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To B or Not To B

Bottled water vs tap water, reasons to consume tap water

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To B or Not To B

  1. How many did you go through this Memorial Day weekend? How much did you spend on them?
  2. that’s 1 , 9 0 0 t i m e s more than the price you pay when you drink tap water
  3. And no matter which one you choose when you think of going green, ditching bottled water keeps mother earth and your wallet green
  4. Wallet —As an average U.S. citizen spends more than $400 every year on bottled water* *At ~$1.00 a bottle, you are paying $8.00 a gallon which makes gasoline seem pretty cheap
  5. Health — Which can be damaged by toxic chemicals like Bisphenol- A (BPA), leached from bottled water * *BPA intake can also cause cancerous cells in your body
  6. Environment — Wh i ch i s ta i nte d by the prod u cti o n , tra n s po rta ti o n , pa cka g i ng a nd d i s po s a l o f pl a s ti c bo ttl e d wa te r
  7. In the year 2004, t h e b o t t l e d water usage was marked as 26 Trillion liter s That is nearly 28 trillion plastic bottles in a year! About 1,500 bottles end up as garbage every second
  8. 26 trillion liters also contributes to an additional 2.5 million tons of that was produced in the manufacturing of the plastic bottle
  9. $100 billion is the amount spent every year by consumers on bottled water An amount like this even makes the federal bailout amount look small
  10. Research shows that for a fraction of the amount, everyone on the planet could have safe drinking water and proper sanitation
  11. Think you can help? Are you sure you know all the facts about bottled water? If you don’t, then let’s just say you are in for a big surprise...
  12. You spend the money .... you pollute the earth ... risk polluting the aquifer and other water bodies ... all for bottled water?
  13. A survey showed 35 % of bottled water drinkers think that it is safer than tap water Source: American Water Works Association Research Foundation, Consumer Attitude Survey on Water Quality Issues, p. 19 (1993)
  14. Did you think it was convenient? But did you know that the heat in the car and the plastic of the bottle can leach out chemicals that can lead to breast and other types of cancers
  15. And even though you might not have kept it in the car, do you know it has been through before you bought it?
  16. Transported in trucks, temps vary from
  17. Loaded and unloaded, temps can vary from 45-100 degrees
  18. Something else to consider tap water has fluorid e in it wh ich promotes the health of you r teeth
  19. So my challenge to you? Cut back on your usage of bottled water (or eliminate it completely!) .. . so if you start cutting the habit now, you won’t have to go cold turkey later!