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Kisan Mitra-connecting farmer to governance

presentation made to Rotary club, Begumpet at Taj Vivera on 7th May, 2019

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Kisan Mitra-connecting farmer to governance

  1. 1. Unravelling the farmers distress Challenges in changing scenario Centre for Sustainable Agriculture
  2. 2. Promoting Agroecological Approaches • Organic/Natural Farming • Adapting to Climate Change • PGS Regional Council • Open Source Seed Initiative Building Producer Organizations • Supporting FPOs, CBOs, SHGs • Food hubs • Sahaja Aharam Retail Improving Governance • Research and Analysis of policy support and regulatory systems • Monitoring performance of public support systems • Kisan Mitra Helpline Caring for those who feed the nation Sikkim Tripura Punjab Maharashtra Telangana Andhra Pradesh CSA offices and Project sites (6 states) 50,000 farmers directly and 200,000 farmers indirectly CSA areas of Work
  3. 3. 0 2000 4000 6000 8000 10000 12000 14000 16000 18000 20000 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 No. of suicides Source: NCRB 1995-2016 Farmer Suicides in India 1995-2016 Total 329,898 in 22 years http://kisanmitra.ekrishi.net
  4. 4. 0 500 1000 1500 2000 2500 1995199619971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120122013201420152016 Farmers Suicides Source: NCRB 1995-2016 Farmer Suicides in Telangana 1995-2016 Total 28,965 in 22 years http://kisanmitra.ekrishi.net
  5. 5. http://kisanmitra.ekrishi.net Mandal Name No. of Suicides Mandal Name No. of Suicides Mandal Name No. of Suicides Cherial 37 Chityala 27 Talamadugu 21 Vikarabad 32 Regonda 26 Peddavoora 21 Gurrampode 32 Husnabad 26 Narayankhed 21 Gajwel 32 Gundala 26 Elkathurthi 21 Medak 30 Nalgonda 25 Devarakonda 21 Jainath 30 Marpalle 24 Chintapalle 21 Jagdevpur 30 Anumula 24 Adilabad 21 Dubbak 29 Narmetta 23 Saidapur 20 Kataram 28 Ramayampet 22 Kangal 20 Doultabad – Medak 28 Parkal 22 Geesugonda 20 Chevella 28 Kondapak 22 Boath 20 Atmakur 28 Thimmajipet 21 List of mandals with 20 and above farmers’ suicides since June 2014
  6. 6. Percentage share of different income sources 70th Round NSSO, 2014 (ha) Rs. 4561 Rs. 4152 Rs. 5247 Rs. 7348 Rs. 10730 63.6 57.5 38.3 23.5 15.4 10.3 3.2 32.2 0.7 16.5 40.9 57.3 68.6 77.6 86.2 47.9 25.9 15 12 11.1 10.8 7.6 6.3 11.9 9.8 11.1 8.8 8.1 5.2 4.4 4.3 8 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% <0.01 0.01-0.4 0.41-1.0 1.01-2.00 2.01-4.00 4.01-10.00 >10.00 all sizes Wage/salaries Cultivation Livestock Non farm business Rs. 19637 Rs. 41388 Rs. 6426
  7. 7. Farmers income in Telangana Sl no Particulars (Amount in Rs) Telangana (Rs/hh/annum) All India (Rs/hh/annum) I Farmers income in base year at 2015-16 prices a. Farm income 63,492 58,246 b. Non Farm income 22,799 38,457 Total 86,291 96,703 II Farmers income in terminal year 2022-23 at 2015-16 prices a. Farm income 1,11,238 1,08,045 b. Non Farm income 31,916 48,108 Total 1,43,153 1,56,154 III Farmers income in terminal year 2022-23 at current prices a. Farm income 1,56,522 1,52,031 b. Non farm income 44,909 67,693 Total 2,01,431 2,19,724 Estimation of Income (assuming the inflation @ 5% p.a. During 2015-16 to 2022-23 Source: Doubling the farmers income, Ashok Dalwai Committee http://www.agricoop.nic.in/doubling-farmers-income
  8. 8. Land Labor Inputs Subsidies Capital Yield Prices Income Production resources Risks •Pests and Diseases •Droughts •Floods Moving away from the hands of Cultivators Yields are stagnated Prices not being remunerative Ecological risks •Groundwater depletion •Pesticide poisoning •Soil salinity etc Living costs Income sources Social security Crisis in Agriculture
  9. 9. Biovillages • Natural/organic farming • Adapting to climate change • Alternate livelihoods • Water Positive farming • Carbon neutral villages
  10. 10. Creating Livelihoods Sericulture Backyard Poultry Honey Production • Developing Livelihoods Plan • Building the capacities • Green Enterprises for Bioinputs • Providing linkages For diversifying incomes and assets Composting Azolla Sheep and Goat
  11. 11. www.sahajaaharam.in • Natural/Organic Food directly from farmers • Food/Nutritional Counselling for consumers • Better price to farmers • FPOhub to incubate farmer producer organisations
