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Describing a photo or picture

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Describing a photo or picture

  1. 1. DESCRIBING A PHOTO OR PICTURE English File Pre-Intermediate 1c
  2. 2. When we describe a picture (painting or photo) we normally use: There is/are to say what’s in the picture There is a table and a vase with flowers in it. There are two people.
  3. 3. When we describe a picture (painting or photo) we normally use: The presente continuous to say what the people are doing The woman is standing and the man is sitting.
  4. 4. Sometimes we combine there is/are and the present continuous There is a woman standing near the window.
  5. 5. What is in the picture? In the picture I can see ...There’s /There are ...There isn’t a ... /There aren’t any ... Say what is happening with the present continuous The man is ...ing ,The people are ...ing, It’s raining. Where in the picture? At the top/bottom of the picture ... In the middle of the picture ... On the left/right of the picture ... next to in front of Behind near on top of under If something isn’t clear It looks like a ... It might be a ... He could be ...+ing Maybe it’s a .