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Why abott pharma needs digital advertising

quick views on why Abbott Pharma needs ddigital marketing solution

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Why abott pharma needs digital advertising

  1. 1. Why Abott Pharma needs Digital marketing? january february march april online plan may june july august september october november december january february 2011-12 march
  2. 2. why abbott need Digital marketing
  3. 3. because
  4. 4. It’s not a fad.It’s a fundamental shift in the waywe communicate.
  5. 5. Reason #1keyword is the new neon signhelpful is the new viralengage is the new ad buytargeted landing pages with clear call to actionare new "homepage"measurable is the new "i hope it works"dialogue is new communication model
  6. 6. 50BILLION.The number of peerinfluence impressions Indians generate peryear via social media.
  7. 7. Today people are connected
  8. 8. Reason #2 78% of people trust the recommendations of other consumers. Nielsen “Trust in advertising” reportWhile only 14% of people trust advertisements.
  9. 9. 800M
  10. 10. Abbott return on investmentdigital word of interaction recognition prescriptions loyaltyaction mouthreturn on interaction + return on influence a more realistic way to access value
  11. 11. Invest Earn Own Social Media Brand and ProductInternet Advertising (Pages and Feeds) Websites PPC - Search Mobile Brand and Word of Mouth Marketing Product Websites Proprietary Mobile Mobile Advertising User Forums Applications News, PR, Customer Care Sponsorships Announcements Services Paid Applications Doctor Proprietary Relationships Digital Content
  12. 12. Business Objective:Improve doctors connectPromote a product and launchesManage and respond to a crisisEvent activationAdvocate an issue or cause
  13. 13. Social channel relevance creative’s- message boards testing- groups segmentation-forums integration-discussion boards subscriptions-blogs reporting and analysis-greetings delivery audits-newsletter-weekly digest-videos-events What will we do on-photos-admin control email marketing-complete moderation
  15. 15. great content conversations continuousdelivering
  16. 16. thank you rahul avasthy rahuldutt1@gmail.com 2011