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LinkedIn for Students by Priya Florence Shah

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Priya Florence Shah talks about how students and colleges can use LinkedIn in a more productive manner at the "Culture Of Social Collaboration" event held at Pune on September 6th, 2013 at Symbiosis University.

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LinkedIn for Students by Priya Florence Shah

  1. 1. Priya Florence Shah CEO, BlogBrandz   LinkedIn  for  Students  
  2. 2. LinkedIn  for  Students   Student  Resources   Star&ng   September   12th,   LinkedIn   will   begin   allowing   high   school  students  to  create  their  own  LinkedIn  profiles.     The  nature  of  LinkedIn  allows  more  formal  conversa&ons  and   interac&ons  to  happen.     LinkedIn   can   help   students   build   a   professional   brand   and   land  a  job.    
  3. 3. LinkedIn  for  Students   LinkedIn  for  Universi4es   Breakthrough  for  high  school  students  star&ng  their  college   search.   University   Pages   will   be   especially   valuable   for   students   making   their   first,   big   decision   about   where   to   aFend  college.     hFp://university.linkedin.com    
  4. 4. LinkedIn  for  Students   LinkedIn  University  Pages   • Aggregated  Alumni  Career  Informa&on   • General  University  Informa&on   • Public  News  Feed     • Notable  Alumni  Featured  on  Sidebar   • Featured  LinkedIn  Groups  
  5. 5. LinkedIn  for  Students   Steps  to  Use  LinkedIn   • Build  a  Professional  Online  Presence:  Profile   • Add  Connec&ons  with  “Warm”  Contacts  and  Alumni   • Research  Companies  &  Industries:  Company  Pages   • Explore  Opportuni&es  and  Make  Decisions   • Find  Relevant  Jobs  and  Internships:  Student  Jobs  Portal  
  6. 6. LinkedIn  for  Students   Build  a  Professional  Profile       1 Professional  photo  of  you  alone   2 Headline  with  area  of  study  and/or  career  ambi&ons   3 Keyword-­‐rich  summary  that  includes  type  of  posi&ons  you’re   seeking   4 Inclusion  of  volunteer  ac&vi&es,  internships,  and   extracurriculars   5 Recommenda4ons  from  professors,  advisors,  internship   colleagues  and  supervisors    
  7. 7. LinkedIn  for  Students   Build  a  Professional  Profile    
  8. 8. LinkedIn  for  Students   Build  a  Professional  Profile     Ø Write  an  informa&ve  profile  headline.  (eg:  "XYZ  University   Honors  Student  &  Aspiring  Public  Rela&ons  Associate.“)   Ø Show  off  your  educa&on.   Ø Develop  a  professional  summary.   Ø Fill  “Summary”,  “Skills  &  Exper&se”  with  keywords.   Ø Take  advantage  of  student  profile  sec&ons.   Ø Show  your  connectedness.   Ø Collect  diverse  recommenda&ons.   Ø Update  your  status  regularly.   Ø Claim  your  unique  LinkedIn  URL.   Ø Share  your  work.      
  9. 9. LinkedIn  for  Students   100%  complete  profile  =  40x  more  opportuni4es.   ü Members  with  complete  profiles  are  40  &mes  more  likely  to   receive  opportuni&es  through  LinkedIn.   ü “Experience”=  summer  jobs,  unpaid  internships,  volunteer   work,  and  student  organiza&ons.   ü List  all  your  schools,  major(s)  and  minor,  courses,  study  abroad,   summer  programs,  test  (GMAT/GATE)  scores,  and  honors  or   awards.      
  10. 10. LinkedIn  for  Students   Personal  Branding  on  LinkedIn       Ø Be  authen&c.   Ø Create  a  dis&nc&ve  profile  headline.   (eg:  “Honors  student  seeking  marke&ng  posi&on.”  )   Ø Avoid  clichés.   Ø Be  visible.   Ø Build  brand  associa&ons.   Ø Add  to  your  knowledge.   Ø Share  in  LinkedIn  Groups.   Ø Be  personal.   Ø Be  consistent.   Ø Give  generously.      
  11. 11. Research  Companies  :  Company  Pages     LinkedIn  for  Students  
  12. 12. Join  Groups     LinkedIn  for  Students  
  13. 13. U4lize  the  LinkedIn  Alumni  Tool     hTp://linkedin.com/alumni       LinkedIn  for  Students  
  14. 14. Find   Relevant   Jobs   and   Internships:   Student   Jobs   Portal  hTp://linkedin.com/studentjobs     LinkedIn  for  Students  
  15. 15. hFp://university.linkedin.com/university/global/ en_us/index/linkedin-­‐for-­‐students.html   LinkedIn  for  Students  
  16. 16. hFp://university.linkedin.com/university/global/ en_us/index/linkedin-­‐for-­‐students.html   LinkedIn  for  Students  
  17. 17. End  Slide     Thank  You!