  12. 12. KisanMitra Vikarabad | Adilabad | Manchiryal 1800-120-3244 08500 98 3300 • Supporting distressed families • Improving last mile delivery of public support services • Distress Helpline to resolve grievances and rapid response in case of extremities • Monitoring public support services for farmers • Improving the governance of farm support services
  13. 13. LAUNCH OF KISAN MITRA HELPLINE ● A meeting was called in each district, with a representation of farmers from all mandals & backgrounds and their issues were heard and followed up ● Launch Dates of Helpline: ○ Vikarabad Dist. : April 14, 2017 ○ Adilabad Dist. : Feb 7th, 2018 ○ Mancherial Dist. : March 29, 2018 Adilabad Launch with Honourable Minister, Jogu Ramanna Mancherial Launch by the then Dist. Collector Mr. Karnan
  14. 14. Central Team District Level Coordination Farmers direct calls Field coordinators Farmer Service Centres Farmer Producer Organisations District Level Coordination Field coordination Kisan Mitra Model http://kisanmitra.ekrishi.net
  15. 15. CURRENT STATUS OF KISAN MITRA HELPLINE As on 23rd April, 2019 District name Cases received Resolved Pending with departments Adilabad 2728 956 1772 Mancherial 893 283 610 Vikarabad 5086 3193 1893 Total 8707 4432 4275 District Agriculture Revenue Marketing Total Resolved Total Resolved Total Resolved Adilabad 1225 284 799 171 229 218 Mancherial 316 73 345 77 16 13 Vikarabad 1645 1125 1809 811 238 221 Kisan Mitra Helpline: 1800-120-3244 Total Departments: 37 Officials: 200
  16. 16. KISAN MITRA - IMPACT AREAS ● Distress/Suicide Farmer Families ○ Pesticide Poisoning ○ Distress Case Counselling & Relief ○ Education for children & Livelihood support ○ Ex-Gratia & other beneficiary schemes ○ Welfare schemes being targeted to Distressed & Needy ● Improving Access to Credit ● Resolving land title related issues ● Feed back to the district and state level bankers committees ● Facilitating ~5000 LEC cards & JLG Group Loans for Tenant Farmers (All Districts) ● Crop Loss & Compensation ● Improving Policies like PMFBY(Crop Insurance) by feedback ● Analysis and presentations on natural disasters like drought, floods, Hailstorms etc ● Improving access to markets ● Open procurement centres ● Timely payments ● Other support systems ● Electricity issues like Transformer Issues, Loose Wires, New connections to villages etc., ● Water supply and Irrigation/Canal related issues proactively resolved ● Grouping of Issues of FPOs, SHGs and collectively representing & Solving ● Revenue & Rythu Bandhu Issues followed up & communicated ● Improving Regulations: Seeds, Pesticides etc
  17. 17. KISAN MITRA - IMPACT - FARMER SUICIDE CASES 1. Conducted a meeting with all suicide affected families and counselled them about loans related to different corporations and also helped them apply for the same 2. Facilitated sanction of ex-gratia to 3 families 3. Regular counselling and follow up to understand their status 4. Followed up with the government to get widow pension sanctioned, children of suicide farmers admitted to government hostels and also fee exemptions in a few cases. Vikarabad meeting of all suicide affected families and awareness program related to loans and ex-gratia
  18. 18. 120 Farmer Suicide Families participated in Women’s Day Celebration on Mar 8th, 2018 - ADILABAD
  19. 19. KISAN MITRA - SOME SUICIDE CASES (e.g Mancherial District) Kothapet, Jannaram Velganoor, Dandepally Suddala, Chennur Kommera,
  20. 20. KISAN MITRA - IMPACT - ATTEMPTED SUICIDE SURVEY To understand Farmer Suicides Kisan Mitra team visited many hospitals and listed down attempted Suicide Farmers and then followed up with each family. This was done in all 3 district and the results when analysed we could uncover various trends & behavioral patterns which we could normally never infer. A few examples are as below: - Overwhelmingly increasing Tribal Farmers especially Gond Tribal Community farmers attempting Suicide - Farmer Suicides whose root cause is Agrarian Distress but few extreme triggers as - Pressure of birth of another Girl Child - A mother Unable to Feed her infant due to her inability to lactate - Inability to provide basic healthcare for family members - Extreme Crop Loss due to Floods etc We are in process of analysing this data & patterns further to work towards prevention of Farmer Suicides and to understand the distress better.
