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TEST YOUR GREY CELLS                                           Mission S.O.S
   1) One of the most famous contemporary
                                                                         MOTHER ...
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Mission SOS

Mission S.O.S is a campaign for the people, by the people to save Mother earth. The objective is - To preserve our environment and create an awareness among the masses.The battlefield is set. The knights have donned the armours. The mission is clear: S.O.S � Save Our Surroundings. Join us in the fight against climate change.

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Mission SOS

  1. 1. TEST YOUR GREY CELLS Mission S.O.S 1) One of the most famous contemporary Vanguards of Mother Earth’s Renaissaonce documentaries, this movie made a former Vice President of the USA received critical acclaim. Which movie are we referring to? 2) Which iconic cricketer recently appeared at the MCA ground to endorse the BMC’s ‘Save Water’ campaign? 3) They are geographically defined areas of ecologically similar climatic conditions. Unlike ecozones they are identified with particular patterns of ecological succession and climax The year is 2010. As much as the world is progressing vegetation. Name them. towards a futuristic dream of a hypermodern civilization and nations leave no stone unturned to achieve this 4) This American labour union activist who dream, a monster has been created which is now worked as a chemical technician for making threatening to engulf all mankind in the near future. The plutonium pallets at the Kerr-McGee plant died monster is Global Warming. And the situation demands under mysterious circumstances after urgent action. This is not an action film where an imaginary hero will emerge and bail us out of trouble. investigating claims of irregularities and This is our role and we are the protagonists. This is a wrongdoings plant. She was immortalized by war, a war to protect our environment and beloved Meryl Streep in an eponymous movie. Identify Mother Earth. her. Mission S.O.S is a campaign for the people, by the people. The objective is common – To preserve our 5) As a young footballer he is believed to have environment and create an awareness among the masses. commented “hang the Greens while there still However, no endeavour can be successful without are trees” seemingly expressing his dislike for support. YOU ARE OUR SUPPORT. YOU, the the German Green Party. Who are we talking denizens of this planet. Instead of sitting back and about? criticizing the apathy of the politicians of the world, it’s time to take action. Through this webpage, we aim to 6) John Travolta plays the lead as a civil ligation unleash a wave of awareness throughout the world. Internet is one of the most potent communication tools lawyer and his decade long case against an we have. And Mission S.O.S will harness its power to the American corporation in a water pollution fullest. With a whole lot of activities, events, documents, dispute brought by citizens of a Massachusetts quizzes and rallies, we intend to reach out to as many town. Which movie? individuals as possible. The battlefield is set. The knights have donned the 7) A beloved science fiction writer he passed away armours. The mission is clear: S.O.S – Save Our in 2008. In one of techno-thrillers he heavily Surroundings. Join us in the fight against climate change. criticized global warming terming it a hoax. Al Gore commented about the novel, “If your Kiran Shah Prashant Sree Uday Yerramilli baby has a fever, you go to the doctor [...] if your doctor tells you you need to intervene here, you don't say 'Well, I read a science fiction Visit us and support our cause at: novel that tells me it's not a problem”. Which novel/author are we talking about? http://missionsos.spruz.com http://www.missionsos.wordpress.com Submit your answers at the Mission SOS stall and http://pages.rediff.com/mission-sos/5084 you could be in with a chance to win eco-friendly prizes. Mission SOS – Facebook/Orkut/Twitter
  2. 2. TIPS TO HELP SAVE AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH MOTHER EARTH  The world has warmed by nearly 1° C over the last century. The rate of warming over the last 50 years is  To save energy, set your thermostat as low as is nearly twice that of the last 100 years. comfortable in the winter and as high as is  Eleven of the last 12 years rank among the 12 warmest years on record. comfortable in the summer. You save 3 percent on  Sea levels are rising at a rapid rate (having risen by the day’s heating or cooling costs by setting your 20cm over the 20th century); in Asia, the homes of thermostat back one degree for that 24-hour period. 94 million people could be flooded by the end of the  Wash with cold water whenever possible. century, leading to large-scale migration.  Select bulbs carefully. Look for the highest lumens at  Between 1900 and 2004, 73% of disasters were the lowest wattage. Wattage is the power needed to climate related; 94% of disasters and 97% of disaster- make a bulb work. Lumens measure brightness. related deaths occur in developing countries.  Humanitarian responses to disasters cost donors $6  For greatest efficency set refrigerators at 40º F. and billion every year. freezers at 0º F.  By 2020 between 75 and 250 million people in Africa  Wash your fruits and vegetables in a pan of water will be facing increased water shortages. instead of running water from the tap.  Temperatures in 2100 could be 1.4 to 5.8° higher  Shorten your shower by a minute or two and you'll than in 1990 if emissions aren’t curbed now. save up to 150 gallons per month.  By 2025 two-thirds of the earth’s population will  Turn off the water while brushing your teeth and suffer water shortages. save 25 gallons a month.  Climatic conditions affect diseases transmitted through water, and via vectors such as mosquitoes.  Replace your regular light bulbs with fluorescent Climate-sensitive diseases are among the largest ones. These will produce more light and cost less in global killers. Diarrhoea, malaria and protein-energy energy. They also last 10 times longer. malnutrition alone caused more than 3 million deaths  When you’re done using your television, radio, or globally in 2004, with over one third of these deaths Computer turn it off. occurring in Africa.  Malnutrition causes millions of deaths each year,  Repair leaky faucets and install low-flow from both a lack of sufficient nutrients to sustain life showerheads. and a resulting vulnerability to infectious diseases  Clean your lamps and bulbs regularly, because dirt such as malaria, diarrhoea, and respiratory illnesses. decreases the amount of light given out. Increasing temperatures on the planet and more  Share these tips with family and friends. variable rainfalls are expected to reduce crop yields in many tropical developing regions, where food Do you have any suggestions on how to conserve our security is already a problem. resources? Or simply a comment on the issue? Visit our  The costs of ignoring climate change have been estimated at more than that of the two world wars websites and Facebook page and post them right away. and the Great Depression (5 to 20% of GDP)  The cost of tackling the problem, however, could be around 1% of global GDP if mitigation policies are well-designed.