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Career net talent search services

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Career net talent search services

  1. 1. Talent Search Research Services<br />MARCH, 2010<br />
  2. 2. About CareerNet<br />Established in 1999, CareerNet is the leading provider of Talent Acquisition and Management solutions to the Technology, Knowledge Services, Banking and Financial Services sectors in India. CareerNet provides advise & solutions in the areas of :<br /><ul><li> Recruitment Process Management & Outsourcing
  3. 3. Talent Acquisition Strategy & Planning
  4. 4. Compensation Advisory
  5. 5. University Branding & Recruitment
  6. 6. Leadership Acquisition
  7. 7. Talent Branding
  8. 8. Role Design
  9. 9. Performance Management System
  10. 10. Outplacement & Exit Management</li></ul>BUSINESS SNAPSHOT<br />
  11. 11. CareerNet Research Expertise<br />Company Details<br />CareerNet is a leading provider of Executive Research &Talent Landscaping in India and Globally<br /><ul><li>A dedicated research team with International experience delivering fast, flexible and thorough recruitment research solutions to leading multinational corporations across the globe.
  12. 12. Unique team-based approach to executive research assisting Companies and Executive Search Consultancies globally.
  13. 13. A highly professional team with 50+ years of international recruitment experience, delivering research excellence to clients around the world.</li></ul>Expertise<br />CareerNet has several decades of experience in delivering recruitment & research services<br /><ul><li>Executing research assignments across all principal industry sectors and also across cultures, with the aid of experienced multilingual researchers.
  14. 14. Pioneering the concept of team-based delivery that enhances the quality of research with minimized turn-around time leading to significant cost savings.
  15. 15. Strong process and delivery expertise to seamlessly deliver world class research that also identifies inactive and hard-to-find potential candidates in a particular sector / geography / segment across various time zones.</li></ul>Our Credentials<br />CareerNet has long standing relationships with 100+ customers in US, Europe, ME & APAC region<br /><ul><li>Successfully delivered hard-to-find mid manager level research project based in Japan, overcoming language constraints.
  16. 16. Identified 5000+ candidates in the FMCG sector from mid to senior level executives across Europe and APAC region.
  17. 17. Successfully identified 150+ senior sales professionals with experience in selling Customizable Application Solutions. </li></li></ul><li>Talent Search Research<br />On-demand and customized search for global talent acquisition<br />
  18. 18. Talent Search Research Process<br /><ul><li>Client briefing, template driven requirement gathering
  19. 19. Acquiring detailed Job Description
  20. 20. Understanding preferences in terms of role, geographical presence etc
  21. 21. Developing the Sourcing strategy
  22. 22. Designing Approach methodology
  23. 23. Determining off-limits, if any
  24. 24. Identifying the Sector, Industry and Geography to be targeted.
  25. 25. Identifying the list of companies to target for Talent Acquisition
  26. 26. Identifying the sub-groups within the target organizations
  27. 27. Eliminating the off-limit companies
  28. 28. Identifying the available candidate pool through internet search using online tools such as company websites, Google, LinkedIn, Yasni , Jigsaw and job boards
  29. 29. Identifying suitable candidates available in CareerNet internal database
  30. 30. Direct calling to company switchboards and other contacts to contact elusive candidates
  31. 31. Mapping the organization structure to identify key people
  32. 32. Competency mapping of potential candidates
  33. 33. Candidate screening to verify their suitability as per client requirements
  34. 34. Matching other criteria, according to specifications given by client
  35. 35. Preparing the Long-List of matching candidates
  36. 36. Contacting candidates to perform Interest Check
  37. 37. Creating Short-List of candidates
  38. 38. Obtaining additional candidate information like detailed profile, compensation details, candidate expectations and other such details critical to a successful hire</li></li></ul><li>Research Solutions<br />
  39. 39. Value Proposition<br />CareerNet Talent search research services provide a fast, flexible and effective solution to all talent needs<br />
  40. 40. The CareerNet Advantage<br />Key Differentiators<br />Lower Turn Around Time<br />A global centre of excellence covering all major time zones<br />Dedicated project teams focused on the customer delivery<br />Executing quality research, effectively meeting time and budget constraints<br />Regular project updates and detailed reporting, customized according to client specifications<br />Post-project audits – client and candidate feedback, compiled and analyzed for advanced reporting<br />Cost Reduction<br />Value Added Services<br />CareerNet Talent Research Services<br />Flexibility in solutions<br />Adhered Service Levels<br />“Client” teams for effective control<br />
  41. 41. Value Added Services<br />
  42. 42. Engagement Model<br />Corporate Engagement<br />Customized solution models that are flexible to suit the customer needs. We have three models in which we engage with our customers.<br />
  43. 43. Case Study – Product Director in Beijing<br />Our client is a leading provider of OPD services (Outsourced Product Development) . They partnered with us to identify Senior Product / Program Director whom they can scale up quickly to head of Country for their China operations to be based out of Beijing office.<br />Objective: Identify a Chinese national at Director level from a consulting background with management experience who can quickly scale up to the level of Director / Head of County.<br />Challenges<br />Our Solution<br />Result<br /><ul><li>We did the pre-project analysis and identified the challenge areas and brainstormed on the solutions to tackle the same
  44. 44. We went about identifying the target companies who are likely to have the most suitable candidate we are looking for
  45. 45. Made a exhaustive web mining to identify all possible candidates from the target companies
  46. 46. Our associate researchers went about identifying their contact details (e-mail and office / personal phone)
  47. 47. Senior researcher started engaging with the candidate to understand their work better and qualify them for the job
  48. 48. Completed all the research in five days which produced a long list of 25 candidates who were meeting all the criteria set by the client
  49. 49. Within in ten days of the project sign-off we are able to present to client 12 potential candidates who showed interest in the job offer and agreed to meet our client's President in Beijing and Shanghai
  50. 50. Client was very impressed with three candidates and ultimately they made a offer to one person which was accepted
  51. 51. The requirement is a Chinese national with good communication skills, which greatly added to the complexity of the problem
  52. 52. It was much difficult to engage with Chinese candidates as we speak from India
  53. 53. Client was very specific about hiring this person from one of the top five IT companies in the world
  54. 54. Time factor: This was a urgent requirement and client wanted to line up few candidates to meet their global President who was travelling to China in two weeks time</li></li></ul><li>Case Study – Sales Director – MENA region<br />One of our clients is a leading player in the Independent Software Testing domain with annual revenues exceeding US$ 200 million. They wanted to appoint a new Director of Business Development for the MENA region, a new target territory for our client.<br />Objective: To identify a list of senior Business Development professionals with extensive hands-on Middle East exposure and experience in recruiting and managing a field sales team, while individually responsible for a personal quota in excess of US$ 50 million.<br />Challenges<br />Our Solution<br />Result<br /><ul><li>After completing the initial mapping, we undertook the telephonic call approach to the targeted candidates. Several of the candidates were then followed up with more in-depth interviews to assess their potential fit with our client’s criteria, prior to advancing them for further processing by our client.
