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Social Media Optimization Trends in 2019 | Raghbat

  1. ABOUT US Raghbat Systems was started in 2004 with Internet Marketing and web design solutions as its primary offering. This product offering has now expanded to include cloud solutions, technology consulting and products that bring a fresh perspective to manage information for the business. Raghbat Offers :  SEO  SMO / SMM  SEM / PPC  Content Writing  Link Building  Website Development  Web Hosting
  2. Social Media Optimization Trends in 2019
  3. Social media is always-changing. In new platforms, different consumption habits or varied forms of communication, social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp etc. are continuously coming up with inventive features that include different dimensions to the platforms. These changes not only helps users engage in a number of diverse ways with their top choice brands online but also allow marketers a chance to fascinate their audiences through an array of tools and tactics. It is important for marketers to remain ahead of the game and keep themselves immersed within the most recent social media promoting trends, as well as those within the future, so they can equip themselves with the technology and skills required to form the most of online platforms. Here’s what Savvy Insights predicts are the best social media trends in 2019.
  4. Instagram Stories Instagram is known by everybody, particularly if one is within the age bunch of 18 to 35. Yes, it is pretty popular for youth and Instagram has over 700 million users. after presenting Instagram stories similar to Snapchat, it has pick up lot of attention of nearly all the influencers and marketers to make it another source of income. It is estimated that Instagram is going to overtake numerous other social media platforms in terms of popularity. Instagram has made stories a worldwide trend for people independent of their age and culture. Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn also have too come up with Stories. It clearly demonstrates that the trend of stories will pick up strength within the coming years. As per a survey, over 400 million individuals consuming Stories on Instagram every day. This number will increase in 2019.
  5. Stories have few characteristics that make them colossally well known among the people.  Easy creation  Engagement and entertainment  Authentic and relevant  Fresh and instant Influencer Marketing According to numerous great organizations and companies who believed in social media-Influencer marketing techniques connect with new audiences and visitors, and proved it as one of the most supportive for improving engagement with both returning and new guests. And next year, it is likely that more brands will grasp influencer marketing as a brilliant technique and source to connect with audiences.
  6. In any case, it is fundamental to keep in mind that entrepreneurs need to discover the influencer who is an expert within the domain related to their trade. For case, a restaurant app owner can take help from a well known chef to promote the app on a social media stage. Video Content Specialists believe that around 80% of what we consume online will soon change into video content. We have presently entered within the age of live videos. Such videos are as of now well known on YouTube. Soon, Facebook and Instagram will too follow it. Instagram has brought Instagram Stories and this feature has become very well known among Instagram users. Live videos are more true and interesting and they can increment the reliability of any business. When the viewers watch the live video of a item or brand, they find it exceptionally useful and can take the purchase choice right away.
  7. If a picture is worth a thousand words, the video is worth a billion words! As the most well known tool, videos are all set to grow in the year of 2019. Live Streaming Live and unfiltered video are changing the game of social media completely. A quickest developing social media sites Facebook, Twitter and Instagram has already launched their own live video streaming platforms. And, as they are getting an astonishing reaction they all are already up to give many new things to it. Facebook Live is getting to be so well known that numerous new media company is utilizing Facebook live for making stories. Augmented Reality (AR) Augmented reality (AR) astoundingly shouts that ‘Future is here’ after the very first event facilitated in Steve Jobs Theater, will declaring iPhone 8 and X. It says that both the gadgets have integrated with the new chip that will permit the phones to provide users with remarkable augmented reality (AR) experience.
  8. And now that Snapchat has already begun supporting filters that permit users to take a selfie with their Bitmoji character via AR. This clearly defines that brands might soon be able to project their products into the timeline of social media users through some special filters with augmented reality (AR). User-Generated Content The user will stay in the center of a social media marketing campaign in years to come. Presently, when we say the user-generated content, it is made either by the faithful customers or fans of businesses. The user-generated content is one of the most successful ways to involve customers along with your business because it is possible to provide an improved client experience with the assistance of such content. In coming years, influential YouTubers will play a noteworthy part in spreading word- of-mouth marketing within the online world.
  9. Private Social Messaging Private messaging over social media websites is more like a huge trend that's developing day-by-day significantly over the following year. Facebook Messenger is a awesome case that already has more than a billion active monthly users. This is also getting a place into the social media strategies because it empowers deeper and two-way conversations online between the people or organizations to people. Apart, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Chatbots will provide brands to offer adjusted and way better shopping experiences on messaging platforms such as Messenger including Whatsapp.