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Mouth breathing habit - clinical view

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Malligai Dental Hospital located in West Mambalam chennai was serving the patients since 2009 september. In a very short span of 7 years Our hospital has gained 9th rank in the top 10 ranking of Healthcare Providers conducted by All India Times of India Survey.In a Modest attempt to Improve the knowledge and awareness among the people ,Major Dr Pravin Has initiated the set of slides on the commonly occuring dental problems.We have simplified the concept by What? How? What to do? Why to do? Where to go?.If you like these slides kindly share the slides in your FB and other media so that you would understand about your dental problems and also find the best solutions.
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Malligai Dental Hospital
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west Mambalam
chennai 600033

G1 Chandra flats
23/49 Ashok Nagar 7th avenue(next to sangamam hotel)
Chennai 600083.

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Mouth breathing habit - clinical view

  1. 1. It is the abnormal habit of breathing through Mouth due to nasal obstruction or habitual practice Malligai Dental Hospital
  2. 2. Malligai Dental Hospital
  3. 3. • Gum disease • Malocclusion • Bad breath • Dry mouth • Risk of caries Oral • Sore throat • Cold symptoms • Digestive disturbances • Fatigue – loss of sleep • Headache Systemic Malligai Dental Hospital
  4. 4. Initially the cause for the habit should be treated Followed by appliance therapyMalligai Dental Hospital
  5. 5. Hospital timing:Mon-Sat:10:00am to 9:00pm Sun:10:00am to 2:00pm Malligai Dental Hospital 107,Lake view rd, West mambalam, chennai-600017 Please call: 801502208,8015022218 Conatct us at : www.malligaidental.com www.malligaidentalacademy.com www.pravinprathip.com Malligai Dental Hospital