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Beyond REST? Building Data Services with XMPP PubSub

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Decentralization, increased participation, real-time expectations, polling-based architectures. Something has got to give. Large scales web sites with heavy updates stream are starting to hit their limits, while small and medium scale sites struggle to keep up.

For a large class of data, from Flickr photos, Twitter tweets or Facebook minifeeds, to real time position information, sensor data, a stream oriented approach to consumption makes sense.

The Jabber/XMPP protocol and PubSub extension offer a web scale, standards based, and increasingly popular way to build stream-oriented web services.

This talk will cover the process of building and consuming data services using the PubSub extension to XMPP. Additionally we’ll cover some approaches to using OAuth to control access to restricted resources via XMPP, and how to deal with common challenges—web-to-Jabber challenges like buffering.

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Beyond REST? Building Data Services with XMPP PubSub

  1. Beyond REST? Building data services with XMPP PubSub Evan Henshaw-Plath, ENTP.com Kellan Elliott-McCrea, Flickr.com
  2. We build websites. we’re not XMPP experts, specialty is building really large social sites, rich APIs, Web 2.0 stuff! we’re Jabber outsider, and this talk is about why we’re excited about XMPP.
  3. No XEP overload no xep overload. and we aren’t here to talk about instant messaging, or chat either.
  4. Beyond REST, the game has changed. we’re huge fans of RESTful APIs. REST won. Its great. We love it. but recently the game has changed. we’re building bigger websites, the latency is lower, the social network effects are huge, and more.