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Raimondo Villano book - reflections on global society of information cap. 2

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Sponsored by Rotary International - Study by Raimondo Villano and activity in Rotary TLC District Board

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Raimondo Villano book - reflections on global society of information cap. 2

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  2. 2. “The new electronics interdependence recreates the world created in the image of a global village” Marshall McLuhan CDD 304 VIL ref 2011 LCC HM 1176-1281
  3. 3. Raimondo Villano - The global society Information4 Copy n. _____________ The autor __________________________ © Copyright Raimondo Villano © Research, creation, cover by Raimondo Villano. All right reserved. No part of this book shall be reproduced in publications and studies without root’s citation. No part of this book shall be stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted by ani means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without written permission from the publisher. Editorial: Prof. Dott. Maria Rosaria Giordano. Editors: mobile 338 59 60 222; e-mail: farmavillano@libero.it Advisor executive: Francesco Villano Editions Chiron Found. - Praxys dpt. © 2010 Chiron Foundation, via Maresca 12, scala A - 80058 Torre Annunziata (Napoli) Phone. 081 861 22 99 Fax 081 353 29 81 website: www.chiron-found.org Sales: Prof. Dott. Annamaria Giordano mobile 347 61 71 669. E-mail: annamaria.g10@alice.it; http://www.chiron-found.org Print LP - Napoli. First published in March 1996 by Longobardi. Before January 2000 reprint by Rotary International. First published in English in February 2011. Finished writing the twenty four in January 1996. This volume, with no serial number and signature, shall be deemed counterfeit. Abstract by: Raymondo Villano “Towards the Global Information Society”, published by Rotary International, 1996, pp. 194. ISBN 978-88-97303-00-8. CDD 304 VIL ref 2011. LCC HM 1176-1281. CHIRON FOUND. Praxys dpt
  4. 4. Raimondo Villano - The global society Information 5 “It's only the critical vision that can mitigate the process is not hampered automatism” Marshall McLuhan
  5. 5. Raimondo Villano - The global society Information 7 Index Presentation 9 Preface 11 Chapter One Issues and policy actions 13 Chapter Two Philosophical, moral and existential 39 Chapter Tree Spatial impact. Urban problems 49 Chapter Four Social impact 57 Conclusions 67 Bibliography 73
  6. 6. Raimondo Villano - The global society Information 9 Presentation great gift offered with great humility. Here’s how you can define this long and mild fatigue Raymond Villano, who for mere spirit of service and not for academic ambitions, wanted to take the the office of mediator between a subject inherently complex and rapidly evolving and the great mass of people, growing in number and extent, are intended to make deal with it, though not by choice. The discourse on the current society is so widespread, which could appear commonplace. But the very fact that it involves the common need for it know, even in broad but not superficial, content and methods for purposes not with the new claim to dominate the universe but regulate the legitimate desire of not be dominated and manipulated. The new reality created by computer science and mail has profoundly changed by shortening almost to cancel the traditional spatial and temporal coordinates of human action and communicate, forcing even thinking habits and rapid adjustment processes. When the adjustments were there (with or without trauma has little), you are found greatly increased the powers of each individual to relate with others and then multiply by the exchange of information, opportunities and procedures the overall growth of personality. However, when the adjustments were not even attempted or, if undertaken, have created the ability to hope, He’s noticed a gradual emerginazione the flow of information es’è established the unhappy position of having use information or otherwise manipulated by others for resale. That’s why today you can not choose between joining the new reality and rejection it. In society we have and we like it or not, the only freedom of choice that remains is to endure between resign or be prepared to ride it. And man, if he does not want to abdicate their dignity, can not provide time their freedom by choosing the latter. It really is a Janus-faced that challenge modern man with difficult choices and irrevocable: it promises and hints at a large, but also contains, occult, the pitfalls of a great evil. Again, as in the beginning of history, man must live and resolve within himself the eternal drama of choice. But in any case the route remains one: that of knowledge. To accept or reject. * * * The author closes his eyes to the problem that is putting the man of today ongoing transformation of society. On the contrary: they espouse, those problems, and despite the due caution and reservations, bravely taking a stand for the prospect of change, of course, governed and directed by men. Chap. VII, in particular, contains a thorough and careful examination of contemporary philosophical thought in his measured with computer technology and the problems that it poses to the perplexed intelligences even more puzzled and Sensitivity of men. It seems that the entire Western civilization thousands of years of life, has come to a turning point of his journey: the machine, which is itself the fruit of human thought, it enhances and amplifies the potential extent incredible and unpredictable, but still it very different from the pace with which the masses of people adapt to new A
  7. 7. Raimondo Villano - The global society Information10 opportunities operational. It is as if the immense heritage of history of human intelligence and research today constitute an obstacle or a burden for man condemned to change: this is always been, but for the rhythms that punctuated the process was always easily ”Metabolized” by man. Today is the increased speed of innovation processes offers naked man and the slow adaptation of his psychic structure and mental health. And it’s right there in the gap between the two speeds, which lurks the risk: the liberation the mechanical repetition of certain operations, offered by the machine, could mutate in an unknown form of enslavement of the masses. From whom? And to whose benefit? If this occurs the inevitable reflection of the warning to take more man as an end, here stands the warning that the charm of past values that it has created and delivered to our conscience and our responsibility. The path to the new one is unstoppable. The hope is that the man knows how to travel it with wisdom, with courage and humility, ferry landings ever in the new legacy of past generations, whereby he can still recognize and say man. The author’s reflection on this whole issue has lasted several years, during of which he has made his share of friends Rotary clubs with the generosity of those who offers the benefit of others with their hard work and humility of one who feels his gift inadequate to the sentiment that accompanies it and moves it. Some stages of this fruitful and ongoing relationship of quiet industriousness of the individual the life of the group have been marked by concrete proposals for significant utility and social relevance: remember very valid information on the organization of health service and the elderly, youth guidance in the choice of university and research work and the valuable applications of rationality computer the arrangement of the archive of Rotary International District 2100. Of all the experience and knowledge accumulated in the itinerary of the last this year is the “sum”, which I could not appreciate more if the amplitude the subject matter or the effort to make it accessible to people understanding the domicile specific expertise but with good will, which certainly are Rotarians. To me, that I had the opportunity several times to appreciate the seriousness of occupational and civil liability, would like to conclude this presentation by noting that he, in delineate the advent of new technology as a contemporary version of universalism Universal classics (Christian, humanist, rationalist), was able to His pedagogy Rotarian man as an end. Naples, January , 2000 Prof. Antonio Carosella Past District Governor of Rotary International 2100-Italy
  8. 8. Raimondo Villano - The global society Information 11 Preface his work arose from the analysis, always hand in hand more detailed aspects and problems of Society Global Information, conducted on the basis of many texts and publications, including the last I recall here the prestigious national newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore that the phenomenon Telecommunications reserves steadily expanded its well-known and than superficial attention. It seems to me, indeed, that it, without claiming to be exhaustive in a very complex matter because of the intrinsic multifaceted and multi-skilling and the magmatic evolution phenomenon, however, may become a useful tool for further starting point for understanding and updating of knowledge. This benefit is not an audience of professionals while subjects Goodwill, which carefully, sensitivity and concern go their anchor, a small but still valuable to the great collective work of building the society. Raimondo Villano T
  9. 9. Raimondo Villano - The global society Information 39 Chapter Two Philosophical, Moral and Existential
  10. 10. Raimondo Villano - The global society Information 41 ince the link between new telecommunications systems and, therefore, ways of communication between people and their community life is very narrow, many are the questions we ask. Here are the preferred main changes that the development in question determines human behavior, even for the organization of its functions and its public spaces, by means of philosophical analysis. Since the emergence of vocal language articulated the distinctive man who made propellant as a base and the extraordinary expansion of its sphere of control, was the ability exchange - in a systematic, smooth and continuous - states of mind (experiences, emotions, knowledge). Man is the only animal that can connect and synchronize the different members of its people without relying on genetic modules. The whole history of communication from verbal to computer basics, we can consider man as a progressive effort to remove and eliminate one after the other, the obstacles that material bodies pose to the circulation of knowledge. Today we are entering a new era, where knowledge, in whatever form expressed (Images, sounds, text), less dependent on their physical body and sees a cycle of production-circulation-reproduction-use of mental contents, being disembodied, is growing fast, ubiquitous and abundant. A new world in which knowledge without body circulates throughout doses overflowing and life changing everyday work processes, structures organizational and power relationships that they have materialized.A new world in which the exchange of knowledge takes a break from technology: the advent of intelligent networks based on numerical codes (digitization, in fact) is that any content mental (written, audio, visual) in the same language consists of binary digits (bits). Networks intelligent content moving all the same, very high speed, unlimited quantities. The bits that are placed in a public knowledge and therefore exchangeable but almost immaterial, have no limits of time, space, scarcity, affecting the heavy