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Vox CPaaS functionalities at your fingertips

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By integrating our APIs and SDKs into your applications, you can start real-time communication with your customers.
Vox CPaaS enhances your customer experience and communication strategy at a cheaper cost.

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Vox CPaaS functionalities at your fingertips

  1. 1. Telecom Software & VoIP Communication Platforms Provider
  2. 2. Inform and stay connected with information your patients need, anytime, anywhere—within your app. SMS Turn calls into connections with easy-to-implement APIs, and scale with flexible voice capabilities Voice Call Demystifying medical assistance by connecting through HD video calls to your doctors and specialists. Video Designed with agility for smooth integration of functionalities into apps with user context and data at your fingertips. SDKs Vox CPaaS functionalities at your fingertips By integrating our APIs and SDKs into your applications, you can start real-time communication with your customers. Vox CPaaS enhaces your customer experience and communication strategy at a cheaper cost.
  3. 3. Transforming healthcare business solutions Schedule Reach out to patients remotely by assisting them in booking an appointment, sending medical reports to the doctor. Manage Manage communication between patients, doctors, and insurance companies Connect Better outcome with 24x7x365 connectivity! Seek medical assistance and schedule appointments. Scale Leverage Vox CpaaS to improve patient engagement. Create powerful experiences with voice, video and SMS.
  4. 4. Improve quality of care with SMS Our SMS APIs are effective, simple to deploy and easy to use Book a home visit by home-care team including nurses, laboratory tests, specialist doctors and mobile caregivers. Simply, integrate our SMS APIs. Home-care facility Saving a life in emergency through click-to- message option works wonders! Integrate such functionality into your apps. Emergency assistance SMS messages for scheduling appointments and sharing the availability of the doctor will provide updated information. Scheduling appointment Send appointment reminders through SMS. Communicate with your patients more effectively, even on the go. Appointment reminders
  5. 5. Voice & Video Reliable and ready-to-use communication solutions Appointments & reminders Schedule appointments and remind your patients a few hours before their appointment. Medical counseling Help patients by solving their queries and connecting them with doctors and medical practitioners. Medical report analysis Empower patients to share their medical reports and seek advice through voice or video call. Emergency assistance Integrate ‘click-to-call’ functionality into your apps to save lives in emergency. Home-care facility Book a home visit by nurses, laboratory tests, specialist doctors and mobile caregivers- all possible by integrating our voice and SMS APIs. 6 Conferencing Provide second opinion to patients. Enhance your healthcare business solutions.
  6. 6. Take your business to the next level Keep users engaged by providing functionalities like click-to-call, SMS & push notifications 10-30% increases in conversion rates Increase engagement & add value to communication Introduce real-time services by integrating our APIs/SDKs. No overhead expenses and maintenance. Be the 1st to WOW customers Stay competitive Seamlessly integrate voice & SMS communications and data sharing into your existing business processes Increase value of user base by up to 40% Enhance business operations Vox CPaaS is a reliable communication platform that scales horizontally and vertically. Get analytics and reports on app usage to make better investment decisions. Get insights A new revenue stream could be initiated by offering premium services pertaining to your business and user demands. Increase revenue How can Vox CPaaS fuel your business growth?
  7. 7. Vox CPaaS – USPs 2 3 4 1 Light weight on data usage Low data usage enables faster communication even at slow internet connection Seamless Integration Seamless integration with any platform/protocol and highly customizable Ultra-fast responses Faster communication and ultra-fast responses for seamless commnucation Myriad applications IoT enabled, easy to use, light weight & reliable
  8. 8. Developer portal, demo & Vox offering Vox Offering APIs & SDKs for SMS, voice and video- all features in one app APIs and SDKs for individual functionality White-label application with CPaaS functionality SDK Demos Try our Konverz app and get hands-on experience on Vox CpaaS functionality Android https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cavox.konverz iOS https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/konverz/id1400120880?mt=8 Web https://konverz.vox-cpaas.com/
  9. 9. Contact Us www.voxvalley.com sales@voxvalley.com www.voxvalley.com +65 6678 7662