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Function of language

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Function of language

  1. 1. FUNCTION OF LANGUAGE Ratna Nurhidayati 1211204101
  2. 2. Function of language divide into two categories : micro functions which refer to specific individual uses, macro functions which serve more overall aims.
  3. 3. MICRO FUNCTION 1. Physiological function (releasing physical and nervous energy) • curse words are used to serve this purpose, as they rarely convey any meaning and are only to make the speaker feel better. e.g. Fans of sport
  4. 4. MICRO FUNCTION 2. Phatic function (for sociability) • The phatic use of language is characteristic mainly of speech, however, in certain types of writing it can also be noticed, as in letters for example, where the beginning Dear Sir/Madam and ending Yours faithfully also serve that purpose.
  5. 5. MICRO FUNCTION 3. Recording function • Recording function denotes using language to make a durable record of things that ought to be remembered
  6. 6. MICRO FUNCTION 4. Identifying function • Language is used also to identify the objects and events in the world we live in. • We use names to classify different types of things, whether we call a car anautomobile, a lorry, a van or a truck makes a big difference
  7. 7. MICRO FUNCTION 5. Reasoning function (instrument of thought) • Before we say something we think and to do that we necessarily use language.
  8. 8. MICRO FUNCTION 6. Communicating function • This function would probably be pointed at by most language users without major consideration. • Requesting, apologizing, informing, ordering as well as promising and refusing are all reasons for communicating our ideas
  9. 9. MICRO FUNCTION 7. Pleasure functions • Language often gives pleasure both to the speakers and listeners is not only supported by the frequent use of assonance, alliteration and onomatopoeia in poetry. • Depending on the sounds of languages some are perceived as being mild as English.
  10. 10. MACRO FUNCTION 1. Ideational function • Ideational function refers to the conceptualizing process involved in our mental activities.
  11. 11. MACRO FUNCTION 2. Interpersonal function • Interpersonal function emphasizes that language is mainly a social phenomenon, but apart from enabling communication with other people it enables to project the speaker in the desired way and to represent the speaker.
  12. 12. MACRO FUNCTION 3. Poetic function • The ability to manipulate language in a creative way. • With the use of jokes and metaphors we can play with words and meanings simply for joy.
  13. 13. MACRO FUNCTION 4. Textual function • Textual competence refers to our ability to create long utterances or pieces of writing which are both cohesive and coherent.
  14. 14. The above mentioned functions are only one point of view on language. Most certainly there are many other functions that natural languages fulfill, yet depending on approach to this issue the number of functions and their names might vary. Finch G. 1998. How to study linguistics. Houndmills: Palgrave Macmillan.
  15. 15. THANK YOU 

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