  21. 21. KISAN MITRA - IMPACT - AGRICULTURE, CROP LOSS & INSURANCE ● Received ~500 calls from Vikarabad due to Crop Loss of Paddy & Redgram, followed up by discussions with Scientists & Dist. Admin. ● In the month of August, 2018 many farmers incurred severe crop losses due to heavy rains and many lakhs of acres of crop was affected in Adilabad and Mancherial with variations in the extent of damage like uprooting of plants, soil erosion, sand and pebble casting and borewells filled with mud. ● We followed up with the AOs and AEOs and worked with them closely in the enumeration of the crop loss. Insisted on ensuring proper survey is done in the villages where we received complaints from the farmers that AOs are claiming that there was no loss when there have been crop losses. ● Also raised funds amounting to around 10 lakhs through Milaap.
  22. 22. CROP LOSS - AUGUST 2018 HEAVY RAINS (Adilabad & Mancherial Districts)
  23. 23. KISAN MITRA - IMPACT - MARKETING ISSUES Cotton Market Price: Actively involved in analysis of Cotton Market price trends in Adilabad and worked with the collector in making sure the farmers got the best price in the state from traders and also continued to monitor on a regular basis. Red gram payment delay issues: Kisanmitra was flooded with the calls from Kodangal Mandal regarding Red gram payment delay in the months of March-May. Issue: One farmer from Bulkapur village called KisanMitra in distress and stated that if the payment will not be credited early to his Redgram yield, he will commit suicide along with 10 other farmers from his village. Follow up by Kisanmitra: Kisanmitra immediately sent a message to the collector, and coordinated with DM Markfed with the details of these farmers and the authorities took an action and credited the amount in farmers account with in 2-3 days. There are about 43 issues regarding Market payment delay and KisanMitra continuously followed up with Markfed and helped the farmers in early payment.
  24. 24. Various Farmers & Agri Labourers die to due to Inhalation Poisoning every season and it has increased Rampantly in recent past due to advanced Sprayers etc. The people who survive after treatment also are clueless of what livelihood options they have. KISAN MITRA - IMPACT - ADILABAD - PESTICIDE POISONING KisanMitra Team worked along with Pesticide Action Network (PAN) and trained doctors about treatment protocol. Also Constantly gave feedback to Dist Administration on treatment protocols being followed and corrective measures which saved farmers’ lives.
  25. 25. KISAN MITRA - IMPACT - ELECTRICITY ISSUES Kisan Mitra team was instrumental in getting electricity connection to Gantalagudem a remote tribal (Gond) village in Tandur Mandal, Mancherial. They had struggled for 22 years without electricity before our field team managed to actively follow up with the electricity department to ensure that poles were installed and connections given, within a span of 1 week. Before --- After
  26. 26. KISAN MITRA - IMPACT - PENSION ISSUES (e.g : Mancherial District) ● Kisan Mitra followed up actively with the district administration and tried to get widow pension for around 6 widows of suicide farmers. ● In the 50 requests we had received for pension related issues, we were able to actively follow up with the district administration to get pension successfully for around 30 eligible people. The rest are under verification to check eligibility criteria, which are also being followed up by our field team. Examples: ○ Singam Shetti Rajaiah (68Y) of Nambal Village, Dandepally Mandal reported that two years back he had applied for old age pension. He hadn't received the pension despite submitting the application multiple times. Kisanmitra followed up with MPDO and PD and he has been receiving pension from the past two months. ○ Keshav Goud Kambagami of Saligaon Village, Kannepally Mandal was in receipt of Rs.1,500 disability pension till 2016 and the pension was stopped from Dec-2016. In this regard he submitted SADAREM certificate (POD: 86%) and met Collector and MPDO, but his case wasn't settled. Kisanmitra followed up with MPDO and PD and he has been receiving pension from the past two months. ○ Rajender Mancherla of Avadam Village, Nennel Mandal who is mentally challenged was not getting disability pension. He used to get the pension when the amount was Rs. 200 but he stopped receiving the pension after the government increased it to Rs. 1500. Disable percentage - 40%, But he didn't apply recently and he didn't have any receipt.
