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Instagram: the complete illustrated guide to ad-voidance

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Nobody likes ads in their Instagram feed. Learn everything you need to know about how to eliminated ads on Instagram. This same technique can be used to filter or limit what ads do appear.

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Instagram: the complete illustrated guide to ad-voidance

  1. 1. TheComplete,IllustratedGuide toAd-VoidanceonInstagram
  2. 2. d Tap “Sponsored” tag in top right corner 1
  3. 3. Select “Hide This” from pop up prompt 2 Hide This About Instagram Ads Cancel
  4. 4. Select “I don’t like this account” from pop up menu 3 AdHide I don’t like this photo I don’t like this acccount
  5. 5. Yup, that’s it. Simply hide each ad that dares to surface in your feed. Just how did those ads get there in the first place? Just like mice in your kitchen pantry, you (or somebody you know) left the door open of course. Liked a friend’s post? You unlocked the door. Followed a friend? You swung the door open. Followed a Brand? Their salesman’s foot is now firmly jammed into your... er, jamb. Relevance is key. Keep them in mind when posting, liking, or following posts, people and brands within Instagram (and in Facebook as well, since they are integrated). By staying on topic, parent Facebook and Instagram will continue to work their magic matching ads with those who indicate an interest in their topics. Limit the topics, limit the ads. Then filter or eliminate them altogether following the steps set out in this guide. Not all ads are bad. The ones that are relevant to you can still make sense. If a kayaking fan is presented with an ad for new kayaking spray skirts, it’s welcome. But a canoe paddle? Not so much. Regardless of the way you use Instagram, have fun with it, stay on topic to not only limit ads, but to attract like-minded followers as well. Like this? Check out over 350 more marketing, search optimization and social engagement articles at www.kayakonlinemarketing.com/blog