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First 100 Days as a Product Manager by Facebook Rotational PM's

In this panel, worked through a series of questions that cover the major hurdles and challenges one might face in the first 100 days of being a Product Manager.

The rotational Product Managers at Facebook gave insight on the topic and covered how to effectively onboard, how to develop a working cadence with the team, how to approach execution and how to manage up and out.

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First 100 Days as a Product Manager by Facebook Rotational PM's

  1. 1. First 100 Days as a Product Manager by Facebook Rotational PM’s www.productschool.com
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  7. 7. Facebook Rotational Product Managers TONIGHT’S SPEAKERS Travis Yeh Melisa Tokmak Han Zhu Rotimi Opeke
  8. 8. First 100 Days as a Product Manager Facebook RPMs Travis Yeh, Melisa Tokmak, Han Zhu and Rotimi Opeke
  9. 9. Introductions Travis Yeh Travis joined Facebook last August after graduating from Harvard College, where he studied Statistics and Computer Science. As an RPM, Travis has worked on improving quality and preventing abuse of the ads targeting platform and growing social interactions around video.
  10. 10. Introductions Melisa Tokmak Melisa studied Computer Science at Stanford University before starting as an RPM at Facebook. During the program, Melisa has worked on improving advertiser experiences and product quality in Facebook Ads platform as part of Business Integrity team. She is now working on building a promotions platform to inform users about new features and helping people understand & control their data on Instagram.
  11. 11. Introductions Han Zhu Han worked as a product manager at NerdWallet, a financial education startup, prior to becoming a PM at Facebook. She started her career in management consulting and tech business operations after graduating from the University of Chicago. As a RPM, Han is working on building products that bring consumers closer to their local businesses.
  12. 12. Introductions Rotimi Opeke Rotimi studied Computer Science at Stanford University before making a transition into corporate finance. He previously worked at Goldman Sachs, as an investment banking analyst in their Technology coverage office in San Francisco before joining Facebook in January. As an RPM, Rotimi has been working within with Video Ads organization, focusing on new buying types for advertisers.
  13. 13. The First 100 Days
  14. 14. Onboarding Building Structure Execution Team Management
  15. 15. What strategies did you implement to onboard on your team effectively and quickly? How did you build context quickly? Onboarding Making the most of the first days on the team
  16. 16. Creating Routine & Building Structure How did you figure out who the key stakeholders were in the team’s function? How did you figure out who to trust with what? Ramping up to drive value in early days
  17. 17. Creating Routine & Building Structure (cont’d) How did you build ownership over a project early on? What does that look like at a place like Facebook?
  18. 18. Execution Strategies What does your day-to-day look like? On a broader level, what does your week look like? How do you lead and influence others, especially when you may be younger/less experienced? Finding a rhythm that works
  19. 19. Managing Up & Out After having many managers, how do you quickly build a strong relationship/rapport with your manager? How do you get up to speed on managing cross-functional teams? How do you help other teams get bought into what you are doing? Learning how to work with dependencies
  20. 20. Q&A
  21. 21. Part-time Product Management Courses in San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, New York, Austin, Boston, Seattle, Chicago, Denver, London, Toronto www.productschool.com