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Radina the school

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Radina the school

  1. 1. I study at 137 SOU “AngelKanchev”.He was a leader of organizedrevolutionary activity whenBulgaria was under occupationfrom the Otoman empire.
  2. 2. In March 17th, lastyear, our schoolcelebrated 55 years.Then, in myclassroom, we weredivided in two groups. Thefirst group made ​modelsof the classroom and theschool. Second group ofchildren sang songs andrecited poems to parents.
  3. 3. My school isvery clean. Wehave a largeschool yard witha footballpitch, basketballcourt, a largehall and tabletennis. In themiddle of thefront yard wehave amonument ofAngel Kanchev.
  4. 4. PROJECT ,,SUCCESS“In my school we work ondifferent European programs.They involving manychildren. Such is the program"Success. It offers students toengage in groups of danceor study of Nature. We work ineTvinning projects.
  5. 5. I am happy to learn in this school. With support of: