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Describing objects

  2. 2. How to describe Objects? A paragraph/passage to describe objects consists of 5 parts.
  3. 3. 5 Parts of Describing Object 1. Function/Use 2. Components/ Parts 3. Characteristics A) material B) shape/figure C) dimensions D) property E) Colour 4. Position 5. Connection between parts
  4. 4. LANGUAGE FOCUS 1. Function/Use : i) ii) ______ is used to Verb __________ . ______ is used for Verb+ing _________ . Examples: i) A fridge is used to keep food items fresh in condition. ii) A fridge is used for keeping food items fresh in condition.
  5. 5. 1. Components/Parts : A hammer consists of is made up of is composed of A hammer includes A hammer has two a handle and a head. a handle and a head. parts: sections: components: a handle and a head. one is a handle, the other is a head one is a handle, the other is a head
  6. 6. 3. Characteristics A) Material: A Chair is made of wood. Bread is made from wheat.
  7. 7. b) Shape/Figure Sentence Structures: i) ii) ________ is shaped like + noun. ________ is + adj. + in shape. Examples: i) A coin is shaped like a circle. ii) A coin is circular in shape. iii) A coin is circular.
  8. 8. Noun K e y w o r d s Adjective Square Square Rectangle Rectangular Triangle Triangular Ellipse Elliptical Semicircle Semicircular Circle Circular Cube Cubic Pyramid Pyramidal Cone Conical Hemisphere Hemispherical
  9. 9. c) Dimensions Keywords: Length, Width, Height, Depth, Thickness etc. i) ii) iii) _____ is 250 metres + Adj. _____has a + noun of 250 metres. The noun of _______ is 250 metres.
  10. 10. Keywords Adjective Noun Long Length High Height Wide Width Broad Breadth Deep Depth
  11. 11. Examples i) This building is 250 metres high ii) This building has a height of 250 metres. iii) The height of this building is 250 metres.
  12. 12. d) Property It is a special quality that belongs to the object. Example: a) The edge of a table is straight. b) The middle of a bottle is curved. c) This book is thick
  13. 13. e) Colour Black, white, green, purple, yellow etc. Examples: i) My mobile is yellow in colour. ii) The colour of my mobile is yellow.
  14. 14. 4) Position  Inside, outside, at the top , on the left/right,  In the middle, to the right/left (of), above,  At the bottom, over, below, between, behind,  Infront of, nearby, near, by, at the end of etc.
  15. 15. Examples  The engine is inside the scooter with a headlight at the top. The spare wheel is at the back. There is a petrol cap under the seat.  A car has four headlights at the front. At the top of the engine is the radiator and at the top is an oil cap.
  16. 16. 5) Connection Between Parts It is a relationship between two things or more. If the object has more than one part, we have to describe them part by part with a connection between them. Connective words: attach, detach, join, connect, support, fix, fit, lead, link etc.
  17. 17. Examples        The head of a hammer is fixed to the handle. The rubber tube is fitted over the glass tube. The glass tube is fitted into the rubber tube. The wire leads from the switch to the bulb. The wire links between the switch and the bulb. The wheels of a car are detached from the body of a car. The wheels of a car are connected by the axles.
  18. 18. Kettle A kettle is a metal container which is used for boiling water. It consists of 4 main parts: a vessel, a lid, a spout and a handle. The vessel is 7 inches high. It is hollow and spherical in shape. The base is flat and circular. It has a diameter of 6 inches. On the top of the vessel, there is a convex lid with a plastic knob in the middle. The lid is 5 inches in diameter. Above the lid is a curved handle which is covered with plastic at the middle part. At the side of the vessel is a conical spout for pouring water out of the vessel.
  19. 19. Describe the following objects/pictures in 250 words
  20. 20. Describe the following objects