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201016 what is wrong with our food choices today


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201016 what is wrong with our food choices today

  1. 1. What is wrong with our food choices today? Ramanjaneyulu TEDxSCETW
  2. 2. Our relationship with food Calories | Nutrients
  3. 3. Food and life • Changing dietary habits – low on nutrients (refined carbohydrates) – high on salt, sugar and fat • Junk food leading to – Obesity – Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs) like cardiovascular diseases and diabetes 53% Deaths 44% Disability-Adjusted Life Years
  4. 4. Fat | Salt | Sugar Of total calories • Fats: 15-30% • Salt: 5-6 gm/day • Sugar: 20-25 gm/day added sugar • Carbohydrates: 55-75% • Proteins: 10- 15%
  5. 5. Instead what we do? Sugar 40 g in 300 ml Total fats: 33 gm Carbs: 57.5 gm Salt 3.5 g 100 g
  6. 6. Calories and Energy Balance Eat as much as you spend
  7. 7. Food relationship with Environment Ecological Foot prints | Residues | Waste
  8. 8. Ecological Foot Prints of Rice
  9. 9. Many vicious cycles Shift towards high water intensive crops Shift towards crops like paddy, cotton will impact farmers growing pulses, millets, oilseeds etc Heavy dependency on power for Lift irrigation Depletion of coal and petroleum reserves and less opportunity for hydel power pushes towards nuclear power, cutting down of forests etc Impacts of of climate change Extreme weather events always impact on small and marginal farmers More projects More displacement and more impact on environment Water, labour, sacrifice exported? Who loose and who gain? Climate Change
  10. 10. Straw Burning in Punjab • Rice crop residues 12685 Sq km and Wheat crop residue 5500 Sq km and • every 4 tons of rice or wheat grain, about 6 tons of straw is produced • One tonne straw on burning releases 3 kg particulate matter, 60 kg, CO, 1460 kg CO2, 199 kg ash and 2 kg SO2
  11. 11. Harmful effects of current farming methods Do you remember I was this small when we first met! Pesticides Fertilisers Antibiotics/Growth Hormones Genetically modified Foods
  12. 12. Food processing, storage • Highly polished rice-diabetes • Calcium carbide used in ripening • Wax coated apples • Transfats in edible oils
  13. 13. Food Adulteration • Synthetic milk • Metalic colors on greens • Growth hormones to fruits and animals • Animal oils • Turmeric, chilli powder, tea adulteration
  14. 14. Food Waste
  15. 15. Food and Farmers Crop Choices | Prices
  16. 16. Your consumption choices drives • Crop choices • Production practices
  17. 17. Your purchasing behaviour helps • Buy directly from farmers and farmers cooperatives • Pay remunerative price
  18. 18. Care for your food Care for those who feed the nation