atoms, cumbersome and slow, which, until now, the contents have been incorporated. In essence, the light of the expression of individual freedom and more control organizational processes resulting in a sudden increase in the circulation of knowledge past quarter century and of accentuation tendency to use segmentation knowledge and, above all, the images, the digital revolution does not, but amplifies with the effectiveness of a major technological innovation tend to use more and more widespread and powerful knowledge in social life. The degree of individual freedom should be increased: by email to ability to call on your video as you like until the whole libraries of programs written and visual connections, not just oral, anywhere on the globe. Each will doing more with fewer requirements. It will always be greater the degree of difference of products and performance, the variety will become the custom rule. In contrast, however, another consideration is the applicant: a society characterized by concentration communication systems and, therefore, information systems tend to control complete information, or fails to ensure the autonomy of the individual? Despite the fact that each individual chooses between different media, accepts only the arguments with which you disagree and interpret things so as to understand it, according a process of exposure, selective memory and understanding, one wonders what the real relations between the central power and new telecommunications systems and if their spread allow full participation of users to exchange information or tent further concentration of power, besides allowing greater democratization even the insinuation of a repressive handling of the will. S
  11. 11. Raimondo Villano - The global society Information42 In the television sector, then, the progress achieved can provide differentiated transmission for different social groups, political, generational, but at the same time still concentrated more broadcasting under the supervision of the power groups, partly because the cost of access information. The resulting excessive individualization, cultural and spatial results exclusion of a wide range of people, poorer and more remote from the capital of modern development. This could lead to a kind of social revenge by so-called “outsiders” yet accustomed to active participation in social and political life. But even if it is not that an extreme hypothesis, it should be noted that only the will of man is the head of effects of technology, adaptable to many different uses. Another problem that arises is the possible danger that new technologies can grow in character “conservative” rather than “innovative” if the interventions that are being realized with the use of IT in the territory is essentially model to resolve administrative problems, with no interest in improving relations with citizens and the quality of services. Therefore, we need to work and experiment not only on technology but also about relationships and objectives of information systems and also use new techniques that do not involve only the conservation of these mechanisms decision-making and power. Another question that arises is, then, how and to what extent design human life the new city could also mean wired produce and reproduce indefinitely. Should perhaps preserve values, principles, ideals found in the city, capable of giving content operation design. The research must be directed towards the identification of these values. At the same time we must be very careful about the pervasiveness of the new information systems may determine. The power of technology is often disruptive for this reason should maintain a critical attitude and above all control of technological innovation. The city may realize that we are going to revive the memory of that man’s body is the essence of existence. But which body? Of a body that is reproduced on basis of images, information and exasperated logic operations.Following this reasoning, the concept of living will be totally defeated and torn: living will archivizzare the residual image of personnel. It outlines also the danger that the reproduction of the city only on the basis of formalization together with a high use of machinery in a highly technological society, end up with making “cold” interpersonal relationships automatically facilitating the disappearance of noblest part of man: the feeling. Shall, therefore, the body need to ask themselves what values, what principles organize the future of mankind, what real man needs to mortgage the future choices and what what behaviors or habits to keep, so you realize the historical continuity between past and future. A question, it concerns the future of humanity, the fate of his memory, “Time” of his life. If the answer can be assured based on historical examples, it is undeniable, however, that the rhythms of daily life will undergo strong acceleration. It should also be considered one of the elements that characterize the current society is the “desire advances in the future. “ This need arises from the need to overcome the anguish that the future may cause and attempt to make choices that can be adapted to the reality in which we act. This trend has led individuals and communities to organize the slope indications and certainty about both individual and collective destinies. The risk, however, we run is, as stated by Bowyer, to determine a form of deception, seen as advantageous deformation of reality perceived in a situation where
