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The Art of War: Getting Ready for GDPR

"In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity". GDPR is coming and being prepared is not an option, it’s a requirement. Prolet will walk through the challenges presented by the new regulation for all of us, from in-company struggles to winning the battle with, and for the user.

The topic will center around the knowns and the unknowns of GDPR - our fears, worries and opportunities in the journey to compliance.

The Art of War: Getting Ready for GDPR

  1. 1. @proletm1 The Art of War: Getting Ready For GDPR
  2. 2. @proletm2 Prolet Miteva • Digital analytics leader by day • Chapter co-leader – San Francisco DAA • Organizer – MeasureCamp San Francisco • Archery enthusiast Head of Web Analytics Platforms, Autodesk
  3. 3. @proletm3 Before We Get Started….
  4. 4. @proletm4 “In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity.” Sun Tzu, “The Art of War”
  5. 5. @proletm5 By The End You Will Have a few pointers on how to approach your opt-in notice Have way more work on your plate Have a list of items to keep in mind for GDPR readiness
  6. 6. @proletm6 “Management of many is the same as management of few. It is a matter of organization.” Sun Tzu, “The Art of War”
  7. 7. @proletm7 System & Data Inventory – Collection & Use What Who How
  8. 8. @proletm8 First Some Cleanup No hard coded tags Policy for future
  9. 9. @proletm9 Some More Cleanup Eliminate old tags Automatic expiration Cleanup your mailing lists
  10. 10. @proletm10 How Will You Handle Your User’s Requests Manual Automated Self Service
  11. 11. @proletm11 Define Your Vendor Categories For Consent Analytics Remarketing Voice of Customer Optimization
  12. 12. @proletm12 “The wise warrior avoids the battle.” Sun Tzu, “The Art of War”
  13. 13. @proletm13 Identify and Define Your Vendors
  14. 14. @proletm14 Consolidate, Consolidate, Consolidate
  15. 15. @proletm15 Separate Your Operational From Analytics Data Operational Reporting / Marketing / Profiling
  16. 16. @proletm16 Your Tools and People Can Be Your Downfall
  17. 17. @proletm17 Reexamine Your TMS Configuration Restructure for compliance User permissions
  18. 18. @proletm18 Dealing With People & “Special” Vendors Internal Training Internal Contracts/Policies Monitoring Plan
  19. 19. @proletm19 Basically … Scare the s**t out of people & hold them accountable
  20. 20. @proletm20 “Thus the expert in battle moves the enemy, and is not moved by him.” Sun Tzu, “The Art of War”
  21. 21. @proletm21 How Are Your Vendors (Therefore You) Complying Legal Agreements Tools
  22. 22. @proletm22 Hunt Down Your Vendors & Demand Response & Capabilities Early
  23. 23. @proletm23 How Far Do You Take “Legitimate Interest”
  24. 24. @proletm24 Update Your Privacy Policy (39) The principle of transparency requires that any information addressed to the public or to the data subject be concise, easily accessible and easy to understand, and that clear and plain language and, additionally, where appropriate, visualisation be used.
  25. 25. @proletm25 Going Forward Deployment & Access Permissions Monitoring Plan
  26. 26. @proletm26 “Build your opponent a golden bridge to retreat across.” Sun Tzu, “The Art of War”
  27. 27. @proletm27 You Have To Actually Ask & Get An Answer! No prechecked boxes Silence is not a consent SLAP – Speak Like A Person
  28. 28. @proletm28 These Are No Longer Acceptable Do not not track me Yeah that’s right, we are awesome and preselected this for you! I don’t even have a box, but by default you agreed, even though you did not know it! By continuing you agree to our ridiculously incomprehensible terms & conditions. Oh yeah, BTW we already dropped a s**t load of cookies on your computer.
  29. 29. @proletm29 So “What to do” You May Ask? Good starting point: https://iapp.org/resources/article/the-ux-guide-to-getting-consent/
  30. 30. @proletm30 Record Their Choice & Give Them a Way Out Record selection Opt out at any time
  31. 31. @proletm31 Other Questions To Ask Yourself Timing and frequency Features and actions that build trust
  32. 32. @proletm32 Testing for UX But you cannot use an A/B testing tool…
  33. 33. @proletm33 Testing for UX Language Layout Opt-in elements
  34. 34. @proletm34 “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.” Sun Tzu, “The Art of War”
  35. 35. @proletm35 Educating Your Dev Teams Data collection Privacy by design Processing and usage
  36. 36. @proletm36 Educating Your Marketing Teams How they do marketing will change Who and how they can contact Effects on volume
  37. 37. @proletm37 Life After “In peace prepare for war, in war prepare for peace.” Sun Tzu, “The Art of War”
  38. 38. @proletm38 Summary • GDPR is upon us • Document your data • Cleanup your tags & mailing lists • Reevaluate your vendors & tools • Create a kick-ass opt-in notice • Educate your stakeholders • Stay strong!
  39. 39. @proletm39 Thank you! @proletm https://www.linkedin.com/in/prolet prolet@gmail.com Q&A