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Trail Blazer Bengaluru

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Urjja was recognized as one of the trail blazer companies of 2011. The recognition stems from our effort to differentiate ourselves in an already well established industry through our quality, relevance and urge to change organizations towards building excellence in human resource capabilities

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Trail Blazer Bengaluru

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  2. 2. URJJARight person, Right jobTimes of India “ Trail Blazers” – 29th January 2012Meaning energy in Sanskrit, Urjja aligns with thepositivity, energy and optimism that it brings to thelife of the people in personal interactions.This company mentors and guides individuals, corporate and the government.Urjjas social commitment is to bring in relevant effectiveness to every sector itengages in, including the PSUs and government bodies.These little actions are aimed at rejuvenating Brand India, hence supporting inbuilding the nations talent and transforming enterprises to global standards.Bangalores youthful, vibrant and entrepreneurial climate is known to entertain excellence. These very inherent qualities and its people pave confidence in Urjjato achieve despite all odds. The citys renowned entrepreneurs have motivatedthe minds behind Urjja in continued persistence and excellence.The mix of cultural influences brought in by expatriates helps Urjja with collective perspectives on the driving need in human resource today.. Search. Train. Consult
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