  12. 12. Raimondo Villano - The global society Information 43 the advantage goes to the man who deceives, deceived because the erroneously perceived that supposed to be the real world. The final message that is thrown is to avoid the pomp of a telematics company to reflect more on hypothetical contradictions that it could set. Internet, for example, is an expression of socialization in a neighborhood where the digital space physical is irrelevant, where the same values of the nation state give way to those communities electronic, small or large, or is an expression of loneliness and a world that can become intelligible to an overdose of information and in which man loses his most precious possession that is the ability to experience? In this second case appears to involve an interconnection infinite number of hermits mass victims of an old phenomenon but that actually looks under the new and false representation of a personal computer: the formation dell’uomomassa, that does not need to generate speed ocean, but ocean solitudes. Can produce or bring forward a kind of “psychic nomadism”, a condition of those who left their body on a chair in front of a display screen turns into a browser on the network. More distressing concerns the “humanist” the information revolution is simply a fact quantitative rather than qualitative, detaches us from the world of which we have only the representation the “ghost”, the use of technology is never neutral, it is an illusion to assign the medium of good purposes and so on. A vision, then, apocalyptic in which advances also the certainty that man has always been more or less big brothers that were saved before in history. And telematics, if used without the necessary dose of sense critical danger of becoming a Brother bulkier and intelligent, able to alienate even reality and experience giving us the illusion of experiencing them, alone, in our homes beautifully wired. On the other hand it is now clear perception pc as multiplier individual skills, such as wheels for the mind, like starting an adventure out from anonymity, liabilities by daily serial by typical mature industrial society. The network, in particular, feel to be someone with a voice and opportunity of expression. Moreover, in the era of satellites, Internet surveys in real time, discussing the speed as a founding value of our times that expels the slow and as a negative value, while there is the problem of managing the “leisure” determine more spaces nonattività work and partly work in every period of life. Growing situations of relative lack of distinction between employment and non- employment and open spaces important to the multitude of individual commitments from the professional and outside work, rather than in terms of outmoded opposition between time leisure and work time. The new models of value creation radically affect the time required for the production and quantity of traditional industrial workers functional cycle. A revolution time management is in place: the free energy and willingness to be used to enrich the value produced by society as a whole. We must act in the future across the whole range of opportunities for manage new time and creativity will have a central role. But the system is also deresponsabilizzante as video is only a digital representation, for example, of a crime and even more often there is not even the identity of the perpetrator may acting under a pseudonym, under masking, in existence. And yet, via computer, you commit a crime and assigning it to a third person, thereby causing a game of responsibility.
  13. 13. Raimondo Villano - The global society Information44 Moreover, the system may also appear schizophrenic to the extent that, together with television, act in a pervasive psychic conditions clearly more prepared, working a growing set aside all possibilities of narrative, as well as physics, social relations and urban ghettoising all within a suffocating style of vision based on hectic pace of the images and the frame property of the optical field in which, for example, physical city and its pulse will flow in as simple reagents to the eye as a irregular background, embossed, multi-dimensional or maybe but still characterized a completely independent life. But, in fact, with the advent of multimedia universe that frame of mind is bound to change: interactivity and choice that characterize it are perhaps the implication that communication plays in the desire for personalization and identification by mass Social (I choose, therefore I am). Moreover, new technologies enable telepresence be constant at any point the world through the computer, telephone, video conferencing. But in reference to the latter, another aspect that should not be underestimated regards psychological resistance of individuals in relation to forms of mediated communication, which does not allow to exchange communication within the total of its size. In video communication that occurs between two poles is transactional/interactional description of the data and meetings. Work requires attention compared to the size of transactional language in a socio-cognitive perspective. What is this new form of dynamic knowledge? What interference involved in its interpretation? Communications are made interactionally, including any party formula its interventions according to the image he has of the other party, and these, in turn addresses under representation and intentions to which he attributes previous interlocutor. It ‘must therefore consider how the entire structure discursive sequences. A major limitation of video conferencing is related to the mode of communication. Indeed, it is format is part of a verbal one hand tied to gestures. Image screen videoconferencing establishes a new definition and redistribution of interactional resources. The screen transforms and reshapes the situation of interaction through the choice of plans, depth of field and through the choice of framing, as exemplified by the example of the expression face which is subjected to hypertrophy of the transmitted image, especially when that are not their hands and their gestures. Therefore