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Artificial Intelligence for Product Managers by former Yahoo! PM

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Jobs requiring artificial intelligence skills in the US has grown 450% in the last five years. Corporations are seeking relentlessly for product leaders who can utilize AI technologies on their products and services to improve the company’s bottom line or top line. It's called the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and it is happening right here, right now.

However, as a Product Manager, how do you gain the necessary knowledge to analyze, understand, plan, and design products based on artificial intelligence technologies? Since you cannot get a college degree in AI Product Management, how do you adapt to this rapid change? In this talk, Adnan helped to answer these questions.

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Artificial Intelligence for Product Managers by former Yahoo! PM

  1. 1. Artificial Intelligence for Product Managers by former Yahoo! PM www.productschool.com
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  7. 7. Adnan Boz TONIGHT’S SPEAKERS Former
  8. 8. AI Strategy And Techniques For Leaders by Adnan Boz Co-founder of Move to AI 05/2018
  9. 9. ● Why AI? ● What Algorithms? ● HOW to build an AI Strategy for your Business People Practices Solutions Environment Partnerships Agenda
  10. 10. Either you are using AI or your business is dying Profit Margin Deviation From Industry Average
  11. 11. Our Responsibility “High-tech innovation and marketing expertise are two cornerstones of the U.S. strategy for global competitiveness. We will never have the lowest cost of labor or raw material, so we must continue to exploit advantages further up the value chain.” - Geoffrey A. Moore - Crossing The Chasm
  12. 12. Business Domain Brand Image Growth Strategies Revenue Streams Cost Structure Customer Satisfaction Partnership Corporate Vision Legal ... AI Solution Domain Recommenders Image Recognition Voice Recognition Language Processing Conversational Agents Prediction Forecasting Clustering ...GAP
  13. 13. Maslow’s Law: Hammering The Problem Amazon AWS Machine Learning Your Current Profit Your Target Profit
  14. 14. Strategic Change “The organization's response to environmental change, constrained by the momentum of the bureaucracy and accelerated or dampened by the leadership” Henry Mintzberg Management Science Intended Strategy Deliberate Strategy Unrealized Strategy Emergent Strategy Realized Strategy
  16. 16. Cognification In Every Business Aspect People Practices SolutionsEnvironment Relationships
  17. 17. SolutionsEnvironment Relationships Practices People
  18. 18. Cognification In Every Department Marketing Production R&D IT QA HR Logistics Business Dev Customer Service AI Task Processing Decision Support Decision Making Legal Executive Sales Finance
  19. 19. © 2018 Move to Ai. All rights reserved. course@movetoai.com What does it mean to be an AI Product Manager? AI Product Lifecycle Knowledge AI PM Industry Specific Domain Expertise Core Product Management Skills Specific AI Solution Understanding
  20. 20. © 2018 Move to Ai. All rights reserved. course@movetoai.com Why Do We Need AI PMs? Technology ● AI technologies are unlike classic software technologies Teams ● Teams building AI products or services are unlike classic technology teams Businesses ● Business processes utilizing AI are unlike classic processes Effect ● AI security, privacy and regulations are unlike other technologies
  21. 21. © 2018 Move to Ai. All rights reserved. course@movetoai.com AI Leadership Shortcomings Lack of Higher Education ● There is no AI PM higher degree to acquire the necessary knowledge to analyze, understand, plan, and design Artificial Intelligence products and services Variable Industry Experience ● AI projects vary from product to product Lack of Standards ● No AI product methodologies, frameworks or lifecycles are standardized yet Lack Of Focus On The Bigger picture ● Most of the progress is in algorithms, there is almost no progress in AI Vision and Strategy building
