Better together: Enterprise and Microsoft Office 365

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Better together: Enterprise and Microsoft Office 365

  1. 1. Better Together – Symantec Enterprise & Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise & Office 365 – Better Together 1
  2. 2. Agenda 2 1 About Microsoft Office 365 2 The Enterprise Value-Add 3 Enterprise Demo 4 Questions Enterprise & Office 365 – Better Together
  3. 3. What is Microsoft Office 365? Communications and collaboration cloud-based services Enterprise & Office 365 – Better Together 3
  4. 4. Archiving & eDiscovery in Office 365 • Provides end users with an In-Place Archive – secondary mailbox in Outlook/OWA for storing older messages – Unlimited archive storage* (100 GB default quota) – Users can delete and modify messages in their In-Place Archive • In-Place Hold capabilities* for preserving content • In-Place eDiscovery and Hold Wizard in Exchange – to discover and preserve Exchange Online 2013 and Lync Online 2013 content • eDiscovery Center* in SharePoint – to discover, preserve, and export SharePoint Online 2013, Exchange Online 2013, and Lync Online 2013 content *Premium feature only available in the more expensive Office 365 plans 4Enterprise & Office 365 – Better Together
  5. 5. What is Symantec Enterprise Leading cloud-based archiving service Enterprise  Email Storage Management  Email eDiscovery  Email Compliance Purely cloud-based • No hardware or software to install and maintain • Low upfront investment & TCO • Per mailbox, per month fee Unlimited storage & rapid search • Unlimited email storage and retention • Rapid search results from scalable grid architecture • No mailbox size limits for end users Enterprise-class infrastructure & security • Redundant, scalable, Tier 4 data centers • Data encrypted in transit & at rest • 24/7/365 customer support included in cost of service Enterprise & Office 365 – Better Together
  6. 6. Symantec is archiving 6 • 25,000 customers – 57 of the Fortune 100 – From small businesses to 100,000+ users • Gartner Magic Quadrant leader for 9 years running • Customer-centric roadmap • Award-winning support “Symantec's vision for Enterprise Information Archiving encompasses a focus on scalability, intelligence and support for multiple content types.” - Gartner Enterprise & Office 365 – Better Together Source: Gartner, Inc., Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Information Archiving, Sheila Childs, Kenneth Chin, Alan Dayley, Debra Logan, December 2012
  7. 7. Office 365 & Enterprise – better together How Enterprise adds value to your Office 365 deployment 7Enterprise & Office 365 – Better Together
  8. 8. Scenario 1: You are in a contract dispute with one of your suppliers. You need to locate an amendment to the original contract that was agreed via email 8Enterprise & Office 365 – Better Together
  9. 9. Scenario 1 Using Enterprise • Uses journaling to automatically capture an immutable copy of all messages sent and received in a centralized and searchable cloud-based archive that’s kept separate from end user action • Journaling is the only way to ensures full message capture for compliance and eDiscovery purposes • Captures original message plus information about the sender and all recipients, inc. BCC and Distribution List recipients • Authorized users can search the archive and quickly locate the information required to solve the contract dispute Net result: If the email once existed, you’ll be able to find it 9Enterprise & Office 365 – Better Together
  10. 10. Scenario 1 Using Office 365 • No defensible way to capture all email: – Users can delete and modify messages in their In-Place Archives – You must manually apply deleted item retention policies and/or legal holds to preserve messages – BCC and Distribution List recipients not captured – can’t accurately determine who received the email Net result: If the email has been deleted, you may not be able to find it 10Enterprise & Office 365 – Better Together
  11. 11. Scenario 2: IT is spending too much time running eDiscovery searches and placing data on legal hold. You want to remove the eDiscovery burden from IT Enterprise & Office 365 – Better Together 11
  12. 12. Scenario 2 Using Enterprise • Single, easy-to-use interface for managing eDiscovery cases • Enables legal, HR, and compliance teams to take complete ownership of the eDiscovery process – no help from IT required – Direct, role-based access to archive with collaborative review – Search across an unlimited number of users – Apply a legal hold to an unlimited number of users – Perform self-service exports of archived content – Web-based access for outside counsel Net result: Completely removes the eDiscovery burden from IT Enterprise & Office 365 – Better Together 12