show that the telecommunications instantaneous and invisible in his time and his transmission path, deeply destabilizing the framework of the usual references interpersonal communication traditionally linked to the physicality, the duration of the shift and meeting. We should strive more and more to a coincidence between the two types network, the technique is linked to socialization. Go, then, given the not infrequent by deification of the computer and what goes around his world and, transitively, the remarkable sense of omnipotence that can feel give certain men with possession or even more with the use of such instruments. In this regard, could be important, first of all, keep out of philosophical fashion, two are the principal: first materialism or, as is increasingly being called, physical, and this trend is to computers. Secondly there is the hostility to modern science, perhaps can be defined as anti-rational. There is, then, the philosophy of fallibilism, in agreement with Socrates, believes that men are fallible and that they know very little and said that
  14. 14. Raimondo Villano - The global society Information 45 computers, which are manmade, are also fallible, perhaps assuming that can be somewhat less than men, but recognizing that they are also much less responsible. However, this philosophical position fallibilistic appears very favorable to science, if science is seen as conjectural or hypothetical. Scientific knowledge, that knowledge is conjectural, may be considered the best knowledge we have. However, it is conjectural, has no claim to have any authority: it is fallible. As everyone knows, the evolution of science has created urgent problems but unpredictable. One of these is the progressive trust placed in the illegal authorities, such as computers, and authority that people no jurisdiction attaches to physics. Dogmatism and authoritarianism are the largest dangers of humanity, because the truth is that we know very little and nothing with certainty. Obviously, more generally, we find ourselves facing one of the most discussed issues today, especially among the heirs of the analytic tradition and philosophy of science Anglo-American to find a way out of the dilemma between absolutism and relativism. Both of these philosophical positions have undesirable consequences: the first because with its ambition to a unreachable absolute knowledge of how reality itself leads skepticism and the second, relativism, because it seems to eliminate any basis for comparison between different views, not to mention that any extreme form of relativism autocontraddice, ending to commit involuntary suicide, as already noted Socrates. Not a few philosophers in recent years have been toying with the idea of a point balance between those two extremes, trying to keep the good things each of the two offers, without slipping in either. But the company is not simple and the solutions proposals have proved often disguises unaware of either extreme. The problem is well illustrated by the case of the concept of objectivity. For those who embrace a form of metaphysical absolutism, objective knowledge is knowledge which takes the reality as it is in itself: only an observer absolute, free from constraints of any kind - God, therefore - can obtain objective knowledge. A similar goal is humanly unattainable, since our knowledge is conditioned many factors, such as our position in time and space, our physiological conformation, the manner of our thought and metaphysical principles invisible nested in language. Therefore, the situation is unchanged even if we consider the transition from space-time definable old, whose space is extensive and characterized by a long-term takes precedence over short duration, time-intensive machines, an image time which is an image of speed in which new technologies allow us to discover the small affinity, the equivalent, riding time and space itself virtual and fast: trogosfera, in which time and space are no longer human but machine, precisely, and can be manipulated and that can even come to recognize that the speed is no longer a means but a place. The alternative proposed by the relativists, however, is to make objectivity - as well as of truth and reality - a concept relating to different cultural communities, historical, political, Ethnic within which the activity takes place of knowledge. In view of the extreme relativism explodes the concept of objectivity, then, in a variety of concepts of objectivity. It appears, therefore, a third way to address this issue, albeit in an unusual way, with Weapons of positive thinking, accepting certainly a moderate form of relativism (which seems shared by neo-positivists), recognizing that all our knowledge can not that arise within some cultural context, linguistic, theoretical and, then, that in fact different contexts give rise to different notions of objectivity, concepts which are then immanent in
  15. 15. Raimondo Villano - The global society Information46 those contexts. However, this does not preclude the possibility of understanding the objectivity as something transcendent. A summarized position, therefore, as a proposal to distinguish between the various conceptions objectivity and the concept of objectivity by recognizing that the former are produced by practices knowledge and, therefore, conditioned by different historical and cultural factors while the latter is something unitary and transcendent to which the various conceptions of objectivity tend in different ways. But how to specify this concept? The soul of the anti-metaphysical positivist prohibits identify objectivity with some absolute knowledge, that humanity will reach a limit Perhaps in the future. According to some objectivity - such as truth and rationality - must be interpreted instead as a Kantian