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Pravin Shetty's CV

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Pravin Shetty's CV

  1. 1. Pravin Shetty Phone: 03 95127316 Mobile: 0432479855 E-mail address: pravinjshetty@hotmail.com Languages Fluent in: English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati and Tulu.  Residency Status: Australian Citizen Website: www.pravinshetty.com Career Objective I consider myself a creativeand inventive thinker, who craves a challengeand who is not afraid to work outsidemy comfort zone. I’m a motivated team player possessingthe communication skillsto actively manage teams and individualsaliketo consistently push revenue expectations and exceed goals.I’m ableto build rapportand identify the needs of clients whilstmaintaininga focus on continuous improvement through a wide range of services and solutions.You will find me to be pragmatic and results orientated, with a focus on the bottom line,I have a track record of achievingand exceeding the standards of performance set out for any project undertaken. I want to develop my career in a fast paced environment with a company that values passion,positivity,integrity and hard work.  Employment History 2011 – 2015, Business Development Manager, BVK Infra  Development and implementation of international marketingstrategies to culturally diverse markets  Development of Network and I.T infrastructure for business needs  Build and maintain relationships with Key stakeholders  Management of direct and indirectstaff  Writing Sales reports,monitoringof productivity and revenue forecasting  Development and maintenance of Databases  Ensuringall applications for required Government clearances and licensing 2008 – 2010, Business Development Manager, PJS Associates  Development of I.T Infrastructureand Network across four international locations  Automation of Systems for multipleoffices and business internationally  Implementation of accountingsystemallowingthe monitoringof various companies  Collation and prioritisingof data from multiplesources  Ensuringthe financial viability for projects  Identify potential opportunities and market to new clients
  2. 2. 2008 – 2015, Vice President,IT TechnologyMarketingand BusinessDevelopment, Parasoft Inc.  Develop, build,and execute go-to-market strategies with a focus on introduction of new technology and its assimilation into the marketplace  Lead engagements that provide integrated marketing solutions acrossmultiplechannels  Evaluate and qualify currentcustomer baseand industries to develop strategies to grow sales in all viablemarkets on a planned program  Build and maintain extensivebusiness relationships and partnerships  Conduct opportunity assessments and develop business planswith alliancepartners to drive cooperative sales,implementation of services,co-marketing, co-development, supportmodels, and profitablerevenue streams 2008 – 2008, Jr-Project Manager,Consultant, Parasoft Inc.  Maintained the ProjectPlan updates for several Business Units includingRoyalties,Fulfilment and Renewals  Conducted weekly status meeting to review projectplan tasks and provided plan updates for Key Stakeholders  Designed, configured, implemented, deployed LAN, WAN, Computer Systems, Mass Storage Systems based on TCP/IP, Novell, MicrosoftWindows 3.x/95/NT, UNIX, & OpenVMS  Monitored and provided support during the Cutover process from the test environment to the final cutover to the production environment.  Developed and supported commercial and government (including8a) contracts for computer and network hardware,software, and services 2006 – 2007, BusinessDevelopmentandMarketingManager, GSS America.  Identified, evaluated, and developed global partnershipswith leadingtechnology vendors includingAvaya,BMC, Citrix, Draeger Medical,EMC, Extreme, HP, IBM, Infovista,Mazu Networks, Microsoft,Network Appliance,Polycom, Q1 Labs, & Silverback  Led cross-functional teamcomprised of executives, productmanagement, marketing, and engineering resources to supportpartnerships  Worked with Product Management to develop customer feature requests  Managed integration development and certification for jointtechnology solutions  Developed and delivered technical trainingfor global strategic alliances 2005 – 2011, AssistantLecturer /Liaison OfficerResearch Fellow, Monash University*  In-charge of International Student issues, and student rep in OHSE and Discipline committee.  Develop collaboration with Dr. D.S. Hegde (Professor and Dean Academic Affairs) from National Instituteof Industrial Engineering(under Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India).  Coordinateand develop Faculty of IT Development and Recruitment Strategy (China and India) (Members includeProfessor Elizabeth Kendall,Mr.Kent Goldsworthy and Ms. Sharon Yap).
  3. 3. 1999 – 2011, FIT Developmentand RecruitmentStrategy, AssistantLecturer, Monash University*  Strengthening Monash University’s presencein China and India through strategic collaboration with qualified universities,IDP,agents and privateinstitutes in order to promote Monash as a study destination.  Identify, build and maintain closerelationship with universities abroad for development of undergraduate programs.  Develop web portal to facilitate subject learning  Prepare monitoringreport to facilitatecontinuous improvement methodology adheringwith AS/NZS ISO 9001 procedures.  Develop assessmentguidelines for students to check their credit exemptions.  Develop and deliver requirement-based IT coursefor corporateclients,internal staff and students. 1993 – 1996, Project Leader Information Service Department, Stars Information Technology  Leading 12 directand indirectstaff and a solecontributor for School of Networking and Financials  Responsible for development of a wide variety of Networks and Security in Internet related utility functions and applications. 1993 – 1996, Analyst Programmer, Business Integration Systems  Software development for a variety of internal systems.  SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle Database 7.3, Developer 2000, PERL, HTML Education and Qualifications  Feb 2005 – Present, Masters Continuation PHD, Monash University Australia Thesis Topic: An Investigation of Security Policy Formalisms for Pervasive Computing Environments.  Nov 2001 – Feb 2006, Cisco NetworkAcademy Program Graduate  Feb 1999 – Mar 2001,Master of Information Technology, Monash University Australia Thesis Topic:Decentralised Distributed Intrusion Detection System
  4. 4.  March 1997 – May 1998, Diploma in Business Management, Dahanu Management & Computer  Jul 1993 – Jun 1996, Bachelor of Commerce, Bombay University India  Jun 1993 – Jun 1996, Postgraduate Diploma in Information Technology, St Xavier’s Institute Memberships and Affiliations  Associateof Australian Computer Society  Cricket Umpire of Victorian Sub-DistrictCricketAssociation (VSDCA)  Member of Monash University Alumni Association  Member of Melbourne Indian Club  Psychiatric Nurse(RN-DIV II) from Swinburne University  Member of Lions Club of Dahanu Road India  AssociateMember of Anti Corruption for Government of India  AssociateMember of Anti Terrorismfor Government of India  President of the Society for FastJustice. Achievements  The case of smart homes using context based security (and safety) meta -policies for pervasive computing environments presented at the University of Trier, CS Department (Trier, Germany) (2005), http://www.informatik.uni-trier.de/~ley/db/indices/a- tree/s/Shetty:Pravin.html.  The proposed set of framework for modelling context aware security for electronic health record systems using contextual graphs in http://www.idea-group.com/encyclopedia.htm.  The Rule based policies for secured defence meetings using Rules as its security policies in http://www.ideagroup.com/encyclopedia.htm References Referees areavailableupon request