  55. 55. We provided weekly progress reports to the Global Head of Sales and additionally, our dedicated Project Manager ensured that the client was kept updated on all developments on a regular basis.
  56. 56. Our client was able to complete their interviews within 3 weeks of the successful completion of the project by us and the offer was accepted by an excellent candidate shortly afterwards.
  57. 57. Our client has since partnered with us directly for two more senior level searches after being "completely satisfied" with the "high quality" of our service and the added bonus of cost savings of around 75% on their regular recruitment fees.
  58. 58. Our client required us to additionally conduct detailed telephonic screening interviews with prospective candidates as they were not equipped with an in-house recruitment team.
  59. 59. It was a very time sensitive search project and was subject to the oversight of the Global Head of Sales, based in the United States, who requested regular progress reports.
  60. 60. It was also a cost sensitive project, the reason being an executive search company had earlier failed to deliver on the search.</li></li></ul><li>Case Study – OPD Competitor Analysis<br />Our client is a global leader in the Information Technology Enabled Services domain with revenues exceeding US$500 million. They partnered with us to help them to accurately identify utilization rates, key sales strategies, salary structures along with sales quotas, reporting patterns and key personnel changes in competitor organizations during the prevailing economic slowdown.<br />Challenges<br />Our Solution<br />Result<br /><ul><li>Our unique project-team approach enabled 4 researchers to work. together for mining and verifying all the collected data.
  61. 61. Our international and multilingual research team was able to cover all the targeted territories using sector specialists.
  62. 62. The client was kept updated on the progress in the project with regular health check reports.
  63. 63. We made maximum utilization of the various available resources in our global delivery centre to ensure that the subsequently expanded project was delivered on time.
  64. 64. The research project was delivered on time and within the stipulated budget.
  65. 65. Our post-project audit confirmed that our client was thoroughly satisfied with the quality of our work.
  66. 66. This has resulted in our services being retained for several additional research projects.
  67. 67. Most of the information was not readily available, as several target companies were not listed.
  68. 68. The project was undertaken across a wide geographic area; many locations were non-English speaking.
  69. 69. To obtain market-sensitive company information including employee compensation package details, across a wide spectrum was difficult.
  70. 70. Time critical: We were given just 2 weeks to deliver a comprehensive initial report.
  71. 71. Flexibility: The client included several additional criteria during the course of the assignment.</li></li></ul><li>Case Study – Global Sales Head for a CAS Company<br />Our client is a global leader in Customizable Application Solutions (CAS), due to their continued expansion and growth, had a requirement to appoint a Global Sales Head, in the event of the sudden resignation of the current Head.<br />Objective: To research across the entire CAS market and identify senior level sales professionals who could join our client at a very strategic and influential level.<br />Challenges<br />Our Solution<br />Result<br /><ul><li>We expanded our research focus to include other sectors, closely associated to CAS, which created a much more comprehensive talent landscape.
  72. 72. Our unique project-team approach enabled 4 researchers to work together to successfully complete the project within just 10 days of receiving the requirement.
  73. 73. Our global delivery centre is ideally located to map talent across the world and we were able to present our client with a thorough and comprehensive report of the available talent pool which substantially met their selection criteria.
  74. 74. Our client was able to make an offer to an exceptionally good candidate within just 4 weeks of commencing the search.
  75. 75. We were rated "Outstanding" and "Exceeded Expectations" on all aspects of the search process and delivery in the post-project audit.
  76. 76. CAS is a relatively new industry in the target region (as specified by our client) and there were limited competitors who had sales teams with relevant senior level experience.
  77. 77. This key role needed to be filled urgently as the incumbent had resigned suddenly with no immediate successor identified, either internally or externally.
  78. 78. Our client wanted our research to cover as wide a geographic area as possible in order to identify the best possible candidate for the role which was very important and critical to the business.</li></li></ul><li>Corporate contact:<br />Ashish Chitravanshi<br />ashish@careernet.co.in<br />+91 9880731940<br />