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  1. 1. UX Facilitates.. UX is not only for External Consumer but also for Internal Product Team Graphical Representation Enhance Quick Grasp of Topics | Prototypes Reduce Development Iterations (Cost Effective)
  2. 2. To Facilitate Effectively, UX need to be in close contact with other Departments. MARKETING provide us with Quantitative Analysis Data and Market Research SALES provide us with Competitive Edge and Local Demographic Outlook BUSINESS ANALYST make it easy for us to understand the Subject Documentation TECHNICAL ARCHITECT addresses Scalability PRODUCT OWNERS set priority for us CEO’s Perspective Projections Realised Through UX
  3. 3. Design Enhancements have High User-Base Impact | High Development Impact EXAMPLES HIGH USER BASE IMPACT- Redefining a User Flow or changing Button Location impacts Lakhs of Layman Users using the Product, lead to Steep Learning Curve and High Cognitive Load. HIGH DEVELOPMENT IMPACT- Adding a Search require many months of logic implementation. To be in the same conscience insist Everyone to watch first 4 mins of the video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=quJdL9ggETI
  4. 4. Monitoring User’s Adaptability toward Change It's not about how fast the Product Team can make enhancements. It’s more about closely monitoring User’s Adaptability toward the changes and rejections by Implementing proper Feedback Channels.
  5. 5. Individual Login, Product-line Login, Platform Based Login From 2004 to 2010, followed by many debates on User Data Security & respective enhancements, it took us 6 years to mature as a Society to implement Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and Linkedin based Platform Login.
  6. 6. Consistency in PX Design & Branding, Recipe for Seamless Integration! *PX - Product Line Experience
  7. 7. Google Product-Line PX consistency Derived from a Well-Defined Style Guide
  8. 8. Google Plus and Google Drive Productline PX consistency Example Title Bar, Top Menu, Left Menu
  9. 9. Minimalistic Design Approach is not possible without a strong Branding and Product Style Guide
  10. 10. Here is an Example of Consistent Product Line Branding. Further explore the products to find minimalistic design approach and seamless integration.
  11. 11. Common Branding Categories: 1. Company a. Symbolic Logo b. Full Logo Text c. Logo Text Initials Only d. Tagline 2. Product Line a. Symbolic Logo b. Full Logo Text c. Logo Text Initials Only d. Tagline 3. Product a. Symbolic Logo b. Full Logo Text c. Logo Text Initials Only d. Tagline Branding Clear Guidance on when to use Only Symbolic Logo, Symbolic Logo + Full Logo Text, Only Logo Initials, Logo + Tagline
  12. 12. Branding Style Guide (Google) (BX) Product-Line Style Guide (Material Design Philosophy) (PX) Product Style Guide (Google Docs, Slides, Sheets) (UX) CX - Customer Experience more related to customer relationship management and after sales services.
  13. 13. Advertising through “Word of Mouth” Depends on Quality of After Sales Services Effectiveness of CX
  14. 14. Avoid Decision making by Whim & Fancy Take Data Driven Decision Refrain from Assumptions, Prejudice and Opinions. Rely and Evaluate through Data Driven Methodologies. UX Researcher first hand involvement is required for carrying out Quantitative Research, summarised version may not fulfil the need of deep understanding.
  15. 15. Collaboration is the Key Implementation of Collaboration Softwares like Atlassian Confluence - Create, organize, and discuss work with your team Invisionapp - Prototyping Collaboration, version management, Discussion Wiki - Knowledge Base
  16. 16. Product Maturity Chart 1. Enhancing Product Experience 2. Integrating Product-Line 3. Cultivate Product as Platform
  17. 17. Thank You Created By Ratul Aich, Principal UX Consultant