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What is B2B vs. B2C Product Management by Platterz Product Lead

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What is B2B vs. B2C Product Management by Platterz Product Lead

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  10. 10. Nimrod (Nim) Fox TONIGHT’S SPEAKER
  11. 11. My Journey (So Far) B2B B2C B2B B2BB2C B2B2C
  12. 12. My Journey (So Far)
  13. 13. Let’s Define - B2C “Transactions conducted directly between a company and consumers who are the end-users of its products or services” Examples: Through the ‘PM lense’: Solving a need for individual consumers, making their lives easier and better
  14. 14. Let’s Define - B2B Through the ‘PM lense’: Solving a company’s business problem, making their lives easier and better “Transaction conducted between companies, rather than between a company and individual consumers” Examples:
  15. 15. What’s different? Discovery & Ideation Iteration DesignLaunching Engineering Product Lifecycle
  16. 16. Who are your users? Buyers & Users (sometime versus) Role segmentation Names and faces Users are buyers No roles, albeit different audiences Data points and stats B2CB2B
  17. 17. What do they need? Features Deep understanding Buy-in / Relationship Usability Discover / Serendipity Value for money B2CB2B
  18. 18. Monetization and Growth Customers will pay if there’s value/ROI Licenses, usage based pricing Start with 1, grow to 10’s, 100’s... Convince to pay Pay directly Start with 100/1000 grow to thousands, millions.. B2CB2B
  19. 19. PM Practices B2CB2B Discovery/Ideation Direct requests, regulations, strategic opportunities Data, research, analysis Validation Face to Face, prototype A/B testing, MVPs Design/UX Features/Usability Usability/Features Building Relatively big chunks (still agile) Small changes Launching Training/enablement, support, test partner GTM, rollout plan Iteration Direct feedback, sales Data, trends, sales
  20. 20. Transition to B2B Product Management - Domain expertise can go a long way - Previous experience in B2B (even outside of product) makes it easier to understand the personas - Enjoy complex, multi layered problems - Thinking at scale (not just growth)
  21. 21. Transition to B2C Product Management - Design orientation - Understand how to turn data into insights - Be “vocal” (blogs, communities, etc.) - Pitch an improvement
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