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India – the regional power house

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India – the regional power house

  1. 1. India – The Regional Power House R.Kannan August 17, 2012 CFO Annual Conference
  2. 2. Introduction One of the Fastest growing large Economies in the world. Contribution of incremental Global GDP is very high. Scope for good growth in agriculture. – 6% p.a. Potential for growth is very high Mineral and Natural resources. Large Entrepreneur Base High Savings rate
  3. 3.  Young Energetic Population Many segments growing at more than 10% p.a. Large consumer base. Competition Among States Potential for growth in States. Large informal Economy Large number of Indians living abroad.
  4. 4.  India has emerged as an IT Hub India has emerged as an Auto Hub India has emerged as a R&D Hub. 250m youngsters set to reach working age in the next 15 years. Consumer spending. India is the second fastest growing market. India’s consumer market is likely to grow by 3.6 times by 2020 according to BCG. Urbanisation.
  5. 5. GDP Growth
  6. 6. GDP Growth
  7. 7. Banks
  8. 8. Foreign Trade
  9. 9. Forex Rates
  10. 10. Forecasts By Experts
  11. 11. National Income
  12. 12. Median Age Years
  13. 13. Strategies for future
  14. 14. Strategies We have to adopt a low cost strategy as a country. Change the political climate favouring the business as in the past. Keep the Interest rates very low. Encourage Entrepreneurism Open more sectors for FDI. Develop long term Licensing and Tax policies
  15. 15. Strategies Invite the Indians from abroad to participate in the economic Development. India has developed a skill development plan. India has developed a Manufacturing Development Plan. Implement reforms in Power sector without any further delays.
  16. 16.  Kick start the growth in mining again. Investor friendly land acquisition policies. Better management of Coal and Mineral resources. Agricultural reforms. Development of a Robust Financial services industry.
  17. 17. Thank You