  13. 13. Scenario 2 Using Office 365 • Offers 2 tools for enabling non-IT staff to perform eDiscovery- related tasks: 1. In-Place eDiscovery & Hold Wizard in Exchange Online 2. eDiscovery Center in SharePoint Online Both have limitations that can ultimately lead to IT help being required. E.g.: – Can only apply a legal hold to a maximum of 50 mailboxes in a single search – Can only run search queries across a maximum of 1,500 mailboxes Net result: Puts the eDiscovery burden on IT and can lead to IT staff being subpoenaed to appear in court to give evidence Enterprise & Office 365 – Better Together 13
  14. 14. Scenario 3: You find you have a large amount of data to search through in relation to a specific case brought against your company 14Enterprise & Office 365 – Better Together
  15. 15. Scenario 3 Using Enterprise • Real-time, search-within-search functionality • Built-in collaborative review capabilities – Divide search results amongst multiple reviewers to share the workload – Apply review statuses or labels to items – Tag content as relevant, irrelevant, spam, personal, privileged, etc – Add notes that can be reviewed by others working on the case • Easily export content to the Symantec eDiscovery Platform (Clearwell) for further analysis, review and production Net result: Quickly identify the information you need to help defend your case 15Enterprise & Office 365 – Better Together
  16. 16. Scenario 3 Using Office 365 • No search-within-search functionality (form-based search only) • Search results are copied to a discovery mailbox, and reviewed in Outlook or OWA • Outlook and OWA do not provide a comprehensive review platform Net result: You may have to pay significant and unforeseen legal fees in order to further refine and identify potential evidence 16Enterprise & Office 365 – Better Together
  17. 17. Scenario 4: An end user needs to quickly find and restore an email they deleted six months ago 17Enterprise & Office 365 – Better Together
  18. 18. Scenario 4 Using Enterprise • Easy access to archived information – including every email ever sent and received – directly from Outlook, Notes, or Web browser • Advanced search filters quickly narrow down search results • Restore any lost or deleted message from any date range – with no help from IT required Net result: The end user can quickly find and restore the deleted message 18Enterprise & Office 365 – Better Together
  19. 19. Scenario 4 Using Office 365 • 2 mailboxes for the end user to manage (primary mailbox and In-Place Archive) • No search refinement options – users must go back and re-run form-based searches until they find the message they need • Deleted messages can only be recovered by the user within the maximum 30 day retention period for deleted items Net result: Slow searches, and the deleted email may not be recoverable 19Enterprise & Office 365 – Better Together
  20. 20. Key Enterprise advantages over Office 365 Helps satisfy compliance requirements to retain electronic information and ensure its integrity Archives multiple email platforms and other electronic data in a single, searchable repository Removes the eDiscovery burden from IT Accelerates the eDiscovery search and review process Makes it easier for end users to locate and restore messages from any date range Enterprise & Office 365 – Better Together 20
  21. 21. Act Now: Archive First Before Migrating to Office 365 Enterprise & Office 365 – Better Together 21 Mail server Existing archive Archive PSTs Legacy data PSTs Legacy data Office 365 Local pst Network pst
  22. 22. Unparalleled Office 365 integration Enterprise & Office 365 – Better Together 22 Active Directory Synchronization Single Sign On
  23. 23. Enterprise Demonstration Enterprise & Office 365 – Better Together 23 1. Enterprise Vault 2. Enterprise Vault
  24. 24. Learn More Today! • Visit for specific information about Enterprise • Visit to download the Osterman Research White Paper “The Need for Third Party Security, Compliance and Other Capabilities in Microsoft Office 365” • Follow @enterprisevault Enterprise & Office 365 – Better Together 24
  25. 25. 25 ANSWERSQUESTIONS Enterprise & Office 365 – Better Together
  26. 26. Thank you! Copyright © 2010 Symantec Corporation. All rights reserved. Symantec and the Symantec Logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Symantec Corporation or its affiliates in the U.S. and other countries. Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners. This document is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended as advertising. All warranties relating to the information in this document, either express or implied, are disclaimed to the maximum extent allowed by law. The information in this document is subject to change without notice. Thank you! Enterprise & Office 365 – Better Together
  27. 27. Appendix 27Enterprise & Office 365 – Better Together