  22. 22. CAIO AI Product Manager AI Product Owner AI Architect Data Scientist Data Engineer Hiring Training Consulting Outsourcing Cognifying Production Team Strategies
  23. 23. CAIO AI Product Manager AI Product Owner AI Architect Data Scientist Data Engineer Hiring Training DeepLearning.Ai - Coursera Consulting Outsourcing Cognifying Production Team Strategies
  24. 24. People SolutionsEnvironment Relationships Practices
  25. 25. AI Opportunities What are we looking for? ● Automation Opportunities ○ Working processes ○ High human error or high cost ● Optimization Opportunities ○ Automations with sub-optimal performance ● Expansion Opportunities ○ A different geographical region ○ A different product ● Innovation Opportunities ○ Research budget
  26. 26. Complexity In AI Projects Areas of Complexity 1. Organization 2. Technology 3. Process 4. Regulation Factors of Complexity 1. Uncertainty 2. Ambiguity 3. Unpredictability 4. Rigidity Disruptive InnovationsSustaining Innovations
  27. 27. Right Method Automation Optimization Expansion Innovation Complexity Methods Agile GV Design Sprint Lean Startup GV Design Sprint Design Thinking Agile Design Thinking Lean Startup
  28. 28. Agile AI Product Lifecycle Design Sprint Business, Requirement & Data Analysis Build Measure & Maintain AI Solution Research Rapid Experimentation Release
  29. 29. Practices People Environment Relationships Solutions
  30. 30. is it 5PM? Handcrafted Knowledge Where Are You On The AI timeline? Statistical Learning Contextual Adaptation Artificial General Intelligence Rule Based Systems Machine Learned System Self Generalizing System Free Acting Systems “If, then, else” “Because of these, highly likely that” “Probably this way” “I want ice cream” Turn on A/C Date Weather Pref. Temp Set A/C to 78°Yes Context Set A/C to 75° and order ice creamMemory ? Time
  31. 31. What Can We Expect From AI? Handcrafted Adaptive Human Statistical
  32. 32. AI Solution Domain 1. Prediction, Fraud detection, Image classification, Sentiment Analysis etc. ○ Supervised Learning ■ Modeling by mapping inputs to known outputs in data 2. Recommenders, Customer Segments, Compression, Targeting etc. ○ Unsupervised Learning ■ Modeling unknown patterns in data 3. Robot Navigation, Gaming AI, Dynamic Pricing, Next Best Offer etc. ○ Reinforcement Learning ■ Modeling policies relative to the environment
  33. 33. Practices People Solutions Relationships Environment
  34. 34. Hidden Dangers Of Black Box AI “word embeddings trained on Google News articles exhibit female/male gender stereotypes to a disturbing extent” [Bolukbasi et. al. 2016. Man is to Computer Programmer as Woman is to Homemaker? Debiasing Word Embeddings] https://arxiv.org/pdf/1607.06520.pdf Man Woman
  35. 35. Environmental AI Strategy 1. Enforce Transparency ○ Local Interpretable Model-Agnostic Explanations (LIME, https://github.com/marcotcr/lime) 2. Manage Risk ○ Risk Management Framework 3. Adapt Safety Mindset ○ Safety Testing ○ Safe Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) Strategy (OpenAI) 4. Manage Information Security ○ White Hat AI Hacking ○ ISO/IEC 27001
  36. 36. Practices People Environment Solutions Relationships
  37. 37. ● IP & Know-how ○ End-to-end AI Know-how ○ Proprietary AI Models ○ Proprietary Datasets ● Scaling & Geo-expansion ○ Time-to-market ○ Resources constraints ○ Geographical ● License & Regulations ○ Privacy concerns ○ Security concerns ○ Transparency concerns Partnership Driving Factors
  38. 38. AI Product Lifecycle Knowledge Executive Industry Domain Expertise Core Executive Skills AI Solution Domain Expertise New Executive Skills - Consulting AI Consulting
  39. 39. ● Cognification People; about all teams Practices; identifying AI opportunities Solutions; solution domain Environment; dangers and strategy Partnerships; driving factors Summary
  40. 40. Sunnyvale, CA consult@movetoai.com www.MoveToAI.com +1 (408) 475-2601 Capstone Project Collaboration
  41. 41. Part-time Product Management Courses in San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, New York, Austin, Boston, Seattle, Chicago, Denver, London, Toronto www.productschool.com