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Viabc Presentation Feb 2010

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Viabc Presentation Feb 2010

  1. 1. Import Security Filing 10+2VAIBC February 24 2010Jefferson Hotel – Richmond VAPresented by Steve Pniewski – Artemus Group
  2. 2. Artemus Group – Who We Are?•Over 50 years of experience in International Transportation & Trade•Software & Service Center provider for AMS, ISF and ACI•Shipping Training provider – Classroom, Webinar and Online•Shipping Staffing and Placement Services•Consulting and Support for Import/Export Businesses
  3. 3. Artemus Group Clients • 100+ companies in 12 countries and 2000+ users of our online software • Ocean Carriers – Commercial, Bulk, Break Bulk & Tramp • Freight Forwarders • NVOCC • Logistics/Intermodal/3PL providers • Warehouse/Distribution/Manufacturing • Importers /Exporters • Governments Agencies such as the FMC and CBP
  4. 4. Comparison 24 Hr Rule versus 10+2 RuleAMS – 24 Hour Rule Data ISF 10+2 Rule Data • Manufacturer/Shipper Name and Address• BL Number • Seller Name and Address• Last Foreign Port Prior to US • Container Stuffing Location(s)• Carrier SCAC • Buyer Name and Address• Carrier Voyage Number • Import of Record• Date of Arrival, 1st US Port • Consignee Name and Address • Country of Origin of Goods• US Port of Unlading • Consolidator(s) Name and Address• Quantity, Unit of Quantity • Ship to Name and Address (Starting of “the• 1st Foreign Place of Receipt Five”)• HTSUS Code/Description • HTSUS Code/Description• Weight/Measure 12. Booking Party• Shipper Name and Address 13. Foreign Port of Unlading• Consignee Name and Address 14. Place of Delivery• Vessel Name, Country and Lloyds #• Hazmat Code if applicable • Bill of Lading Number (the 11th element)• Container #, Seal #• Date/Time Departure of Foreign Port PLUS 2 for the Master Carriers 20. Stow Plan 21. Container Status Messages
  5. 5. Carrier/Ship Line/NVO/FF Experience Timeliness of Filing – AMS 24 Hour Rule and ISF Opportunity to provide more services to the client Worry about liability/fines directed to inaccurate or incomplete data – Bond Protection! Commodity Codes – AMS versus ISF – 6 Digits or 10 Digits – European or US Code etc, etc. EIN-PASSPORT Numbers – 5106 Forms
  6. 6. Bond – Mysteries and Myths – AMS View•Does an Importer Need a Bond to File an ISF – NO. You can have yourABI broker or your AMS Provider (Carrier, NVO, FF) file for you•Can an Importer SELF FILE? - Yes. For this, you will need a bond.Activity 1, 2 3 or 4 Bond is needed. There are also now available ISF bonds 1,2, 7, 8 & 10.•Can an NVO , Master Carrier or Freight Forwarder who files AMStoday for an Importer, also file the ISF for them without obtaininganother bond (other than the Type 3 Carrier Bond you already have today) –Yes, you can file ISF today without an additional bond.•Does the Importer Bond # need to be given to the filer to send yourISF through AMS? No, If the importer has a bond, US Customs will havethis linked to their EIN Number and therefore does not need the additionalinformation sent to them.
  7. 7. Shipping Line ChallengesISF 10 – Gathering Data from the clients at origin and destination. Being the“bad guy” about not providing the BL Numbers to Clients in a timely mannerStow Plan – Providing stow plan messages just after sailing, then makingchanges when changes occur.ISF 5 – Foreign to Foreign Shipments – Reporting the Booking Party Dataand Destination details prior to loading.Container Status Messages – EDI - Tens of Thousands of Equipment movesbeing sent to many different vendors and now directing those same moves toUS Customs for shipments destined to the US.
  8. 8. Import Security FilingStarted Offering Reporting Abilities in December 2008. SoftStart to Rule, Jan 2009.1000+ filings a month being reported. 7% of total shipmentsreported to US Customs come through the AMS Portal.Accuracy of first filing started out at 39% in March 2009 tonow being 94% in Jan 2010.Late filings in average less than 1 per month out of over 1000+shipments reported each monthMonthly filing volumes continue to increaseevery month.
  9. 9. AMS – Manifest ProviderUS CUSTOMS ABI - Broker Importer THEY ALL NEED TO FIT TOGETHER
  10. 10. …by shipping people for shipping people Thanks for listening !