  27. 27. KISAN MITRA - VILLAGE STUDY - VENKATRAOPETA, LUXETTIPETA MANDAL, MANCHERIAL Observations: ● We did a survey along with the VRO since many farmers didn’t get PPB and many errors were identified in Rythu Bandhu. There it was identified that 1700 PPB’s were issued in which 600 are clear and remaining 1100 have errors. In this issue we have been following up with Revenue department regarding corrections. ● Interviews with a couple of families in the villages their issues brought out some issues to light ○ Many farmers send their children to private schools (English Medium) and spend more money than they can earn in a year. Government school isn’t functioning properly. ○ Unavailability of doctors in the hospital. Any disease is treated with paracetamol. No emergency services available. ○ Alcoholism is a rampant issue ○ NREGS work isn’t allocated correctly (some farmers got work only for 5 days) ○ Few farmers migrated to Singapore for work due to huge financial debts ○ Disability and other pension issues
  28. 28. KISAN MITRA - VILLAGE STUDY - KOLAMGUDA, HAJIPUR MANDAL Village Profile: ● Kolamguda houses 28 families belonging to Kolam tribe. ● Despite the village belonging to Kolams, all the cultivable lands there belong to the farmers of BC community, registered in their own names. ● Due to dire financial distress, the Kolams were compelled to sell away all their lands and now are left with no option but to work in those very fields as agricultural labourers earning 150 rupees per day if they are women and 200 rupees if they are men, to supplement their livelihood. ● Because of their inability to be able to afford decent housing, two families end up sharing a single house. ● They also mentioned that they had to face attacks from people of the upper caste which they could do nothing about and their helplessness is leading them further into an emotional abyss. ● They don’t have access to affordable medical facilities and many of their children suffer from malnutrition. Their Requirements: ● Access to nutritious food ● Housing for married couples ● Protect themselves from any attacks from people of upper caste ● Financially better their situation by getting agricultural land allocated in their name which they can cultivate themselves and can improve their earnings.
  29. 29. KISAN MITRA - VILLAGE STUDY - KOLAMGUDA, HAJIPUR MANDAL, MANCHERIAL Impact of Kisan Mitra: ● Growing Kitchen Gardens is in Progress. ● School Renovation in Progress. ● Discussing and working towards their Land Rights ● Understanding Health Profile of the Village and work towards improving nutrition.
  30. 30. KISAN MITRA IMPACT - MEDICAL CAMP Pangidi Somaram village, Kotapally Mandal, Mancherial District: One of the main issues in this Tribal Remote Village is about approximately 24 deaths that happened from 2014 with fever and sudden weight loss of the villagers there, sometimes even very young people. Kisan Mitra team followed up this issue with DMHO and he attached us to two doctors who conducted a medical camp and almost 88 villagers attended the medical camp and check ups were done and blood samples were collected for further diagnosis to understand root cause of health issues. Following is an executive summary of a research done by the expert committee on tribal health in India. Please check to understand the scenario in totality and we could discuss further. http://www.nhm.gov.in/nhm_components/tribal_report/Executive_Sum mary.pdf
  31. 31. TENANT FARMERS Tenant Farmers are the worst affected and as per survey done with TISS, ~75% of Farmers who committed suicide are tenant farmers. Sadly they are not even recognised as Farmers. As per 2011 Licensed Cultivators Act every Tenant Farmer has to be recognised and given an ID card and all rights such as Crop Loan, Disaster Compensation etc have to be given. But none of this is being implemented across the state. In Adilabad, KisanMitra team focusedly worked along with Dist Administration and were able to disburse 6000 Loan Eligibility Cards(LEC) to Farmers as well as facilitate Loans to ~1000 farmers.
