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i-Pandawa AGILE SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT LIFE CYCLE using SCRUM (http://www.i-pandawa.com) - INDONESIA

This is Our Methodology to Implement AGILE Software Development Methodology in our company. We are using SCRUM, and we try to implement this method as Original as possible.

The Experience using SCRUM in Indonesia.

Contact me via : doddi@bicarait.com or visit our website at http://www.i-pandawa.com

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i-Pandawa AGILE SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT LIFE CYCLE using SCRUM (http://www.i-pandawa.com) - INDONESIA

  1. 1. Presentation Material: i-PANDAWA FRAMEWORK iPandawa Methodologyi-PANDAWA - Page 34 - Private and Confidential -
  2. 2. i-PANDAWA FRAMEWORK DEFINITIONWhat  is  i-­‐PANDAWA   i-­‐PANDAWA  is  a  framework  that  is  ini5ated  by  Business  Unit  of  ICTS  ICON+,  PLTI  Division.  This   framework  is  designed  for  a  baseline  Standard  that  can  be  used  for  the  daily  ac5vi5es  by   Planning  and  Product  Development  (PPD)  Sub  Division  to  make  Innova5ons  for  the  Company.  Why  we  use  i-­‐PANDAWA   i-­‐PANDAWA  is  a  standard  way  to  create  the  Applica5ons  in  sub  division  of  Planning  and   Product  Development.  It  is  a  standard  way  to  manage  the  crea5on  of  new  applica5ons,  and  it   has  a  standard  plaLorm  of  technology  to  create  the  new  applica5ons.  Who  use  i-­‐PANDAWA   i-­‐PANDAWA  can  be  used  by  all  of  the  teams  in  ICON+  to  develop  and  deploy  the  new   applica5ons  When  we  use  i-­‐PANDAWA   i-­‐PANDAWA  is  used  in  daily  development  process  of  crea5ng  new  applica5ons  and  maintain   the  exis5ng  applica5ons  How  to  use  i-­‐PANDAWA   i-­‐PANDAWA  Framework  has  2  big  items,  these  2  items  are  :   -­‐  iPandawa  Methodology  of  the  Applica5on  Lifecycle  Management  –  powered  by  SCRUM   -­‐  iPandawa  Pla7orm  of  the  Applica5on  Technology  –  powered  by  INNOVATION  Defini.on  of  i-­‐PANDAWA   The  leUer  "I"  stands  for  the  word  INNOVATION,  INNITIATIVE,  ICTS  (Informa5on  Computer   Technology  Solu5on),  ICON+  (Indonesia  Comnets  Plus),  and  INDONESIA   The  word  "PANDAWA"  comes  from  the  epic  story  of  Mahabharata.  Pandawa  is  the  Familys   name  of  five  great  persons  (Yudhis5ra,  Bima,  Arjuna,  Nakula,  Sadewa).  The  value  of  this   Pandawa  family  that  can  be  used  in  this  framework  are  "We  are  in  This  Together",  "We  Die   Together,  We  Win  Together".  YES,  that  is  our  Methodology  of  Working  in  here.   i-PANDAWA - Page 35Mo1o  of  i-­‐PANDAWA   - Private and Confidential - "We  are  in  This  Together.  We  Die  Together,  We  Win  Together!"  
  3. 3. i-PANDAWA FRAMEWORK iPandawa Methodology – Powered by SCRUM Our Motto: WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER WE DIE TOGETHER! WE WIN TOGETHER !i-PANDAWA - Page 36 - Private and Confidential -
  4. 4. picture by OnTask The Goal of iPandawa Methodology Powered by Scrum Manage Complexity, Unpredictability and Change through Visibility, Inspection and Adaptation i-PANDAWA - Page 37 - Private and Confidential -
  5. 5. Scrumpicture by exfordy Roles i-PANDAWA - Page 38 - Private and Confidential -
  6. 6. Product Owner Owner of project vision i-PANDAWA - Page 39picture by Official Star Wars Blog Represents the customer - Private and Confidential -
  7. 7. The Development Team Small (5–9 people) Colocated - Cross-functional i-PANDAWA - Page 40picture by ewen and donabel Self-organized - Full-time - Private and Confidential -
  8. 8. ScrumMaster Facilitator Team Protector Troubleshooter Scrum Guide Servant Leaderi-PANDAWA - Page 41 - Private and Confidential - picture by Orange Beard
  9. 9. Scrum ProcessRESULT is The Effect of Process. Great Process produce Great and Consistent RESULTS i-PANDAWA - Page 42 - Private and Confidential -
  10. 10. Sprint Planning Breakdown of business value into assignable tasks i-PANDAWA - Page 43 - Private and Confidential -picture by oskay
  11. 11. Daily ScrumWhat I did since YesterdayWhat I will do TodayWhat things are in my wayOnly the team talksNot to Scrum MasterNo problem solvingMax 15 minutesStanding upIt is The Heartbeat of Scrumi-PANDAWA - Page 44 - Private and Confidential -
  12. 12. Sprint Review Satisfy Product Owner i-PANDAWA - Page 45 Get feedback on product - Private and Confidential -picture by oskay
  13. 13. Sprint Retrospective Evolve the process i-PANDAWA - Page 46 - Private and Confidential -picture by kevindooley
  14. 14. i-PANDAWA - Page 47 More Fun, Happy Teams - Private and Confidential -picture by woodleywonderworks
  15. 15. Disclaimer Looks Simple, But It Is Hard No Silver Bullet Need Process Takes Time i-PANDAWA - Page 48 - Private and Confidential -picture by a2gemma