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Customer service rahman

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Customer service rahman

  1. 1. Customer ServiceCustomer service is the provision of service tocustomers before, during and after a purchase.According to Turban, "Customer service is aseries of activities designed to enhance thelevel of customer satisfaction – that is, thefeeling that a product or service has met thecustomer expectation."
  2. 2. WarrantyA warranty may be express or implied,depending on whether the warranty isexplicitly provided and the jurisdiction.Warranties may also state that aparticular fact is true at one point intime or that the fact will be continueinto the future.
  3. 3. Fast and reliable deliveryOur customer satisfaction is based on flexiblecustomer-specific service, excellent deliveryaccuracy, warehousing services, own materialproduction, ability to manufacture rubberproducts fast, and on the experience and know-how of the oldest rubber manufacturing companyin Finland. If there are problems, our own topexperts in the rubber laboratory, technical designunit, tool machining shop, production unit, andsales department solve them fast and efficiently.
  4. 4. Loyalty CardBy presenting the card, the purchaseris typically entitled to either a discounton the current purchase, or anallotment of points that can be usedfor future purchases. Hence, the card isthe visible means of implementing atype of what economists call a two-part tariff.
  5. 5. Free InstallationSome computer programs can be executedby simply copying them into a folder storedon a computer and executing them. Otherprograms are supplied in a form unsuitablefor immediate execution and thereforeneed an installation procedure. Onceinstalled, the program can be executedagain and again, without the need toreinstall before each execution.