- a)Trends to take up education leading to bachelor degree in nursing, master degree as well as doctoral degree.
  7. 7. CONTINUE…. b)Trends related to tuition fee e.g.- paid stipends, free hiring, accomodation, food and uniform but service is expected from the nurse. c)Trends related to changes in working condition for nurses. CHANGE TAKING PLACE IN OTHER COUNTRIES IN NURSING WORLD:- a)Fast growing trends to post basic degree programmes. b)INC promote sharing of ideas and common interest between member of national organization. c)Exchange of professional literature like international review, professional journals, articles etc.
  8. 8. CURRENT TRENDS AND ISSUES IN NURSING :- I)Reduction in distance through seedy communication:- Mobile, video conference have made it possible for the nurses to reach patient, doctor and other profession whenever need arise. Along with verbal and nonverbal communication skill, nurses also need to gain competencies in using information and technology. II)Computerization for patient care management :- Easy reference on direction for patient care, record keeping, reporting, compilation of information, stock monitoring, auditing are some of the function which
  9. 9. CONTINUE… Have taken over. Ability to use computers for patient care management have become essential qualification for nurses. III)Quality assurance in nursing care:- Public know their right. IV)Decentralized approach to care management:- This make each and every nurse responsible and Accountable for the care of assigned patient. V)Continuing nursing education:- It has become essential to keep up with the changing needs of patient care. Nurses have to continuously update themselves with new and innovative approaches in patient care management.
  10. 10. CONTINUE… VI)Evidence based practice:- For this nurses should have scientific bend of mind and dynamic approach to patient care. VII)Nurse patient ratio:- Adherence to nurse patient ratio is necessary for providing quality care. VIII)Conduct of nursing research:- Having knowledge is essential for the nursing profession. This is possible only through research and dissemination of research finding.
  11. 11. CONTINUE… IX)Nursing audits:- Audit is required to keep the activities on the right track. It build knowledge for the profession. X)Higher education for senior position in nursing :- Nursing leader can guide and monitor the nursing team effectively. XI)Independent nurse practitioners:-
  12. 12. ISSUES IN NURSING:- I)Renewal of nursing registration :- II)Diploma V/S Degree in nursing for registration to practice nursing:- III)Specialization in clinical area:- IV)Nursing care standards:-
  13. 13. ISSUES IN NURSING EDUCATION  Nursing training school multiplied .  Lack of independent building for school and college .  Lack of independent principal for school and college.  Inadequate hostel facility for student .  Shortage of qualified teacher in nursing.  Inadequate library facilities.  Less supply of A.V. aids.  Less promotional apportunities for teachers of both school and college.  Very less or no stipend for nursing student.