  28. 28. Why Enterprise 28 • Unlimited storage and retention • Eliminate free-range PSTs/NSFs • Improved server performance and reduced backup windows • No mandatory hardware or software • Quick and easy to deploy • Predictable monthly fee • Scalable grid architecture • Security in-depth model • Private multi-tenant data centers • 24/7/365 support • Define and enforce retention policies • Rapid search results • Roles-based access for Legal • Flexible online export options Better store, manage and discover business critical information in the cloud • Access from email client or web browser • Quickly locate information using search filters • Perform self-service restores Offers enterprise-class infrastructure and security Provides an intuitive end user experience Improves storage management Delivers cloud-based archiving Accelerates the eDiscovery process Enterprise & Office 365 – Better Together
  29. 29. Enterprise Legal HR End users IT Compliance EMAIL SERVERS SHAREPOINT FILES Information types 29 SALESFORCE CHATTER OFFICE 365 BOX On-premise Cloud Enterprise & Office 365 – Better Together How Enterprise works Store and index information in a centralized, online repository
  30. 30. Administration Tools  Provides directory synchronization services  Allows administrators to create and deploy personal archive folders in Microsoft Outlook and IBM Notes Enterprise easy set up: measured in days 30 Create a journaling contact Create an SMTP send connector Activate journaling 1 2 3 Enterprise & Office 365 – Better Together
  31. 31. Enterprise global footprint Data centers & localization 31 >99.99% Proven reliability N+1 Architecture Real-Time Monitoring Enterprise & Office 365 – Better Together
  32. 32. 32 Physical AdministrativeTechnical Infrastructure security •Redundant firewalls •Redundant load balancers •Minimum system baselines Application security •Roles-based access control •Trusted Network authentication •Audit history Data security •Encryption in transit (TLS) •Encryption at rest (AES) •Encryption of credentials Data Center security •SSAE 16/ISAE 3402 Type II •Tier-4 data centers •Tier-1 networks Data redundancy security •Power, cooling, network •Geographically-dispersed •Data replication Site security •Biometric access control •Security surveillance/CCTV •24x7 guard service Personal security •Employee screening •Confidentiality NDAs •Ongoing certifications Process security •Change management •Access management •Uptime monitoring System security •Intrusion detection (IDS) •SYMC, MSS, SEP Altiris •Qualys vulnerability tests Enterprise & Office 365 – Better Together Enterprise enterprise-grade security
  33. 33. Enterprise ingestion Legacy import workflow 33Enterprise & Office 365 – Better Together
  34. 34. Enterprise file and social media archiving • Supported platforms: – Microsoft SharePoint 2003, 2007, 2010 (on-premise) – Box – Salesforce Chatter • Captured into a single archive alongside email • Files and Chatter posts appear in search results • Files and Chatter posts can be preserved using: – Legal hold – Default retention policy – Group-based retention – Granular tag-based retention 34 Additional fee applies Enterprise & Office 365 – Better Together
  35. 35. Enterprise Vault 35 • Unlimited mailbox, directly accessible from Outlook • Quickly drill-down on search results • Self-service restoration of old or lost emails Enterprise & Office 365 – Better Together
  36. 36. Enterprise Vault 36 • Accelerate legal discovery and internal investigations • Roles-based access with collaborative review • Search across an unlimited number of users with iterative search functionality • Web-based access for outside counsel Enterprise & Office 365 – Better Together
  37. 37. Enterprise Vault Mailbox Hosted Email Failover System 37 Additional fee applies Enterprise & Office 365 – Better Together
  38. 38. Enterprise + Clearwell: a closer look Information Management Identification Preservation Collection Processing Review Analysis Production The Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) Symantec eDiscovery PlatformEnterprise • Capture emails, files, & social media comms • Access messages via smart phone or tablet • Set/enforce retention policies and apply legal holds • Ingest all .pst files (mailbox management) • Unlimited storage and retention • Legal hold notification workflow • Collection from active sources outside of Enterprise • Advanced analytics and concept search • Full review with redaction and production • End-to-end tracking and reporting 38Enterprise & Office 365 – Better Together
  39. 39. Enterprise Vault Enterprise Current product offerings 39 Enterprise Vault Personal .cloud Enterprise Vault Discovery .cloud Enterprise Vault Mailbox Continuity .cloud Symantec AdvisorMail Add-ons: Bloomberg Option Reuters Option IM Option Social Media Option Add-ons: Folder Synchronization Option BlackBerry Option SharePoint Option Salesforce Chatter Option Box (File Archive) Option