  32. 32. Name : Mallappa Tandra Location : Peddemul Mandal District: Vikarabad Cause of Distress: ● Land Succession not done ● Sugarcane Drying up, unable to access to Drip Irrigation ● Long term Loan from his dead father ● One Daughter Physically Handicapped & Other Mentally Handicapped ● Health Issues to Mother(Kidney Removed) Support by KisanMitra: ● Land Succession done in 1 day ● Drip Irrigation sanctioned and being used, borewell has collapsed, we are helping with recovery ● One Time Settlement of LT Loan in Final Stage ● Education Support to Daughter KISAN MITRA - IMPACT - DISTRESS CASES
  33. 33. Name : Venkataiah Location : Doma Mandal District: VikarabadCause of Distress ● Crop loss continuous 3 years ● Notices from Cooperative Bank, went into Distress & attempted Suicide ● 2 Oxen Died due to Lightning Strike Support by Kisan Mitra ● SC Corporation Loan ● One time Settlement of Cooperative Bank ● His Son, Sreenivas employed as Kisan Mitra Field Coordinator KISAN MITRA - IMPACT - DISTRESS CASES
  34. 34. KISAN MITRA - IMPACT - DISTRESS CASES Name : Chitukula Narsimlu Location : Nawabpet Mandal District: Vikarabad Cause of Distress 1. Family Disputes 2. Financial Distress 3. Psychological Issue 4. Land issue Support by Kisan Mitra 1. Got him Patta Passbook by following up with MRO 2. Got a bathroom constructed for him, also by coordinating with MRO 3. Livelihood support by facilitating him getting 10 goats from Government 4. Education support to daughter by fundraising from volunteers 5. He attempted suicide once and field coordinator and psychologist actively followed up with him till he recovered 6. Psychologist counselled him and also suggested he gets psychiatric help. Our field coordinator personally took him to Govt. Mental Hospital in Hyderabad and making sure he takes his medication regularly.
  35. 35. Name : Narendhar Location : Beerole District: Vikarabad Cause of Distress ● Suffering from TB ● Crop Loss due to Wild Boar Attacks ● Less Market Price Support by Kisan Mitra ● Gold Loan swapped with Bank Loan to decrease Interest Rate (by Collector) ● Supported by NGO called i4farmers to purchase a cow ● Regular Counselling KISAN MITRA - IMPACT - DISTRESS CASES
  36. 36. KISAN MITRA - IMPACT - DISTRESS CASES Name: Lakshmi Vadla Location: Dadapur, Doma District: Vikarabad Cause of Distress: 1. Lakshmi is HIV+. Her husband died of HIV. Luckily her daughters (10 yrs, 5 yrs) are HIV negative. 2. Lakshmi’s health is seriously deteriorated and she has also lost her eyesight. 3. Her older daughter does all the household work. 4. Financially they are in dire state with absolutely no support for even basic food related needs. 5. Not getting widow pension. Support from Kisan Mitra: 1. Trying to get children to hostel with volunteer support. 2. Counselling Lakshmi to join a rehabilitation center for HIV patients. 3. Following up with officials to get widow pension to Lakshmi.
  37. 37. KISAN MITRA - IMPACT - DISTRESS CASES Name: Latha Location: Nawabpet District: Vikarabad Cause of Distress: Latha had stored an insecticide in the same basket as her lunch and took it to her farm. The cap of the bottle was loose and the food got laced with the insecticide. Unaware of that, she consumed her food and a little while after that, she started to have all symptoms of pesticide poisoning like nausea, vomitings, giddiness, stomach ache etc., Support from Kisan Mitra: 1. Followed up regularly with her and ensured she got the right kind of treatment and also monitored her progress. 2. Counselled her about the care to be taken while storing and spraying of pesticides. Name: Raju Ketawath Location: Marpalle District: Vikarabad Cause of Distress: 1. He struggled for 25 years to get a Patta Passbook 2. When he approached government officials for the same, he was asked for a bribe, for which he also spent around 30,000 rupees. 3. He was in severe distress when he called Kisan Mitra and was almost on the verge of committing suicide. Support from Kisan Mitra: 1. Field team immediately followed up and coordinated with the MRO and DT to get him a passbook within 15 days.
  38. 38. KISAN MITRA - IMPACT - DISTRESS CASES Name: Narsimhulu K Location: Tattepalle, Peddemul District: Vikarabad Cause of Distress: Issue in buying Urea bags Narsimhulu called to report that almost 50 farmers had problem in buying urea bags with the dealers in Peddemul Mandal from past 3 days, but as dispatch ID for EPOS machines is not provided by the PACS,Tattepalle, dealers are not able to sell the urea bags. So, caller is asking to solve this issue. Support from Kisan Mitra: Kisan Mitra contacted Marketing department and DAO. As Kisan Mitra spoke to the authorities regarding this issue, dealers were informed to give the urea bags by giving receipt manually. Name: Pasha Location: Bompally, Doma District: Vikarabad Cause of Distress: Pasha Thaayar has complained that he doesn’t have power supply lines to his bore-well. He requested every officer (VRO, MLA, AEO) about this issue but to no avail. This continued for a year. He was using normal low grade wires to get power supply, but those wires being loose were always creating problem. He lost his cow due to electric shock, when a loose electric wire fell on it. Support from Kisan Mitra: Kisan Mitra coordinated with the AE and then the DE regarding electricity connection for the farmer. Since financially he was unable to pay the amount, we assured them to provide the connection and he would pay back that amount after he gets crop yield. Later government paid the amount and provided the connection. Farmer felt happy.
