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The Remarkable SEO Power of Republishing

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Rand's presentation on how to re-use and recycle content, update existing content, and earn better rankings and visibility.

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The Remarkable SEO Power of Republishing

  1. Rand Fishkin, Wizard of Moz | @randfish | rand@moz.com The Remarkable SEO Power of Republishing
  2. Slides online at bit.ly/randrepublish
  3. Republishing Basics
  4. Take an existing piece of content Re-create a part or the whole Create additional traffic, reach, and/or rankings X Xa Xb Xc 3X
  5. The Value of Republishing
  6. Targeted Distribution & Reach
  7. The Chance to Reach a NewAudience
  8. Links that Can Help Rankings A few days prior to these links, the book’s website wasn’t on page 1
  9. Reinvigorate Valuable but Stale Content Via NYTimes Each election cycle, the NYTimes recreates interactive and visual elements to show updates and possible/likely scenarios
  10. Drawbacks to Consider
  11. Effort Could Have Gone to New Content Via Cinemagraphs
  12. Loss ofAbility to Control UX Via Medium
  13. Loss ofAbility to Own Conversion Funnel Via SoFi
  14. Loss ofAbility to Use Cookies Via Moz & Wordstream
  15. Content &Audience Fatigue
  16. The Version That Ranks May Not Be the One You Want
  17. When is Republishing Most Useful
  18. A) You Need a Handful of Diverse Links to Rank the Original Version I’m almost there. A few more links would likely get me into the top 3
  19. B) You Can’t Reach this Platform’sAudience as Effectively through Other Means If I want to reach web designers & UX folks, there’s no better way than getting an article on SmashingMagazine Via Smashing Magazine
  20. C) Content Reach is More Important than Direct Conversions I could have put this on my own blog, but even if Lifehacker’s version outranks my original, it will reach a vastly broader audience
  21. D) Republishing Is Your Best Chance to Stay Competitive / Top-of-Mind Anytime you see months or years in search suggest, it’s likely that an older piece won’t rank competitively against a newer one.
  22. 4 Powerful Tactics for Republishing
  23. #1: The Semi-Regular Update
  24. Concept: A remarkable piece of timely content, updated at regular intervals Keys to Execution: Content is initially compelling, useful, & relevant Can be reproduced w/ continually valuable results Change over time makes subsequent versions even more compelling
  25. FiveThirtyEight NBAPredictions Via FiveThirtyEight
  26. BTW – this is why the Warriors are so good:
  27. Ranking Factors Survey Via Moz
  28. KPCB’sAnnual Internet Trends Deck Via KPCB
  29. Largest Vocabularly in Hip-Hop? Via Poly-graph The tactic wasn’t as successful here b/c the value of updates wasn’t substantive or newly interesting enough to re-generate the initial launch’s buzz
  30. #2: The Localization
  31. Keys to Execution: Content is useful/interesting to multiple geographies It’s possible to get relevant/high-quality info to satisfy each local audience Local competition hasn’t yet dominated the space Concept: Geo-focused or single-language content that can be expanded to new regions
  32. Beginner’s Guide to SEO Via Moz
  33. Eater’s Top 38 Via Eater
  34. AirBnB Neighborhood Guides Via AirBnB
  35. OysterAward-Winning Hotels Via Oyster
  36. Local Rent vs. Buy Calculators? Via Guild Mortgage Doesn’t work because national calculators are just as good or better than region- specific ones.
  37. #3: The Spawn of Big Content
  38. Keys to Execution: Broad enough quantity of data/content to warrant multiple pieces based on the original source Niche has a healthy supply of interest & publishers Helps if new/unique info is being discovered/revealed over time Concept: Expansive content that has numerous sub-content opportunities
  39. Mozcast Via Mozcast
  40. How the Internet Talks Via FiveThirtyEight
  41. IFixIt Guides Via IFixIt
  42. Top Marketing Blogs? Via Inbound.org
  43. #4: Distribution Platform Republishing
  44. Keys to Execution: You can ensure your original ranks in Google You’re OK losing some links/citation/control of experience in exchange for eyeballs External editors will accept a copy of your work Concept: Replicate popular/timely/relevant content on other publishers’ sites
  45. Hubris Bubble Via Ian Landsman
  46. First Comes Smarts, Then Comes Hustle Via GaryV
  47. For More on Reusing Content, Check outAleyda Solis’Excellent Post: Via Aleyda
  48. NOTE: This is a tactic. Not a strategy.Abuse it, & Google will eventually make it much harder.
  49. X Xa Xb Xc 3X Go Forth & Republish!
  50. Rand Fishkin, Wizard of Moz | @randfish | rand@moz.com Bit.ly/randrepublish