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Vottupetti prelimanswers

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A blend of malayalam film and Kerala Politics at Reverberates-6 by AR RANJITH

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Vottupetti prelimanswers

  1. 1. THANK GOD
  4. 4. AR’s Vottupetti 2 Vellithira 1.X is a hindi film(2002) mainly based onvarious true incidents relating to tribals, theirculture and their lifestyle. The maincharacters are Dr. Kanna (Sharad Kapoor),his fiancée Rupi (Ms. Nandita Das).X is also a malayalam movie starringMohanlal by Venu Nagavally! Identify the movie
  5. 5. AR’s Vottupetti 2 Vellithira 2.Connect Janmabhoomi,Thurakkaatha Vaathil,Achanum Baappayum, Aaroodam, Sreenarayana Guru, Kaanaakinaavu, Daivanaamathil
  6. 6. • Best malayalam films that won Nargis Dutt award for national integration
  7. 7. AR’s Vottupetti 2 Vellithira 3 Following a Hindu belief, many people along with his ? wife advised X not to make a film based on thissubject. After postponing the film on this subject manytimes X finally decided to do this film Y and started the work for the film. Many "bad omens" surfaced in thisperiod, the flight he was supposed to travel to Mumbaito select the hero of the film was hit by a bird and wascancelled. There were continuous problems in the site of the film. Heroine fainted under a Pala tree during the shoot. The hero was also accounted to having fainted on getting poisoned from a betel leaf. Identify X and Y
  8. 8. • Padmarajan
  9. 9. AR’s Vottupetti 2 Vellithira 4Which political wing/union has an official magazine named ‘WORKING CLASS’
  10. 10. • CITU
  11. 11. AR’s Vottupetti 2 Vellithira5. Id the painter!
  12. 12. AR’s Vottupetti 2 Vellithira 6 A landlord feels threatenedby industrialization and leftist activities.But when he witnesses police atrocities on poor peasants, a feeling of guiltengulfs him and he feels responsible for the guilt of his entire class. He is last seen up a coconut tree trying to keep away from the police. A peasant movement against the feudal system also lies in the backdrop of the film.Italso won the Kerala Govt’s best feature film award! Id the film
  13. 13. • Cheriyaachante Kroorakrithyangal
  14. 14. AR’s Vottupetti 2 Vellithira 7Who is the only malayalee ranked amongtop 10 Most Powerful Indians for the year 2012 by the Indian Express?
  15. 15. • AK ANTONY
  16. 16. AR’s Vottupetti 2 Vellithira 8 The Affair of the X was amysterious incident in the 1780s at the court of Louis XVI of France involving his wife, Queen Marie Antoinette. X is also the name of a recent Malayalam movie! Id X
  17. 17. AR’s Vottupetti 2 Vellithira 9WHICH LOGO?
  18. 18. • SNC LAVALIN
  19. 19. AR’s Vottupetti 2 Vellithira 10 Connect!1.Election symbol of cheriyan Philip against Muraleedharan 2.An Asif Ali starrer 3. A species of Beetles
  20. 20. AR’s Vottupetti 2 Vellithira 11A qualification event for the World ChessChampionship is known by this name. It also used widely during election time. The name derives from a Latin word meaning ‘White’. Id the word
  21. 21. • CANDIDATE
  22. 22. AR’s Vottupetti 2 Vellithira 12What was inspired by this?
  23. 23. AR’s Vottupetti 2 Vellithira 13Who became the first Indianto get 100,000 followers on Twitter…?
  24. 24. AR’s Vottupetti 2 Vellithira14. Story about whom?
  26. 26. AR’s Vottupetti 2 Vellithira 15 Identify the lyricist..‘Ente maunaraagaminnu neeyarinjuvo….’
  28. 28. AR’s Vottupetti 2 Vellithira 16 In this language,Veli is pronounced as ‘Beli’, Vadaka as ‘Badeage’, And Maanga as ‘Maane’ WHICH LANGUAGE?
  29. 29. AR’s Vottupetti 2 Vellithira 17 Heroine: "All my characters have a certain kind of reserve where sexuality is concerned. The character I am playing hailsfrom a village and shes very raw. Since its a period film, it gave me a chance to look at this other side which I have never really tried to explore before. Shes got a strong sexual nature WHICH FILM? Camera ‘woman’: I was chosen because he wanted a woman behind the camera to add that feminine perspective to the theme that revolves around the perspectives of three women. The story is woven around three women and their relationships with the protagonist
  30. 30. AR’s Vottupetti 2 Vellithira 18It resolved around 3,11,075 complaints of the common people.It was conducted in all 14 districts of the state. The programme lasted for an average of 16 hours in each district. Financial assistance of Rs 22.68 crore was distributed. WHAT?
  32. 32. AR’s Vottupetti 2 Vellithira 19 Who wrote Doha Diary, Parliamentum chila vasthuthakalum,And an autobiography-My Struggle
  33. 33. • EK NAYANAR
  34. 34. AR’s Vottupetti 2 Vellithira20. What’s it?
  35. 35. • BIOSCOPE
  36. 36. AR’s Vottupetti 2 Vellithira 21. Which malayalam film wasremade as Gopuravaasalile..in Tamil by Priyadarsan!
  38. 38. AR’s Vottupetti 2 Vellithira 22Id the Lyricist..O…Mridule…..
  40. 40. AR’s Vottupetti 2 Vellithira 23 X was an Italian adventurer and author from the Republic of Venice. Hisautobiography, Historie de ma vie (Story of My Life), is regarded as one of the most authentic sources of the customs and norms of European social life during the18th century. Id X(shares the name with a much hyped Malayalam film)
  41. 41. • CASSANOVA
  42. 42. AR’s Vottupetti 2 Vellithira 2414 -(1982),15 -(1987),19- (1991),13 -(1996),16 -(2001), 7-(2006),?-(2011)
  44. 44. AR’s Vottupetti 2 Vellithira 25IDENTIFY
  45. 45. • R.SANKER
  46. 46. AR’s Vottupetti 2 Vellithira AUDIENCEWho won the 2nd best child actress in theKerala State Film awards?