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Vox CPaaS for educational institutions

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Vox CPaaS enables educational institutions to stay connected with students, alumni and staff within their application via voice, video, SMS and chat. Vox CPaaS offers APIs and SDKs that can be quickly integrated into applications.

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Vox CPaaS for educational institutions

  1. 1. Telecom Software & VoIP Communication Platforms Provider
  2. 2. What is CPaaS? CPaaS is a cloud-communication platform that supports real-time communication functionalities viz. voice call, video call and SMS into your web and mobile applications with minimal time and effort. Add real-time communication features to your apps via APIs. Designed for business transformation Vox CPaaS ensures the highest level of security with end-to-end encryption across all data. Built on security Our platform has the ability to handle data of varying bandwidth across all endpoints. Proven resiliency Vox CPaaS is developer friendly and they can simply embed programmable API code modules into the apps. Developer friendly 3 1 2 Redefining the communication landscape with Vox CpaaS 4
  3. 3. functionalities at your fingertips Vox CPaaS leverages the cloud to offer a complete structure for developing real-time communications features viz, audio, video, SMS, chat and numbers that can be integrated into your embedded devices, mobile applications or websites. Audio Video SMS Chat • App-to-app calls • App-to- mobile/landline calls • Audio conferencing • Voice broadcasting • Call recording • Voice termination • App-to-app and cross platform video calling • HD video calling • Video conferencing • Video recording • OTP & two-factor authentication • Short & long codes • Customization of sender ID • One-to-one & group chat • File and media sharing/transfer • Instant messaging • Presence • Contact & group management • International numbers for incoming & outgoing calls • Number masking & call recording • Toll free & missed call numbers • DID for inbound & outbound SMS • Call forwarding • Broadcast, IVR Video Chat DID NumbersSMS CPaaS adoption will reach 80% by 2020
  4. 4. Next-gen education powered by Vox CPaaS Connecting the student, teacher, alumni and parent fraternity on-the-go Keep student and staff information secure by incorporating two-factor authentication Also, keep your phone number hidden using number masking Data privacy Connect with students, teachers and parents in the way you prefer. Send out SMS for regular updates, emergency announcements and event invitations. Campus connect Don’t miss out on those audience who would like to stay connected remotely; Vox CPaaS enables toll-free & missed call numbers. Never miss out anything
  5. 5. Video Powerful functionality to your app on the cloud Organize a guest lecture through video conferencing to enable viewers to attend from remote location Virtual classroom Record lectures that can be accessed by students to be watched later on- demand Education efficiency like never before Collate your queries and ask our academic counselor via chat or video call Counsellor on-the-go Get rid of the hassle of traditional parent-teacher meeting. Integrate Vox CPaaS and start parent- teacher conferencing Parent-teacher conference Learn at your pace With Vox CPaaS, no need for costly internal infrastructure like servers and storage systems.
  6. 6. SMS & Voice Communications that elevate your educational communication solutions Send updates to prospective students and share the status of their application via SMS or call. Admission screening Build a strong network and groups specific to students, staff, alumni for sharing information and enhance engagement. Strong networking Empower your students to connect with their teachers or project mentors for queries and demonstrations Teacher/mentor connect Our APIs ensure superior quality service for voice, SMS and video to help you scale to new markets in no time as you grow. Build safer and connected campus as you elevate your communication strategies
  7. 7. Take your business to the next level Keep users engaged by providing functionalities like click-to-call, SMS & push notifications Increase engagement & add value to communication Introduce real-time services by integrating our APIs/SDKs. No overhead expenses and maintenance. Be the 1st to WOW customers Stay competitive Seamlessly integrate voice & SMS communications and data sharing into your existing business processes Enhance business operations Vox CPaaS is a reliable communication platform that scales horizontally and vertically. Get analytics and reports on app usage to make better investment decisions. Get insights A new revenue stream could be initiated by offering premium services pertaining to your business and user demands. Increase revenue How can Vox CPaaS fuel your business growth?
  8. 8. Vox CPaaS – USPs High throughput Very high throughput compared to widely deployed servers in market Seamless Integration Seamless integration with any platform/protocol and highly customizable Binary protocol Binary protocol for lightning fast communication and takes fraction of bandwidth compared to existing communication protocols, can be used for M2M communications. Very low footprint for embedded devices Myriad applications IoT enabled, easy to use, light weight & reliable
  9. 9. Developer portal, demo & Vox offering Vox Offering  APIs & SDKs for audio, video, SMS, chat and numbers  SDKs for Android, iOS, web and embedded  APIs and SDKs for individual functionality  White-label application with CPaaS functionality SDK Demos Try our Konverz app and get hands-on experience on Vox CpaaS functionality  Android https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cavox.konverz  iOS https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/konverz/id1400120880?mt=8  Web https://konverz.vox-cpaas.com/
  10. 10. Next Steps sales@voxvalley.com www.voxvalley.com +65 6678 7662