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Delivering to 240 countries and territories worldwide

RANDlogistics have established courier links with global organizations ensuring we can ship your items to over 240 countries such as sending a parcel to Spain, USA, and Canada, China, South Africa, Russia, France, Italy and other countries of the World.

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Delivering to 240 countries and territories worldwide

  1. 1. Delivering to 240 Countries and Territories Worldwide If you are on the hunt about detailed knowledge on courier services based in the United Kingdom that provide international services then you will find the site very user-friendly & in the event you need additional knowledge you can contact RANDlogistics service centre by e mail, fax or phone number. Of the greatest advantages the site offers is that you can book online. You are also able to pay online; credit cards & PayPal are accepted. In the event you opt for a courier company make definite you pick a reliable company. The company needs to be well established & have an understanding of the industry to provide an effective service. The basic process of all courier services works the same. You need to fill in the necessary documentation regarding the parcel delivery you need to send. The service provider normally requires you to give full details regarding your package; for example, package size, contents, etc. Everyone wishes their business to run smoothly. They understand the necessity for excellent customer support & a fast response time, they like to manage their overheads & keep costs low, but profits high. Yet time & time again they use a courier so inappropriately, it is often not worth using at all. First plenty of companies waste valuable time ringing companies for a quote, for a service they do not provide. Then they hit on a courier company that does have the service they need, they then start to haggle over the cost! Often making several phone calls & wasting even more their staff’s time. Often the saving is so negligible, it's cost the company more money in wasted time than money saved by shopping around.
  2. 2. The goods get collected & dispatched & everybody is happy. Except for the customer, parcel companies tend to only deliver in office hours & the customer was at work, & missed the delivery. The business likes to keep their customers happy, and likes things calm, so they refund the delivery charges and the customer is happy , but they doesn't forget his experience and who knows who they might tell. To get the best Delivery Service, you must knock the door of RANDlogistics. This is the name that has been offering established Courier Service throughout the world for plenty of years now with complete success.