regulative ideal, a mere exhortation, a formal category receiving empty its contents by changing storia2 . Thus penetrating deeper analysis reached a level of morality rather Catholic, we find ourselves facing the plight of modern man: the eclipse of sense of God and man, with its ubiquitous tentacles, sometimes, to put the Christian community feels the same and that is consumed in the depths of conscience because of a certain technical and scientific dominance in contemporary culture, which denies the idea same as to recognize a truth of creation or God’s plan to meet. Those who allow themselves influenced by this climate easily fall into a terrible circle circle: Losing a sense of God, it also tends to lose the sense of man, his dignity and his life. Enclosed in the narrow horizon of his physical, the man is somehow reduced to a thing and no longer grasps the transcendent nature of his existence is no longer capable of being interrogate the truest meaning of his existence, taking with true freedom crucial moments its “being” concerned only the “best” and, using all kinds of technology, he busies himself with programming, controlling, dominating experiences originally sorted be lived and that, instead, become things to be merely to possess, refuse or manipulate. The eclipse of the sense of God and man, moreover, inevitably leads to a practical materialism, which breeds individualism, utilitarianism hedonism. The values of are replaced by those of this materialistic perspective and interpersonal relations are seriously depleted and the criterion of personal dignity is replaced the criterion of efficiency, functionality and usefulness of the supremacy of the stronger weaker. Moreover, the moral conscience, both individual and social, is today subjected, also the pervasive influence of its many instruments of social communication, such extreme risks and death: that of confusion between good and male3 . Nevertheless it is possible not only desirable, that the era of communication and information is supported by a mutual effort for the good of mankind, starting from all those who live a religious belief. Indeed, in addition to dialogue and cooperation between the countries and peoples, the Church’s dialogue with the cultures of our time and the same inter-religious cooperation (local, regional, interregional), which represents a guarantee for the preservation of the Catholic message its fullness, can be realized in all areas of social communication, since the media increasingly beyond the normal limits of space and time. The present time, therefore, could prove to be the conjugation buoyant bodies Catholics and church institutions of the apostolate with new possible forms of social communication as a key condition for cooperation increasingly effective and costruttiva4 . The same dialogue Church-cultures of our time would be more toned and made beneficially pervasive privileged action to unify two human intellectual work
  16. 16. Raimondo Villano - The global society Information 47 orders of reality that too often tends to oppose as if they were antithetical: the search of truth and the certainty of already knowing the source of truth. A research and statement the truth that the relationship between faith and reason are lit meaning invitation S. Augustine “Intelligible ut credas” “believes ut intellegas” so that the combined efforts of intelligence and faith enable people to achieve the full measure of their humanity, including in their new activities as the moral, spiritual and religious, always possible to assess the achievements of science and technology in the perspective of the totality of the human person, conviction of the priority of the ethical over the technical, the primacy of person over things, the superiority of spirit over matter and, finally, to understand or remember that cause of man will only be served if it is combined with coscienza5 . ___________________ 2 Paolo Parrini - “Knowledge and Reality. Assay positive philosophy “- Laterza, Bari 1995. 3 ABS. and / or Ref “Evangelium Vitae” 21 +24, Encyclical S. S.John Paul II (1995). 4 ABS and / or Ref “Criteria for ecumenical and interreligious cooperation in the field of social communications”, 15 +17, 21 +23 Pontifical Council for Social Communications (1989). 5 ABS and / or Ref “Catholic Universities” 5,7,17,18, Apostolic Constitution SSGiovanni Paul II (1990).
  17. 17. Synthetic B h H U K Group of S already Pon Society His Noble Chem Collaborat Editor DPC (1985); cert Doctrine of (2010); Scie organizer an (2000), Sec Academy B (responsible Foundation Member sin in Commett Pompeii. C and founde Assistant ro Internation of Action by Crime-Task (Rm 2008); and Society Piccinini-R 2010); Tibe 2013); Rew sanitary, pr Zanichelli, present in i Nations (in Culture, un Intellectuals BAC. Vario Father. Some book (pres. Dr. Ledermann, edit., 2007) National C Mandelli 20 of homo fa Pharmaceu Logos and Council, 20 2002); Influ profile of t Born in 19 honorary me Healt Admi Universitas ( Knight SMO Study ISHP ntifical Tiber story Pharma mical Pharm es with impo C, which pub tified courses f the Church, ences of the nd chairman cretary Inter Biomedical T e company o for cancer r nce 1990, Se tees of Italy: arthage arch er Youngs P ole Pharmacy nals awards y Rotary Inte k Force Rota Legion Uni y (2011); Nat Research (Rm erin-Science ward by Certif rofessionals, with sponso talians Libr ncluding: Na niversity, mu s IBC-Camb ous books ar ks: Gobal so Renzulli, al , Presid. Inte ; Pharmaceu ommettee, 3 009); Time ca aber (pres. tical Activit theophany i 012). Among uence A/H1N the author 960. Roles:M ember (2013 inistration P (BR, Miami O of Malta, P History Ph rina, Studies acy, Italian maceutical C ortant nation blishes in m s of: Officina Theology. 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