  39. 39. Name : Santosh Location : Boath Mandal District: Adilabad Cause of Distress ● Attempted Suicide ● 1.8 Lakhs of Debt & Crop Loss ● Married 3 sisters ● Second Daughter was born 3 days before he attempted suicide Support by KisanMitra: ● KisanMitra team followed on recovery & was take to collector after discharge ● Help with Dairy business & Crop Loss advice ● Daughters education taken care off ● Crop Loan being given to him by banker KISAN MITRA - IMPACT - DISTRESS CASES
  40. 40. Name :Shivanna Location : Adilabad Rural District: Adilabad Cause of Distress: ● Called Kisan Mitra at verge of Committing Suicide ● Crop Loss due to Adilabad Floods ● Has 9 lakhs loan, Sold Auto also ● Sold land to SC Corporation but didn’t receive amount Kisan Mitra follow up: ● Counselled him for around 1 hour in phone, until field coordinator reached ● Collector counselled him at Prajavaani and gave orders to SC Corporation to disburse amount immediately. ● BC corporation Loan KISAN MITRA - IMPACT - DISTRESS CASES
  41. 41. KISAN MITRA - IMPACT - MANCHERIAL Salluri Rajeshwari’s husband Salluri Bannaiah died due to heart attack while ploughing their land behind their house. She has 3 daughters. ● Her elder daughter Vani Kumari got married, but her husband died to due to heart attack too , which has led to stress within the family. She is survived by 3 sons. ● Vaishnavi is another daughter studying Degree (B-Com CA) ● Harsha Vardhani (1st Year Intermediate - BiPC) Land Details & Issues: They have only 4 guntas of land in which 2 guntas was used for building their house. Health Issues: Salluri Rajeshwari has high BP as well as Nervous issues due to which she is unable to work in the field. She got her CT scan done recently and is on medication. . Details of Debts : Private Debts: ● 2,00,000 was taken in 2009 for Daughter’s marriage for which they have been paying interest at 3%/month. ● 1,00,000 was taken for personal reasons for birth & death ceremonies of Family members Name : Salluri Rajeshwari Village : Naspur Mandal : Mancherial District : Mancherial Caste : SC Kisan Mitra Intervention: ● Sanctioned NFBS (Rs.20,000) for two women ● Joined one girl in residential school ● Livelihood for elder daughter
  42. 42. KISAN MITRA - FARMER SERVICE CENTERS ● FPOs and Women SHGs ● Departments/Offices ● 10 centres in AP and Telangana ● Provide all services to farmers ○ Extension support ○ Inputs ○ Custom hiring centre ○ Financial linkages ○ Procurement for market ● Community Centres ○ Digital Literacy ○ Distress Mapping & Relief ○ Film Screenings & Awareness ○ Community Building
  44. 44. How you can support? ● Volunteer ● Adopt a district to manage Kisan Mitra ○ District Coordinator ○ 5-6 field coordinators ● Adopt distress families ○ Support livelihoods ○ Support children education ● Support events/Campaigns ○ Health camps ○ Campaigns on rainwater harvesting ○ Training programs ● Support Centre for Sustainable Agriculture
  45. 45. Awards and Recognitions • 2017: Sakshi Excellence Award for Best Contribution to Agriculture • 2014: Best Rural Innovation Award for Non Pesticidal Management in Bihar Rural Innovation Forum • 2014: Best Rural Innovation Award for ‘Community Managed Sustainable Agriculture’ in Maharashtra Rural Innovation Forum • 2012: Best Green Enterprises award by Hivos for NPM scalingup in AP • 2010: Krishi Gourav Award for Enebavi • 2008: TV9 ‘Navya’ Award for effective campaign • 2005: World Bank Development Market Place Award
  46. 46. http://www.csa-india.org http://www.krishi.tv http://www.ekrishi.net http://www.sahajaaharam.com eKrishi : 08500 68 3300 Sahaja Aharam : 08500 78 33 00 Rytu Swarajya Vedhika: 08500 98 33 00 mobile : 090 0069 9702 csa@csa-india.org, Facebook: ramoo.agripage