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Work-group & Report

This report tries to demonstrate th...
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Taxonomy Report Issue-1 Dec 2014

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Taxonomy of Cloud Services in Iran
By Taxonomy Work-Group @ OCCC

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Taxonomy Report Issue-1 Dec 2014

  1. 1. CLOUD SERVICES TAXONOMY CLOUD MARKET SHARE OF EACH SERVICES Work-group & Report This report tries to demonstrate the Cloud Market Condition in Iran. It is prepared and published by Taxonomy Worl<—group in Open Community of Cloud Computing. We try to periodically observe the Cloud Services in IRAN and present results as reports ('ust | il<e the one you are reading currentlyi. The motivation for dgeneratin these reports is that they woul be usefu for all business owners and researches to have a dependable estimation of Cloud Services situation in IRAN. . Sears (67%) For the First time In Iran IRAN Open Communiig oi Cloud Computing IRAN Open Community of Cloud "‘ _fi g Computing (a. l<. a OCCC) is a community / d,, _—_—r“ ' = "—J_. __*f: ‘_; L’ that is interested in Cloud Computing, s; ”;; ;-_y~_, -v- “J 3) _““““‘i~~»i__ Free (Lib—re) Knowledge, Open Source 2/ ‘”‘ / W, A/ f M and every thing around them. 3 L5 H‘ : ”' / 9 http: //www. occc. ir . http: //asl<. occc. ir 3 http: //wil<i. occc. ir INDICATE YOUR J ‘ CLOUD BUSINESS j 1 — I It is always hard to look in to a Jungle and find all nut trees! Some times you need to be guided by some friend. Your business is just like a nut tree among all the other trees. It is free for you to register your cloud business in OCCC Taxonomy Work-group database. Your services would be investigated by work- group members to be participated in reports. It is an indication chance for businesses to be officially introduced in the work-group ‘ r - .1 reports. You can simply add you Cloud business _ information by searching "Taxonomy" H keyword in our page in the OCCC wiki site or by using this QR. $ uxonomv GENERAL DEFINITION TERMINOLOGY Taxonomy is the practice and science of taX. On. O.Iny classification The Word is also used as a count noun: _ __ _ a taxonomy, or taxonomic scheme, is a particular / tak sanemel classification The Word finds its roots in the Greek taxis (meaning 'order', 'airangeinent') and 11011105 taxonomy(plural taxonomies) ('law' or 'science'). Originally taxonomy referred only to the C_1fi5SlfYi11S °_f °f8aDiS1115_ 0‘ 3 P37351113‘ 1.The science or the technique used to classification of organisms. In a wider, more general make a classification sense, it may refer to a classification of things or concepts, as well as to the principles underlying such . . _ . a classification. Taxonomy is diferent from 2'A classlficatlon’ especially’ 3 meronomy which is dealing with the classification of classlficatlon "1 3 hlefamhlcal system- parts ofa Whole. 3.(taxonomy, uncountable) The science Many taxonomies have a hierarchical structure, but of finding, describing, classifying and this is not a requirement. Taxonomy uses taxonomic namjno o1~oani5m5_ units, known as taxa (singular taxon). 5 5 Published by: Taxonomy Work-Group @ Iran Community of Cloud Computing Top Contributors of this Issue: A)‘ f " Hamid Reza Qavami, Bamdad Vafaee -lull 0 Q more in: g Dec 2014